SAT Essay Template
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The SAT Essay Template provides a structured approach to writing an essay for the SAT exam. It includes an introduction with two examples of effective arguments, a third example of refuting counter-arguments, and a concluding paragraph that summarizes the supporting arguments. The template emphasizes the importance of providing evidence and justifications to support the thesis statement.
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It is with effective use of [style of argument] and [another style of argument] that [writer under analysis] highlights the requirement for [main point of writer]. He/she persuasively used [what.? – for example, specific language, cases in point etc.] to show that [thesis principle].

First example

By making his/her argument, [writer under analysis] is able to demonstrate that [main argument]. As he/she has said [relevant direct comment], which is also effectively able to show that [what point does it prove?] [This point] is clearly shown to be true due to [what undoubted justification has the writer given, and/or evidence]. This [justification/pro demonstration] can be seen as [further supporting what point?] and is a conclusive argument that [what idea?] is true.

Second example

In detailing [this point], [writer under analysis] is able to effectively renounce counter-arguments. He/She performs this function by commenting [direct comment] and [second direct comment]. It is by tackling those that disagree head on that [writer under analysis] has been able to discredit these opinions. A deeper analysis of these quotes can show that [supporting argument] and we are therefore able to draw the conclusion that [what?]  

Third example

As has been shown without a doubt in those prior examples, [writer under analysis] certainly has fully justified his/her belief in [thesis principle]. The most persuasive arguments have been [what?] as it is here that [writer under analysis] has fully supported his/her beliefs.

Concluding paragraph

Although it may not be the view shared by all, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that [thesis principle]. [Writer under analysis] is able to provide comprehensive proof of this with [supporting argument] and [second supporting argument]. Suffice to say that through these arguments [writer under analysis] has performed an exemplary case of supporting [thesis principle].

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