Literary Analysis
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The "Literary Analysis" template provides a framework for examining a work of literature through a range of supporting statements. It includes three supporting statements with two different beginning ideas for each, and concludes with a paragraph that summarizes the literary devices used to convey the central idea of the work. The template focuses on analyzing the writer's use of language and literary devices to explore a particular theme or idea.
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Intro and thesis

Beginning idea: In [name of work], [writer under analysis] deles into the issue of _______ in his/her frequent referral to [what?]
Beginning idea – second possibility: [writer under analysis] delves into the universal idea of ________ by the analysis of growth of the main protagonists _______ and _______ in [the name of the work].
Beginning idea – third possibility: In [name of work], [writer under analysis] utilizes the idea of the [relevant symbol] to signify [what is it representing?]

First supporting statement

Beginning idea: [writer under analysis] regularly conveys the idea of [what?] in the story. Perhaps the first case in point is the following: [relevant excerpt from the story]
Beginning idea – second possibility: Right from the outset, [writer under analysis] regularly refers to the [principle symbolism]. A classic case in point is in the following excerpt: [relevant excerpt]

Second supporting statement

Beginning idea: Another section of the [name of work] which underpins this concept of ________ is when [brief synopsis of relevant section].
Beginning idea – second possibility: The concept of [what?] is further cemented by the [writer under analysis] use of figurative speech, as is clear here: [relevant excerpt].

Third supporting statement

Beginning idea: Moreover, [writer under analysis] utilizes particular description in order to further the idea of _________. A classic case in point is [what?]
Beginning idea – second possibility: [Writer under analysis] solidifies this concept of _______ in representation of the protagonist [name of protagonist]. This is revisited again in the scene where [name of protagonist] [does what?]

Concluding paragraph 

Beginning idea: Utilizing a number of key literary devices namely [what?], [writer under analysis] has underlined the concept of __________ within the story.
Beginning idea – second possibility: In the end, the idea of ________ is once again studied through the [relevant scene for the story, with brief description].

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