Linguix started...

by scratching its own itch.
A need to improve
writing skills

We developed a..

Software that improves lives
via clear and effective
everywhere you need it.

Thousands of people from all over the world use our writing assistant. These include professionals who need to improve their emails, immigrants fixing their CVs to find their dream job, and students writing their first essays.

Our software helps people express themselves in the best way possible by correcting their grammar and helping them to communicate clearly and effectively.


Our main goal is to
connect people through
better writing

This is why we are always adding new features to help you improve your style, fix complicated mistakes, and become a better writer over time.

Our intelligent tools are designed to help you write powerfully, clearly and correctly -- whether you are writing business emails, essays or even text messages.

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Be productive and efficient, no matter where and what you write!

Linguix Apps

Get audience-specific corrections, access statistics, and view readability scores.

Browser Extensions

Get your writing checked on millions of websites, including Gmail, Facebook, and Google Docs.

Linguix Keyboard

Make your content read and look better on mobile.

MS Word Addon

  • MS Word Addon

Coming soon

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