meanwhile vs meantime

meanwhile meantime


  • 1) The time between two events
  • 2) The intervening time.
  • 3) the time between one event, process, or period and another
  • 4) Same as meantime: only in the phrase in the meanwhile: two words, written as one.
  • 5) At the same time, but elsewhere.
  • 6) During the time (that something is happening).
  • 7) During or in the intervening time.
  • 8) At the same time.
  • 9) at the same time but in another place
  • 10) during the intervening time
  • 11) Sameasmeantime.


  • 1) The time spent waiting for another event; time in between.
  • 2) The time between one occurrence and another; an interval.
  • 3) The interval between one specified period and another: only in the phrase in the meantime, formerly also the meantime: properly two words (in the mean time), conventionally written as one, after the adverb.
  • 4) during the interval; meanwhile
  • 5) During a period of intervening time; meanwhile.
  • 6) In the intervening time; during the interval.


  • 1) meanwhile, heat the grill to hot.
  • 2) meanwhile, heat a griddle pan or frying pan over a high heat.
  • 3) meanwhile, another new ship's maiden voyage has been announced.
  • 4) At the centre of the perfectly serviceable murder mystery, meanwhile, stood another woman in distress.
  • 5) meanwhile heat the milk and crème fraîche in a saucepan.
  • 6) meanwhile another day of split aims faces me.
  • 7) meanwhile ask about doing some voluntary work locally.
  • 8) Get that sorted first - and meanwhile just be friends with your friend.
  • 9) meanwhile heat a large non-stick frying pan on the hob.
  • 10) meanwhile, another team at the university has found a different way to attack dental bacteria.
  • 11) meanwhile, heat the rest of the oil in a frying pan.
  • 12) meanwhile, another expert claims standing up is as good a workout as sweating in the gym.
  • 13) meanwhile, ask your trader why he or she needs you to invest in that business.
  • 14) meanwhile, heat the remaining olive oil in a saucepan over a medium heat.
  • 15) meanwhile, another big name in the industry plans to reopen an old mine.
  • 16) meanwhile he's asked me to open a joint bank account so he can put savings into it.
  • 17) meanwhile, just one in five young women live with their parents compared with one in three young men.
  • 18) meanwhile, just four in ten think there will come a time when women and men are paid the same.
  • 19) Towns, meanwhile, will always need centres.
  • 20) Luton, meanwhile, always looked capable of causing a huge shock.
  • 21) McCain meanwhile, is a decorated war veteran who spent nearly five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.
  • 22) The symbol for the British pound, meanwhile, comes from the Latin word for scales
  • 23) Janis, meanwhile, is leaning against him – draped might be a better word – her head on his shoulder, her hand on his knee, her smile sly or victorious, I can't quite tell which.
  • 24) Frankel, meanwhile, is rated the best horse Henry Cecil has had in many a year after a sensational 10-length success in last weekend's Royal Lodge at Ascot propelled him to the top of the betting for the Newmarket Classic.
  • 25) The United States, meanwhile, is ranked by human rights and democracy promotion groups as one of the freest countries in the world.
  • 26) His racing education, meanwhile, is also continuing at a rapid pace.
  • 27) Robertson, meanwhile, is trying to kill the image of a bank famed for its stability and clean succession-planning being rocked by internecine warfare.
  • 28) The blogosphere, meanwhile, is beginning to show signs of commercial acumen: "Lots of bloggers, over time, make a good living – perhaps a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year from advertising."
  • 29) Moyer, meanwhile, is a likely fit for the role of Mary's ex-husband, who apparently has an important part to play.
  • 30) I hear Pearson, meanwhile, is working on a musical version of her latest book, I Think I Love You, about a Welsh teenager's obsession with David Cassidy.
  • 31) ‘President Eisenhower was furious and the Soviets, meanwhile, threatened to intervene on behalf of Egypt.’
  • 32) ‘And in the meanwhile, they managed to reach the 2.6GHz frequency.’
  • 33) ‘But in the meanwhile, something new looms on our horizon.’
  • 34) ‘Rumors of Marie's past had spread throughout Virginia City in the meanwhile, and Joe found himself compelled to defend his mother's good name.’
  • 35) ‘Aimée, in the meanwhile, sat talking with the mother, questioning her with her accented English and trying to get the victim's profile.’
  • 36) ‘And in the meanwhile we are a little bit concerned with the slightly limited opportunities in terms of CPU overclocking.’
  • 37) ‘Were you hoping that I would disappear in the meanwhile?’
  • 38) ‘In fact, we will return to some details of the Data Prefetch mechanism later in this article, and in the meanwhile this is exactly what you need to know about it.’
  • 39) ‘Jaysen in the meanwhile found a black ‘Made’ shirt and decided to buy it.’
  • 40) ‘This isn't actually scheduled to go to trial until February 14 next year, but in the meanwhile Intergraph seems to be getting the best of the skirmishing.’
  • 41) ‘However, no one said what I should or shouldn't do in the meanwhile!’
  • 42) ‘Here we are, talking about peace and brotherhood and all that and in the meanwhile, we're creating secret weapons!’
  • 43) ‘Tash, in the meanwhile, remained in the car, smiling at his reaction.’
  • 44) ‘Brett, in the meanwhile, had turned his attentions to his wife and had managed to convince her to at least taste the cake.’
  • 45) ‘A proximity alert started to go off in the meanwhile - two Crab fighters were trailing him.’
  • 46) ‘April, in the meanwhile, was flirting with a few other models, but her eyes were glued to Nicholas.’
  • 47) ‘The teacher, in the meanwhile, was in the equipment room looking for his whistle.’
  • 48) ‘There was nothing of importance that happened in the meanwhile that was worth mentioning.’
  • 49) ‘Chantelle in the meanwhile was in awe of how much fun she was having and how far Justin could carry her at this pace.’
  • 50) ‘Lorne meanwhile has left to move to somewhere else to help another friend with his nightclub.’
  • 51) ‘I glared with horror at Lucien for his crude statement, all in the meanwhile backing away from the two of them in an embarrassing attempt to hide my appalling state.’
  • 52) ‘Luke, meanwhile, was still safe in the preserve of private school, where he might be subject to the push and pull of peer pressure, but was better isolated from the starkness of the bankrupt city around us.’
  • 53) ‘Denton, meanwhile, suggests that it's wrong to judge the franchises on their (admittedly patchy) short-term results.’
  • 54) ‘Vega, meanwhile, sounds as menacing as before.’
  • 55) ‘Tim Perkins, meanwhile, who writes and performs the musical accompaniment, is considerably more restrained here than on previous releases.’
  • 56) ‘Barber, meanwhile, had been hankering after writing opera as early as 1932, though he initially avoided approaching his partner for a text.’
  • 57) ‘Boe, meanwhile, is quiet and solemnly handsome.’
  • 58) ‘Japan, meanwhile, accounted for 12.4 per cent of China's exports in 2004.’
  • 59) ‘The sound, meanwhile, is excellent.’
  • 60) ‘Eric, meanwhile, was going in the opposite direction.’
  • 61) ‘Eliot, meanwhile, was more worried about his career as a poet than about his marriage, which had been undertaken mostly in the interests of that career.’
  • 62) ‘Stoppard, meanwhile, remained at the top of his profession.’
  • 63) ‘The country's leaders, meanwhile, appear to have a different agenda.’
  • 64) ‘My unit, meanwhile, came with a free bottle of sweet white wine.’
  • 65) ‘Mary, meanwhile, though desperate to free herself from her mother's influence, aches to do the same to her own child.’
  • 66) ‘Lee, meanwhile, welcomed the new millennium by giving up stand-up entirely.’


  • 1) In the meantime, though, he hopes to see more work to bridge this scientific gap.
  • 2) In the meantime the company is beset by protests over fracking.
  • 3) In the meantime the Government will try to find a permanent solution to this issue.
  • 4) In the meantime the Government is sticking to a policy of no subsidies for new nuclear power.
  • 5) In the meantime, governments should focus on what they can do to protect their national interest.
  • 6) In the meantime, a challenge he faces came into sharp focus last week.
  • 7) In the meantime, he now has a chance to reach a larger audience with his criticism.
  • 8) In the meantime though, we have to keep ourselves in shape.
  • 9) In the meantime though, the new service means that transferring banks is not the burden it was.
  • 10) In the meantime the government is, in effect, unopposed.
  • 11) In the meantime though, there are enough to be discovered in Lille.
  • 12) In the meantime, though, these were good figures.
  • 13) In the meantime, though, six medals would be nice.
  • 14) In the meantime, though, save as much as you can this year.
  • 15) In the meantime, though, other questions spin through our heads.
  • 16) In the meantime, though, letting agency scandals continue.
  • 17) In the meantime, though, he says he will continue working with his rage.
  • 18) In the meantime, though, the musicians are working their way through a rich seam of history.
  • 19) The scheme will launch in October, but in the meantime now is a great time to check your home insulation.
  • 20) Al, in the meantime, is clearly suffering badly in a trolling environment that has been dominated in recent weeks by “Ed”.
  • 21) Hades in the meantime is furious and very frustrated with his lack of progress until he finds the only weakness Hercules has – his love for Meg.
  • 22) Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso in the meantime is worried that a low turnout in the elections for the European Parliament next week will undermine the credibility of the European Union in general and the parliament in particular.
  • 23) In the meantime, is all this crap from turdblossom being cataloged somewhere?
  • 24) (Dobleman, in the meantime, is telephoning in a low voice.)
  • 25) Here, meantime, is Boz's column, wherein my esteemed colleague demonstrates how pointless it is to attempt to predict baseball's playoffs.
  • 26) He has constantly lied to his base and in the meantime is trying for a massive government takeover of the economy while all his actions on economics have done nothing but prolong the recession, devalue the dollar, and raise unemployment.
  • 27) Wait next year, and in meantime, better look for another job.
  • 28) And in the meantime, is there nothing to be done for the illness?
  • 29) Rosvet, in the meantime, is monitoring the implementation of the widely advertised government program called “Dorozhnaia karta” (“Road Map”) [ru]:
  • 30) ‘Arnold, in the meantime, is playing the same role he always does but actually seems to be enjoying himself for once.’
  • 31) ‘In any event, the mortgage interest relief regime might change in the meantime.’
  • 32) ‘You have to rip off your costume and hope that you don't get spotted in the meantime.’
  • 33) ‘He hoped to someday become a detective, but in the meantime was looking forward to the action of being a cop.’
  • 34) ‘Irish companies wishing to dispose of old equipment in the meantime have limited options.’
  • 35) ‘Mr Cohen would, of course, regain possession of the name in the meantime.’
  • 36) ‘He probably won't be here until after work, John pointed out, so I'm gonna take a nap in the meantime.’
  • 37) ‘We hope to add a real guard dog to the farm soon, but in the meantime they seem to be doing the trick.’
  • 38) ‘Neverthless, that doesn't mean we should sit on our hands in the meantime.’
  • 39) ‘That was a couple of weeks ago, and in the meantime I've been working through my application needs.’
  • 40) ‘It's not the best way to enjoy it, but we got a lot of exercise in the meantime.’
  • 41) ‘It is not clear whether the pension fund has reduced this holding in the meantime.’
  • 42) ‘I'll update you with more info in due course, but in the meantime, take a look at the press release.’
  • 43) ‘I have made an appointment with him, but in the meantime, you and I are going lobbying.’
  • 44) ‘So in the meantime those lessons on safe use of mobiles could be a wise move.’
  • 45) ‘In the meantime, he has suggested that the repair work may be started.’
  • 46) ‘In the meantime, he managed to pioneer what is now known as cultural studies.’
  • 47) ‘In the meantime, we can enjoy this story, which is a nice little bit of light reading.’
  • 48) ‘In the meantime, Cathy finds solace with her gardener, a widower with a young daughter.’
  • 49) ‘In the meantime we haven't seen one camp leap substantially ahead of the other.’

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