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43 Sales Pitch Blogs, Online Courses, Podcasts & More for High-Performing Sales Reps

43 Sales Pitch Blogs, Online Courses, Podcasts & More for High-Performing Sales Reps

As the target audience’s preferences shift at a rapid pace, brand-new technologies appear regularly and unique niches generate new demands, sales reps aiming to close as many deals as possible have to be aware of all the changes. Thus they are able to improve and adapt the sales process to particular circumstances and sell products more efficiently.

The problem, however, lies in choosing the right content to digest and information that is worth attention. This task can be procrastinated for ages, especially by busy salespeople who are trying to hit their sales quota.

That’s why the Linguix team has made a list of various trustworthy resources that will definitely bring a breath of fresh air to the process of crafting your sales pitch. We deliberately have chosen multiple formats to suit every taste. 

So, whether you want to read the latest blog post, listen to a podcast, watch a video or simply get a weekly newsletter with updates, you’ll find it in our article.

Let’s dive right into it!

While learning, many people prefer the video format that online courses provide. What’s more, such courses offer information in a structured manner with a teacher’s explanation, Q&A section and even homework. Let’s look at the best sales courses available in the market:

Craft Your Sales Pitch with Competitive Differentiation

This course by LinkedIn focuses on how competitive differentiation can dramatically change your sales for the better. In this course, you’ll learn how to add value and differentiate yourself from the first call to the proposal, so that potential customers can view your product as something truly special.

Sales Training: Master Your Sales Pitch

This online training course is designed to help sales reps display an authentic enthusiasm and make every presentation personalized and interactive. You’ll learn how to create a pitch that elevates a product’s value, emotionally connects and provides benefits and solutions to the customers’ pains in a clear manner. 

Seth Godin on Presenting to Persuade

Bestseller on Udemy, this course is created by an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker, Seth Godin. Sales reps will look at Powerpoint or Keynote from a different angle: instead of creating colorful slides, you’ll learn how to use a presentation to understand the audience, engage it in your journey and be heard.  

Social Selling Success

More and more sales reps pivot their perspective towards social selling, i.e. selling through social media channels. “Social Selling Success” is designed for sales reps who are willing to build relationships with prospects and start selling via social media networks. 

Inbound Sales Course by Hubspot 

In this course, you’ll learn how to identify and connect with the most promising leads as well as to create effective sales pitches that result in closing a deal. 

What’s more, after finishing the course and passing the exam, you’ll get a badge on your LinkedIn profile, email signature and website.

You might also find helpful the following online training courses:

Whether you’re an experienced sales professional, who wants to review a certain topic or a beginner who needs inspiration, you probably don’t need the entire online course. Rather, you can use dedicated videos or webinars that shed light on specific areas of the sales process.

Build the Ultimate Converting Sales Pitch

A seasoned sales strategist, Michael Humblet, who made over 250 sales pitches, provides a practical webinar, where he breaks down such topics as the ideal structure of a sales pitch, how to grab prospects’ attention, before & after examples as well as use cases, where he demonstrates what works and what doesn’t.

How to Give the Perfect Pitch 

In this video, a pitch coach, David Beckett shares his insights at Young Creators Summit on how to pitch and get your ideas heard. According to four principles, his ‘Open, three, close’ model and the Pitch Canvas, he explains how to get your audience to engage with your story.

How to Get People to Say Yes

Psychology plays a huge role in sales. Robert Cialdini, author of a book on the psychology of persuasion explains the most important factors for influencing people and how to make them say yes.

Seal the Deal: Sales Presentations That Don’t Suck

In this video training, the founder of Startup Hypeman, Rajiv Nathan, shows you how to do sales presentations that help sell and close deals faster. He describes the Hamilton method to build a powerful sales deck and tells how to involve the customer while creating it.

Instead of watching TV series or short videos, you can get the most out of your free time with the best youtube channels for sales professionals created by sales professionals:

The Sales Hunter 

The Sales Hunter (aka Mark Hunter) is an author of several books on successful selling, a sales consultant and a speaker with 20 years of experience in sales. On his YouTube channel, you’ll find tons of useful and practical information, including sales strategies, tips and leadership advice. 

Sales Insights Lab

Marc Wayshak is a sales strategist and another bestselling author that uses a data-driven approach to selling. His YouTube channel is full of tips and advice on how to increase sales, how to identify promising leads, how to deal with sales rejection and much more!

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

The LinkedIn Sales Solutions channel focuses your attention on social selling. On the channel, sales experts discuss current trends of the sales process and give practical tips on leveraging the power of social selling with LinkedIn and managing sales teams efficiently. 

Aaron Evans Sales Training

Aaron Evans is a SaaS sales enablement leader, mentor, speaker, coach and practitioner of NLP and Neuro-Semantics. As he specializes in B2B sales and psychology, his channel offers free B2B sales training and methods, as well psychological tips and tricks to identify potential clients and boost your confidence.

Sales for Life 

The Sales for Life YouTube channel educates sales professionals by using the powers of social selling. With digital selling, you’ll be able to scale relationship building using social and digital channels. It can serve as an additional tool that will not eliminate what you’re doing now but complement it digitally.

You might also like these YouTube channels:

Don’t have time for learning? The best way to study when you’re running out of time is to listen to podcasts that provide the latest sales news, techniques and hacks on the go. On top of that, you’ll not get bored while driving a car or working out in the gym. 

Better Presentations — More Sales

This podcast is dedicated to sales reps to deliver more confident presentations and sales pitches. Every Monday host Travel Lee is joined by an expert guest and together they discuss current trends, tips and hacks to turn sales pitches into closed deals. 

The Successful Pitch Podcast

John Livesay, the host of the Successful Pitch Podcast is a sales keynote speaker and the author of several bestselling books on effective sales. On his podcast, he interviews sales experts where both share their insights and views on what works and what you as a sales rep should avoid.

Tales from the Field Podcast

Amy Volas, one of the Top Sales Voices on LinkedIn, and guest experts of the podcast reveal their profound sales failures and uncover the important lessons they learned from past mistakes and how they bounced back. We learn from mistakes, that’s why Amy offers sales reps a great chance to get better.  

The Sales Evangelist

Just starting out and want to know how to succeed in sales? The Sales Evangelist podcast gives you the right content and motivation. Together with industry experts, Donald Kelly discusses successful stories and reveals the most recent trends. 

Advanced Selling Podcast

With more than 850 podcasts available, the Advanced Selling Podcast is full of advice on how to organize your sales process from prospecting to following up, be more confident, eliminate your limiting beliefs and so on. It’s the longest-running sales podcast in podcast history hosted by experts in B2B selling, Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale.

You might also find useful:

While reading a blog post, you can make notes and screenshot the information you find the most valuable. The same goes for newsletters. If you prefer getting concise and structured pieces of sales news in one place (aka your inbox), newsletters are the best option. Here are the best blogs and newsletters in the sales field:

LinkedIn Sales Solutions

In the LinkedIn Sales Blog, sales professionals find all they need: social selling tips, top sales strategies, trends and customer success stories as well as LinkedIn’s solutions to boost sales and close deals faster. 

Sales Hacker

The Sales Hacker Blog offers a bunch of highly useful content on a regular basis: lead generation, negotiation and outreach techniques as well tips and strategies from pros in sales. What’s unique about the blog is that they offer information in multiple formats — be it a webinar, article, podcast or other formats.

HubSpot Sales

The HubSpot Sales Blog covers literally everything a salesperson needs, including various methods for sales in a specific niche, leadership tactics for managing sales teams, B2B vs. B2C sales and others. Check it out, there is definitely something for you.

Gong Labs

Gong Labs claims that their blog is the only data-backed sales blog dedicated to helping sales reps to close more deals. They offer a variety of content such as selling methods guides, customer stories, sales management and others.

Sales Caffeine Newsletter by Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer is a speaker and author of dozens of bestselling books on sales. His weekly Sales Caffeine newsletter is full of sales ideas from him, special guest articles and exclusive promotions spiced up with a pinch of humor. 

You’ll find helpful the following blogs and newsletters as well:

Step-by-Step Guide by Linguix

Now you have all the resources to enhance the sales process. But what to start with? Linguix’s free step-by-step, definitive guide on how to craft a perfect sales pitch in 2022 is what you need to begin with. 

What are the current trends and statistics best sales reps know in 2022? How to perfect your sales pitch to catch prospects’ attention? How to get the most out of Linguix’s solutions for your sales pitch? Our team discusses all of these in great detail in our free guide. Download it here.

May you reach your quota this month and good luck! 😊

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