Difference between platonist and platonic




  1. an advocate of Platonism


Having conceded so much to the opposition, he has to work hard to secure a middle-of-the-road position - to avoid drifting either to the Platonist right or to the pragmatist left.

I ended up explaining to one of them that Christian philosophy had sizable origins in Neo-Platonist collisions with the Semitic tradition, and that it had incredible analogues with some aspects of Dionysian Mystery cults.

Naturally, he regarded the pagan Platonists as mistaken in accepting polytheism, everlasting world-cycles, and the transmigration of souls.

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  1. of or relating to or characteristic of Plato or his philosophy


Crucially, at the heart of this construct is the Commission, comprised of appointed technocrats ruling as benign Platonic guardians, protecting the interests of all the peoples of Europe.

He mistakenly characterizes spirituality as a pallid Platonic flight from the world or some kind of interiorized religious stirrings.

We stagger round with the Platonic idea (from the Symposium) that we can love only one other person.

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