Linguix started...

by scratching its own itch.
A need to improve
writing skills

We developed a..

Software that improves lives
via clear and effective
everywhere you need it.

Thousands of people from all over the world use our writing assistant. These include professionals who need to improve their emails, immigrants fixing their CVs to find their dream job, and students writing their first essays.

Our software helps people express themselves in the best way possible by correcting their grammar and helping them to communicate clearly and effectively.


Our main goal is to
connect people through
better writing

This is why we are always adding new features to help you improve your style, fix complicated mistakes, and become a better writer over time.

Our intelligent tools are designed to help you write powerfully, clearly and correctly -- whether you are writing business emails, essays or even text messages.

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We're here to
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next level

Our mission is simple: helping you communicate effectively!

Linguix can be integrated smoothly into your personal and professional communication as well as websites and apps you love.

We provide enough freedom in what and how to write, that it is easy to correct your errors, but still keep your personality.

And don't can be sure that your information is safe. Your privacy is very important us!

Alex Lashkov
Alex Lashkov

An accomplished journalist and writer, Alex leads marketing, sales, and investor relations in the company.

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Vitaly Kuharenko

Vitaly is an engineer with huge experience in building high-load web projects with millions of users. His domain is the technical development of our products.

Alex Buchmann
Alex Buchmann

Serial entrepreneur, producer, Alex oversees international partnerships at Linguix.

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Jimmy Jones

One time chief of stock brokerage company IT department, today Jimmy leads the development process at Linguix.

Anton Baryshnikov
Anton Baryshnikov
Lead Research Engineer

While he used to be seen heading up the development team of the world’s biggest web platform, Anton is now the catalyst behind everything that is good about Linguix.

Danny Wesley
Danny Wesley
Head of support

Danny is a people pleaser, which is of course the very essence of a problem-solver. He is very experienced and gifted as our head of support

Dan Orlovsky
Dan Orlovsky
Lead designer

Dan could be found where major European IT media platforms required expertise in UX and web design for more than 7 years. He now brings his considerable talents in design and research to Linguix.

Irina Alexeeva
Irina Alexeeva
Affiliate marketing expert

Affiliate marketing expert. Looking to partner with Linguix? Irina has the experience and expertise to make that happen.

Susannah Squire
Susannah Squire
Senior Analytical Linguist

Susannah is our highly-regarded editor and copywriter, with a comprehensive educational and hands-on background. Countless hours of sourcing, editing and managing web content have led to her unrivalled expertise.

David Kuria
David Kuria
Content marketing lead

Based in the Bay Area of California, our content marketing lead has a number of notable skills, particularly in the fields of language and IT. A dedicated and enthusiastic wordsmith, David has collaborated with many of the best-known online media organizations.

Web App LaunchedDecember
500 new
grammar checks added
of 9M typos
Linguix For Chrome and Mozilla Firefox LaunchedMarch
Got 800+
Upvotes on
Product Hunt
Vocabulary enhancement features addedOctober
Round Closed
Extended Language Learning Engine ReleasedJanuary
Mobile Keyboard
& Business-EDU
version released

At Linguix, our business is great communication. Our intelligent tools are designed to assist in the delivery of powerful, concise and precise content – whether online, via email, or formal literature. Based in the US and Europe, Linguix is a growing presence with a truly worldwide scope.

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