Difference between fourierslaw and like




  1. prefer or wish to do something
  2. be fond of
  3. feel about or towards; consider, evaluate, or regard
  4. find enjoyable or agreeable
  5. want to have


  1. resembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination
  2. equal in amount or value
  3. conforming in every respect
  4. having the same or similar characteristics


  1. a kind of person
  2. a similar kind


He was a cute little beggar, looked like you as well.

You think Spielberg would only have a rattletrap third-rate spaceship like the Millennium Falcon to ensure his survival?

Their dried dung is found everywhere, and is in many places the only fuel afforded by the plains; their skulls, which last longer than any other part of the animal, are among the most familiar of objects to the plainsman; their bones are in many districts so plentiful that it has become a regular industry, followed by hundreds of men (christened "bone hunters" by the frontiersmen), to go out with wagons and collect them in great numbers for the sake of the phosphates they yield; and Bad Lands, plateaus, and prairies alike, are cut up in all directions by the deep ruts which were formerly buffalo trails.

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