Expository essay
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The Expository essay template includes a catchy quote to introduce the topic followed by three main justifications to support the thesis. The beginning statements for each justification include factual evidence or observations from credible sources. The final paragraph summarizes the main points and emphasizes the overall importance of the topic.
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Catch attention: [Include here a prominent quote which supports or provides a hard-hitting intro to your chosen theme/concept]
Topic statement: Never can be a better example be seen in the situation of [now include a brief synopsis of your main concept]

First justification to support the idea

Beginning idea: A unarguable fact regarding [this theme] is [now include factual evidence].
Beginning idea – second possibility: An oft seen observation regarding [this theme] is [________]

Second justification to support the idea

Beginning idea: Moreover, [this theme/concept] is particularly significant [where/to whom] due to the fact that [why?].
Beginning idea – second possibility: Many preeminent professionals have conducted deep research into this subject, and a notable example is [include individual]. He/She concluded that [include relevant information and/or comment from individual].

Third justification to support the idea

Beginning idea: A further significant factor in this [theme/concept] is [________].
Beginning idea – second possibility: Additional examination of this [theme/concept] has shown that [include relevant statistical findings or factual evidence].

Concluding paragraph

Beginning idea: On the whole, [this theme/concept] is important due to its affect on [who?/what?].
Beginning idea – second possibility: [This theme/concept] can certainly be mined to a deeper level and is certainly affects [who?/what?].

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