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Other users have misspelling addendum as:

pie chart
  1. adendum 11.36%
  2. addedum 7.95%
  3. attendum 3.41%
  4. addendium 3.41%
  5. addemdum 2.27%
  6. Other 54.56%

Definitions of addendum


  1. textual matter that is added onto a publication; usually at the end

Examples of addendum

  1. (binary module) to a book (kernel) under the GPL, but could they really argue that the addendum is a separate work if the only form of distribution for the modification is provided as a work-as-whole?
  2. Then after shooting another quick look at her companions, she attached an addendum to her prayer.
  3. The COS Effect Readers, this addendum is in recognition that some of you (like me) may, whilst purchasing one of the above or similar TPD, wish to augment your wardrobe with simple, less expensive pieces.

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