Why Good Writing Matters in Business, and How it Can Be Achieved

You may be a manager who has noticed that your team’s writing efforts could be better. Conversely, you may be a team member who wishes to convince your manager that better writing would increase team performance and results.

Somewhere along the line, someone will need to be convinced why investment in writing actually matters. Here are just some of the reasons it does. And it really does.

Provide Consistent Quality in Your Teams’ Business Writing

Poor writing, whether a multitude of grammatical and spelling mistakes, or the wrong choice of words, reflects badly on your business. Poor content on your business site increases bounce rate (the number of visitors who leave your site immediately upon arrival).

In fact, a recent study revealed that a website littered with typos and other obvious written mistakes will immediately lose almost twice as many potential customers as a site free from errors. 

Likewise, blog articles, advertising copy of whatever it may be will fail to deliver if it contains the kinds of mistakes that a smart grammar and spell checking tool would easily take care of.

Provide Consistency in Your Business Message

The next step in providing quality content is to ensure you have a consistency in your business message. This isn’t just what you are selling, but how you are selling it. Does your business writing have an identifiable and consistent style that all of your team aim for? Have you even established what that is? And if you have, are you able to manage and measure that?

An inconsistent message in your teams’ business writing will only result in confusing potential customers. Then you’ll lose them.

An intuitive writing tool, such as Linguix Business, provides, in essence, a living style guide that adds consistency to your teams’ writing. Set the goals you wish to obtain from your writing and watch as the Linguix tool assesses written extracts to that level. That’s a smart business assistant.

Save Money by Automating Written Messages and Consistency

Did you know that office workers spend around 28% of the working day managing emails? That’s a significant amount of time, and is surely something any business would want to cut down on if possible. And it is.

Imagine being able to simply click to produce automated written snippets that have been previously produced to convey the exact message you are aiming for. Not only can this reduce on time spent typing, but also adds to consistency in message.

This is exactly what the Linguix snippets feature, which comes as part of Linguix Business, can provide. Simply allocate shortcodes to the text that you wish to save and reuse, and then the whole team can click to paste that text wherever required. With such a smart tool, save up to $18 per hour or $10,600 annually.

Improve Writing Quality Across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Channels

Using an intuitive writing tool to improve the quality and effectiveness of your teams’ writing adds value across the boards. From internal employee comms to external sales and marketing drives, better writing ensures better results.  

The last word here is that achieving consistency in writing quality across a team doesn’t need to involve a significant financial investment. Linguix Business is a writing tool designed, as the name would suggest, specifically for businesses. As well as ensuring consistent quality in your teams’ writing performance, you can also ensure consistency of message and style by configuring the insights and goals that you set in your teams’ writing.

As well as getting access to all the Linguix Premium features, such as grammar and spelling checks, vocabulary enhancement and synonym suggestions, personalized language learning features and a wide variety of writing templates, Linguix Business offers statistics and monitoring systems, integrations with established business tools and document storage space.

At as little as $10 per month per employee, and with 24-hour support, Linguix Business is an incredibly efficient and cost-effective means by which to attain consistent excellence in the quality and content of your teams’ writing. Who still needs convincing?

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