Difference between publishable and publish




  1. suitable for publication


Some Singaporeans, emboldened by the drive for feedback, seem to be taking the government at its word with a temerity that would have been unthinkable - and unpublishable - in the past.

It is widely agreed in publishing circles (on the basis of countless years of experience) that many of these manuscripts will be unreadable, unpublishable junk.

It doesn't mean that all of those books or even a tiny percentage of those books are going to be publishable.

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  1. prepare and issue for public distribution or sale
  2. have (one's work) issued for publication
  3. put into print


In this edition, such mistakes are corrected, and the original errata slips are also published.

For a very long time I loved the idea of writing but did very little - I published a few stories, and workshopped myself into submission.

The committee will publish their report on the health service in a few weeks.

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