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New Linguix Keyboards For iOS and Android

If you are not familiar with Linguix, then here is what you need to know.

What is Linguix?

Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant. To start, you can download the free Linguix extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge and see how Linguix can help you identify your writing mistakes – be that grammatical, spelling, or punctuation-based – anywhere you write on the web. 

But it’s not just about identifying your mistakes, it’s about fixing them too. When a potential mistake is highlighted, you will get a potential replacement word or phrase to benefit the quality and accuracy of your writing.

So, if you are writing a social media post, an email, or anything else, the Linguix extension will flag up and then fix errors that will help you improve the quality of writing. It works with all popular sites including Gmail, Facebook, or WordPress, for example.

It’s designed for those who have English as a mother tongue as well as for those who don’t. It works with many different variations of English too, including the American, British, and Australian, for example. And for non-native English speakers, the Linguix tool can also help you find the right combination of words (called collocations) so your writing can sound much more natural. The tool is context-appropriate too, meaning the suggested edits are suitable for what you are writing. 

The Linguix tool has been developed by a combination of professional linguists, technology experts, and content creators and helps fix literally millions of possible mistakes. And not only that, it helps with creating your content too. And it has also been proven to speed up the writing process by up to 90%. 

What Are the New Linguix Keyboards For iOS and Android?

Now you can avail of the full suite of Linguix corrections on a mobile, tablet, or other portable devices with the new Linguix keyboards for iOS and Android.

When activated, the keyboard works whenever you open the textbox on your device so whether it’s on WhatsApp or Instagram, for example, through your cell phone or tablet or whatever it may be, you get the same insightful recommendations to fix all of the frequent types of errors you may make. That goes for spelling mistakes, grammatical and structural errors, or even mistakes with misplaced (or missing) commas and periods. The tool will also make suggestions in terms of words that may be more suitable in the context. 

There’s even a new ‘helper’ panel which you can open simply by tapping on the Linguix logo. With this tool you can scroll for all of the suggestions that are offered up for your whole text, allowing you to make corrections even more quickly.

Now, thanks to the Linguix keyboard for iOS and Android you can produce error-free and high-quality content right there on your portable device. 

What Else Can Linguix Do?

Linguix is designed as a Swiss-army-knife-style solution to all your writing needs. There is any number of additional tools and services which will help elevate the quality of your written work. 

For example, the Linguix definitions feature allows you to highlight any word that you read online and get a definition of that word. The synonyms tool – activated by pressing Alt and then double-clicking – provides a number of words with similar meanings that can help you select what is most appropriate. The Linguix tool is educational as well as practical.

There are other features provided by Linguix that can assist you to write not only better but more quickly. The snippets tool allows you to allocate a shortcode to text that you may wish to use again. So instead of having to retype the same text time after time, you can simply click and add the suitable text that has been previously saved. 

Then there are templates for all manner of useful purposes, such as typical emails, blog posts, essays, and much more, all of which can help you structure and write your desired content more efficiently. 

 Is There Anything Else?

You can upgrade to Linguix Premium in order to avail yourself of even more features and corrections. There are vocabulary enhancement suggestions as well as settings that allow you to select the right kind of ‘voice’ for your writing, ensuring you are correct in tone and formality. 

And then Linguix for Business comes with additional tools and insights which allows you to keep track of writing quality across a whole team or organization and provides a host of relevant statistics. It’s even won awards for its UX.

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