Short Story
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The "Short Story" template includes the initial scene, the sparkling moment which sets the story in motion, the moving developments leading up to the climax, the major climactic event, and the resolution focusing on the reactions and resulting scenarios involving major characters. It also explores the longer-term effects of the climactic event and the eventual new situation for the major characters.
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Comprehensive description/interpretation

Include the initial scene. Ensure to build all significant considerations, such as the main character, any supplementary characters, where potential disputes will arise, background, environment and so on, or any integrations along these themes.

The sparkling moment

Here something takes place which sparks the action and sets the story in motion. This usually means something out of the ordinary for the main character which sees them diverge from their normal course of events, and of course fits in with your initial interpretation of the story.

Moving developments

Here the protagonists attempt to deal with the unusual course of events as set out in the sparking moment. This body of the story is a race to the climax.

Climactic event

The part in which the major climactic event of the story takes places, usually where the main characters collide and there is a result: this can be simply summarized as victory or defeat for the ‘hero’.

The results of the climactic event and eventual resolution

Longer-term effects of the climactic event are seen in this particular section, mainly focusing on the reactions and resulting scenarios involving the major characters.
Finally, show a brief snapshot of the new situation for the major characters, particularly the ‘hero’ who has been followed from the outset. How have events as shown in the book affected them, and has there been any sense of resolution, linking and further exploring themes as raised in the initial introduction of the characters.

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