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The Very Best Online Tools and Apps for Sales Managers

As a sales manager, are you availing yourself of the very best online tools? Tools and apps that are designed to make your job that much easier. Are you adding to your performance, not compromising it, with the latest, not-to-be-missed products?

Perhaps you’re not. Here are some of the very best tools and apps that successful sales managers are using right now:


Wave Financial offers up any number of useful financial-related software solutions, but Wave Apps in particular can revolutionize the way that you conduct daily business. The suite of Wave Apps can become your central management system for all your accounting needs, starting with invoice creation and dissemination and then including the ability to track all income and expenses, make timely payments and even manage internal payroll. Wave even offers credit card processing features.


For all your accounting needs – always a major consideration as any sales manager knows – Quickbooks offers up a powerful solution. Developed by Intuit and aimed at businesses of the small and medium-sized variety, Quickbooks is an accounting software package that allows management and organization of all of your company’s financial-based activities. So, whether that’s invoicing as a sales manager, or employee payroll as an HR professional, Quickbooks provided on-site and cloud-based options.


Solve all of your inbound marketing requirements with the HubSpot CRM platform. As a busy sales manager you can lean on the HubSpot platform to automate and self-service all of your inbound marketing channels so you have access to all of the relevant details in one conveniently displayed location. Not only does HubSpot offer a scalable solution for your business but you are able to manage all of your customer service practices using this very same tool. HubSpot even calculated that their software saves each user an average of 250 hours every year by automating marketing tasks.


Agiled is an all-in-one business management app, comprising of CRM, HRM, project management and financial management platforms. Agiled means that you can pretty much manage every aspect of your small or medium-sized business from a single app. The sales manager activities that can be tackled directly with Agiled include management of all sales employees, project and task management, time management and invoice creation. That’s a huge bulk of your day-to-day activities taken care of in one convenient location.


When it comes to those all-important social media channels, let SocialBee take charge. This social media management platform and accompanying app allow businesses to fully automate all of their social media activities across channels, whether that be Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, for example. Just some of the features SocialBee comes with includes the ability to create custom URLs, track the success of all posts and campaigns, and identify the most effective ways to reach your chosen audiences across channels.


No more in-person signatures required with DocuSign, which conveniently allows electronic signatures on all necessary documents. With this approach you can vastly streamline your sales activities and manage activities.

This simple yet effective app enables you to upload and add electronic signatures to any chosen document, email those documents accordingly and then store and access the same documents when needed on the cloud.


PandaDoc is a US-based software company that offers up a fully comprehensive sales process platform. The premise of PandaDoc is to simplify and accelerate the sales process, starting with invoice generation to the provision of Esignatures to full document automation within the sales cycle. As a sales manager, these are the types of activities which can cost precious time and money, so get help solving all manner of administrative headaches with PandaDoc.


As well as all those products aimed solely at sales managers, there are any number of additional tools that can add value. Linguix is a great example.

Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant which works to eradicate writing errors. How valuable would it be to produce communication, invoices, contracts and so on that are smooth to read and totally free from errors? Errors, after all, only succeed in ruining credibility and damaging trust with clients.

As well as fixing your mistakes wherever you write on the web thanks to the Linguix extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox, there is an editing tool where you can craft error-free content. What is more, Linguix offers definitions and synonyms features, templates by which you can build upon expertly-crafted content, and even a snippets tool whereby you can allocate shortcodes to add useful text that needs inserting regularly. All of these features don’t just result in better content, but invaluable time saved.

So, make sure your sterling work as a sales manager isn’t undone by careless typos and embarrassing punctuation and grammar mistakes by getting on board with Linguix, the tool that will also dovetail nicely with any of the other products featured on this list. What is more, Linguix for Business can ensure consistency in quality and message across your sales team.

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