Difference between dissimilar and mismatch




  1. not alike or similar
  2. not similar


Emf of a battery is due to electrochemical redox reactions occuring between dissimilar metal electrodes, one of which becomes positively charged, the other of which becomes negatively charged. you can have an EMF building up a charge, and discharging the stored electrons, but you have no field of you are not doing any moving of the electrons

Here location at the two extremities of the peninsula has involved a striking difference in ethnic infusions in the two districts, different historical careers owing to different vicinal grouping, and dissimilar geographic conditions.

Perhaps we are not so dissimilar from germs and viruses.

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  1. a bad or unsuitable match


  1. match badly; match two objects or people that do not go together


But now I have another reason to dislike the need for sleep - there is a fundamental mismatch between a baby's sleep schedule and that of their parents.

In a way, the mismatch between virus and vaccine isn't surprising.

A mismatched pair of detectives are forced to work together to track down a crime kingpin who has introduced a new narcotic to the streets.

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