naught nought


  • 1) UK, Ireland, New Zealand (now rare or archaic in US, Canada) Nothing; nothingness.
  • 2) UK, Ireland, New Zealand (now rare or archaic in US, Canada) Zero.
  • 3) The figure 0; a cipher; a zero.
  • 4) to treat as of no account; to disregard; to despise; to defy; to treat with ignominy.
  • 5) The arithmetical character 0; a cipher. See Cipher.
  • 6) complete failure
  • 7) A cipher; zero.
  • 8) . Wickedness.
  • 9) Not anything; nothing.
  • 10) Nonexistent.
  • 11) Insignificant.
  • 12) Of no value or account; worthless; bad; useless.
  • 13) obsolete Hence, vile; base; naughty.
  • 14) In no degree; not at all.
  • 15) .Lost;ruined.
  • 16) nothing


  • 1) Not any quantity of number; zero; the score of no points in a game.
  • 2) A thing or person of no worth or value; nil.
  • 3) The figure or character representing, or having the shape of, zero.
  • 4) Nothing; something which does not exist.
  • 5) See naught.
  • 6) a mathematical element that when added to another number yields the same number
  • 7) obsolete Good for nothing; worthless.
  • 8) Wicked, immoral.
  • 9) Not.
  • 10) To no extent; in no way; not at all.
  • 11) To abase, to set at nought.
  • 12) Seenaught.
  • 13) Nothing; zero.


  • 1) It must be freely rendered or it means naught.
  • 2) The marriage means naught to me.
  • 3) But she cared naught of them.
  • 4) This sound means naught, by the way.
  • 5) It was the mysterious, evil forest, a charnel house of silence, wherein naught moved save strange tiny birds -- the strangeness of them making the mystery more profound, for they flitted on noiseless wings, emitting neither song nor chirp, and they were mottled with morbid colours, having all the seeming of orchids, flying blossoms of sickness and decay.
  • 6) When this was ended and done, for naught is durable save the Living, the Eternal,
  • 7) Avaunt, O Whiteness,463 wherein naught of brightness gladdens sight
  • 8) Deity who hath power over all and from whom naught is hidden, the
  • 9) But naught is better for generous youth than patience under its cares and miseries.
  • 10) Then he opened the door of his treasure closet, but found therein naught of his money nor his hoards; whereupon he recovered from the intoxication of fancy and shook off his infatuation and knew that it was his wife herself who had turned the tables upon him and outwitted him with her wiles.
  • 11) Moslems, we have taken captives your Sultan and your Wazir who hath the ordering of your affairs; and except ye leave off fighting us, we will slay you to the last man; but an you yield yourselves we will take you to our King, who will make peace with you on condition that you quit our country and return home and harm us in naught, and we will do you no harm in aught.
  • 12) And naught is left to seek or find of all that I desired:
  • 13) Now naught is left of Ukraina save her songs – but in that song she still lives, engraved in the heart of the people.
  • 14) ‘First, think of a person who lives in disguise, who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies.’
  • 15) ‘When naught remained of the wound but the scar, the flow of light to the wound stopped, flowing about her hands, then vanished.’
  • 16) ‘With naught but a tent for shelter, the traveler is in constant danger - both from bandits and the elements.’
  • 17) ‘He's sailing as we speak, he just left the harbor naught but an hour ago.’
  • 18) ‘As Lucretius has stated, naught from naught can be created.’
  • 19) ‘There's naught to get my teeth into, naught to be telling me what they mean.’
  • 20) ‘And Unless we keep this planet healthy, everything else is for naught.’
  • 21) ‘I think of political prisoners on hunger strikes around the world; my suffering is naught compared to theirs.’
  • 22) ‘Sounds like you're really working it - make sure you get adequate rest, or all that work could be for naught.’
  • 23) ‘I found that my benevolent intentions, not to mention my philanthropic soul were all for naught.’
  • 24) ‘‘I seek naught but to rule alongside my mother over this land,’ Rene said simply.’
  • 25) ‘‘He is my little brother, he is naught but seven years old,’ Katrina spoke up as she rose from her chair.’
  • 26) ‘But these were naught but the idle dreams of a fanciful girl.’
  • 27) ‘But suddenly, your preparation seems like it was all for naught.’
  • 28) ‘He has it by my leave, so there's naught to worry about.’
  • 29) ‘Yet, tragically, the effort seems to have been for naught.’
  • 30) ‘Chris' expression betrayed naught but the purest innocence.’
  • 31) ‘Against our resolve, their millions shall count for naught.’
  • 32) ‘So be sure that naught but truth lies upon these pages.’
  • 33) ‘It is a series of numbers, hyphens, naughts, strokes, and zeds.’
  • 34) ‘Ryan was just hysterically laughing, asking how it was a twenty-one year old could lose to a five year old child in naughts and crosses.’
  • 35) ‘Those naughts and ones are then what we call modulated, or carried if you like, as a passenger on a radio frequency signal.’
  • 36) ‘In reciprocation, however, he got a big naught.’
  • 37) ‘Or maybe they forgot to put a extra naught on the end of the figure they offered.’
  • 38) ‘From zero to naught, I cannot be free of this thought, inside my head,’


  • 1) It's a nought out of ten from me.
  • 2) The rest I had borrowed on a nought per cent interest credit card.
  • 3) I'm despert -- I'm despert, as far as I think of myself, but there's nought -- _nought_ -- as I wouldn't do to serve
  • 4) Our electronic search ended in nought but disappointment.
  • 5) (That so many promised family reunions have come to nought is indicative of how poorly, on the whole, both sets of leaders — not just the tyrants in the North — have served the Korean people.)
  • 6) She launched the festival, and in the first year had 800 visitors, in the second year, 12,000, yes, that nought is 12,000, and now has so many people who want to come along, that they have big-screen monitors and overflow tents.
  • 7) [195] "The Hindus call the nought explicitly _ ['s] [= u] nyabindu_ 'the dot marking a blank,' and about 500 A.D. they marked it by a simple dot, which latter is commonly used in inscriptions and MSS. in order to mark a blank, and which was later converted into a small circle."
  • 8) He started and gazed around "Solitude!" cried he, with a faint smile; "nought is here, but Wallace and his sorrow.
  • 9) I've never heard her called nought but Bess, you see. "
  • 10) All the previous corruption sagas have come to nought, which is partly why many Nigerians are cynical about the anti-corruption moves.
  • 11) ‘When the money came through, I went to the cash machine, pressed that little button and saw all the noughts come up at the end.’
  • 12) ‘Smailes added: ‘It will add two or three noughts to the value of a painting.’’
  • 13) ‘In pre-euro days, Italians had little confidence in the lira - and no wonder, with all those absurd noughts that required a focusing of the eyes on the dinner bill.’
  • 14) ‘My father worked there for 40 years, I've been a customer for almost another 40, and I still owe it a large number with several noughts on the end.’
  • 15) ‘‘Er, no, an eight-figure sum,’ said Gerald Krasner, trying to keep a grip on all the noughts.’
  • 16) ‘It's worth spelling that out in noughts - $7,000,000, 000,000-to get the true picture.’
  • 17) ‘From July 1 every 10,000 of the old lei will be exchanged for one new leu, knocking four noughts off the currency.’
  • 18) ‘Inevitably most of the best bits get picked up by the handful of adjacent shopkeepers who can add three noughts to the local price - and get it.’
  • 19) ‘Just to see a ‘one’ with those six noughts next to it is hard to believe.’
  • 20) ‘The bill from the hotel came to 1644 Turkish lira followed by six noughts.’
  • 21) ‘I once had to pay a tax bill with a serious number of noughts on it.’
  • 22) ‘I thought it was €30,000 I had won but there was a couple of more noughts!’
  • 23) ‘It is the number one followed by 12 noughts; a trillion pounds is roughly equivalent to the combined gross domestic product of the world's 155 least wealthy nations.’
  • 24) ‘It is far from the first time a country has dispensed with excess noughts - some 50 countries have done so since Germany in 1923.’
  • 25) ‘The more precise figure is a big number with a lot of noughts: £5,842, 700,000,000!’
  • 26) ‘Multiply population by wealth and compare the two countries - you will have to get rid of some of the noughts or your calculator will overload.’
  • 27) ‘Sadly, when some ends of the sporting market do business with seven noughts permanently attached, it is hard to admit failure.’
  • 28) ‘It's dangerous to make moral judgments on the Leeds players just because they have more noughts than us on the end of their salaries.’
  • 29) ‘The numbers are moving lightning fast, but are very simple: made up of noughts and ones.’
  • 30) ‘If there's something that sets my tolerance barometer to nought it's people suggesting presents for people they don't know.’
  • 31) ‘It is home where the criminal attitude of the children towards women could be prevented and thus the crimes against women in the future could be brought to nought.’
  • 32) ‘Their good work was set at nought a minute later when Kildare lost the ball in midfield and senior midfielder Martin McGrath raced through to stick the ball in the net four minutes from the interval.’
  • 33) ‘But the fact the Cowboys had never beaten the Broncos counted for nought last weekend.’
  • 34) ‘Yet the courts of the land counted as nought this wondrous devotion.’
  • 35) ‘But if the proposition is that State amendment rules can displace and effectively set at nought the Commonwealth limitation, then we obviously would have difficulty and reject that proposition.’
  • 36) ‘Most of the Crustacean's money-making schemes came to nought.’
  • 37) ‘Still, there was nought he could do, other than fight and survive.’
  • 38) ‘We must not believe that the triumph of experimental science reduced to nought the dreams and ideals of the alchemist.’
  • 39) ‘The driver tried to swerve out of he way but it was for nought: they hit the other vehicle head on and died in a blaze of fire.’
  • 40) ‘The existence of a parallel common law right, whereby individual householders who suffer sewer flooding may themselves bring court proceedings when no enforcement order has been made, would set at nought the statutory scheme.’
  • 41) ‘Roudaire's dream came to nought but a few years later, an engineer from Montpellier, Alphonse Duponchel, argued that a railway should be driven across the Sahara linking French colonies in North and West Africa.’
  • 42) ‘In Frost at Midnight, Coleridge, with his young son at his side, muses on his own childhood in London, where he ‘saw nought lovely but the sky and stars’.’
  • 43) ‘But if I had pride in my learning, I had more in my desire not to remain where there was nought for me but the fading memory of my father's name.’
  • 44) ‘One more error and all the good work she had done on Friday would be for nought.’

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