these vs those

these those


  • 1) Pluralofthis.
  • 2) Plural form of this.
  • 3) The plural of this. See this.


  • 1) Seethisandthat.
  • 2) The plural of that. See that.
  • 3) Plural form of that.


  • 1) What on earth is wrong with these people?
  • 2) What on earth are these people actually for?
  • 3) We want to make sure these people enjoy that period.
  • 4) these people keep forgetting they are servants of the people.
  • 5) these people do not wish me well.
  • 6) these are the people at most risk of diseases but we can only find them by scanning.
  • 7) There is something deeply wrong with these people.
  • 8) My three daughters studied hard to get theirs and these people are handed them with no effort.
  • 9) Do these people have any idea what a split second can do?
  • 10) I have referred these allegations to my solicitor.
  • 11) We can get these things under control if these people get primary care.
  • 12) We all know this to be true because these are people we work alongside and employ.
  • 13) How do we know who these people are?
  • 14) these refer to the actual ways in which societies produce music or classify plants.
  • 15) these are referred to at the beginning of each site description.
  • 16) If this is the case why refer these allegations to the police?
  • 17) Windsor and colleagues have referred to these as service demands or wants or as perceived or felt needs.
  • 18) Instead, these people face increased insecurity at the end of the relationship.
  • 19) I think people these days are more diverse in what they do.
  • 20) I can help these people and help with this fight.
  • 21) One of these they referred to as the infrastructure or base, sometimes also called the mode of production.
  • 22) these people do not experience the classic cycle of diagnosis, treatment and recovery but need sustained help with multiple needs.
  • 23) None of these appearances refers to any of the others, and there is no sustained plot to knit them together.
  • 24) What's wrong with these people?
  • 25) these people have no conscience.
  • 26) In addition to the discrepancy between supply and demand, these figures refer only to land for housing and are themselves misleading.
  • 27) It must be emphasized that these figures refer to those deaths officially recorded; that is, all parties agreed on the cause of death.
  • 28) D Wow..these appe sure look so delicious wt beautiful pores indicating hw flavorful these are!
  • 29) I'm still learning  to snap and send  and recommend  these shot-staggered  panes when how suddenly  strange it seems not to know  how at all to reach you  with even one of these  wide fish bellies  bumping up against  the screen.
  • 30) Also, I go by other meadows where other shepherds feed one month with another; but these _these_ are all _mine_.
  • 31) Christianity required no change in these outward things, for it was not in _these_ that the depth and reality of the kingdom of
  • 32) The proof of the accuracy of these views will still be found in the circumstance, that if, while the person is reading, this act of the reiteration of some one or more of the ideas be in any way forced upon him, _these_ ideas thus reiterated will afterwards be remembered, although all the others are lost.
  • 33) President, regarding these appointments; but the verdict of army and people was that _these first_ selections were made with as much judgment and impartiality as the untried state of the army permitted.
  • 34) In connection with these demonstrative adjective pronouns remember that _this_ and _these_ refer to what is near at hand, _that_ and _those_ to what is more distant; as, _this book_ (near me), _that book_ (over there), _these_ boys (near), _those_ boys (at a distance).
  • 35) these vile, bejeweled, befeathered women, these loathsome, swinish men -- _these_ are the people who have money to spend.
  • 36) And these, ” and she stooped to pick a couple of yellow blossoms, that were growing in the sand at her feet, “these are immortelles.


  • 1) You could go on and on about those that came through over the last eight years.
  • 2) The study found a similar disparity in those providing support.
  • 3) You keep coming back to those eyes.
  • 4) What are we going to do about maintaining those rights?
  • 5) Who in their right mind would hark back to those days?
  • 6) It admitted that those earning more than 20,000 and people with more than one job would pay more.
  • 7) This includes anyone from the self-employed to those earning extra taxable income on top of their wage as an employee.
  • 8) In an era of sharply higher inflation and sluggish wages, those price increases will go down like a lead balloon.
  • 9) His wages would match those of some of the league's highest earners and Madrid would certainly want a hefty fee.
  • 10) Wages for those of working age are rising.
  • 11) They want to work for people who care about those things.
  • 12) How do you earn all those points?
  • 13) You also need the support of those above you and those below you.
  • 14) The smell of his aftershave brought all those old feelings back.
  • 15) The challenge of getting on the housing ladder for those on modest wages will remain daunting.
  • 16) It also offers support to those with problems and a telephone advice service.
  • 17) No longer will the pressure invariably be upon those brilliant backs to bail out the pack.
  • 18) He is eager to see more support for those who do depend on farming for their livelihood.
  • 19) Both groups experienced improvements in their back pain but those with the softer mattresses benefited most.
  • 20) And money from those replays goes back into the game.
  • 21) He owed his employees wages and once those were paid the men had no further claim on him.
  • 22) We must have the confidence to speak out and act as necessary to support those who seek new freedoms.
  • 23) And that has made them very humble about those positions and very focused about doing the right thing and disciplined about duty.
  • 24) those earning more than 40,000 face smaller cuts but these still run into thousands of pounds.
  • 25) those earning 60,000 and over will lose the benefit completely.
  • 26) In this way, those on low wages can get a sniff of the high life.
  • 27) Personal allowances withdrawn gradually for those who earn more than 100,000.
  • 28) He said he could not support policies that left those on minimum wage paying so much combined income tax and employee national insurance.
  • 29) But nobody will be arguing about those figures in the Barcelona paddock today.
  • 30) He will repeat calls for those earning up to 10,000 to avoid tax altogether.
  • 31) When fans logged on to request tickets at face value, however, Ticketmaster, redirected those requests to TicketsNow, an alternate site owned by Ticketmaster where  those who already have tickets can resell them for whatever the market will bear.
  • 32) I've always wondered how she would expect to win in the general election after treating her own supporters that way, insulting as 'insignificant' any state in which she subsequently lost, never bothering to publicly thank those who worked for her in those states (tho she flew to Florida to thank * those* supporters), and - apparently - leaving bad debts in her wake.
  • 33) Especially as in some of those universes it happened by sheer outrageous chance, or because aliens with superpowerful technology were messing with us, or whatever, so *those* universes don't need any sort of god on that account.
  • 34) Have to say - those meals you call uninspired..well, ohh..those are my lifesavers when I come home late from work :
  • 35) I wish i new where to buy those REALLY cool tiny men, that you put on one of your cupcakes..those are very cool. hehe :
  • 36) Moreover, nothing is more certain than that the preamble alluded to never included, in the minds of those who framed it, _those who were then pining in bondage_ -- for, in that case, a general emancipation of the slaves would have instantly been proclaimed throughout the United States.
  • 37) But our object is not to analyze the social influence of Monachism in the middle ages: much might be said against it, and many evils traced to the sad workings of its evil spirit, but still withal something may be said in favor of it, and those who regard its influence in _those days alone_ may find more to admire and defend than they expected, or their

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