tall vs high

tall high


  • 1) a garment size for a tall person
  • 2) obsolete obsequious; obedient
  • 3) obsolete bold; brave; courageous; valiant
  • 4) of a building, etc. Having its top a long way up; having a great vertical (and often greater than horizontal) extent; high
  • 5) obsolete seemly; suitable; fitting, becoming, comely; attractive, handsome
  • 6) of a story Hard to believe, such as a tall story or a tall tale
  • 7) of a cup of coffee A cup of coffee smaller than grande, usually 8 ounces
  • 8) of a person Having a vertical extent greater than the average. For example, somebody with a height of over 6 feet would generally be considered to be tall
  • 9) archaic fine; proper; admirable; great; excellent; being of more than average height
  • 10) Impressively great or difficult.
  • 11) Having greater than ordinary height.
  • 12) Informal Fanciful or exaggerated; boastful.
  • 13) Obsolete Excellent; fine.
  • 14) Having a specified height.
  • 15) Having considerable height, especially in relation to width; lofty.
  • 16) obsolete Brave; bold; courageous.
  • 17) High in stature; having a considerable, or an unusual, extension upward; long and comparatively slender; having the diameter or lateral extent small in proportion to the height.
  • 18) Obs. or Slang Fine; splendid; excellent; also, extravagant; excessive.
  • 19) too improbable to admit of belief
  • 20) impressively difficult
  • 21) great in vertical dimension; high in stature
  • 22) lofty in style
  • 23) With proud bearing; straight.
  • 24) Obsequious;obedient.


  • 1) Luck smiles in a building surrounded by tall trees.
  • 2) tall buildings can damage great economic, cultural and social assets.
  • 3) And yes, that just means the tallest of tall buildings.
  • 4) She was just over 5ft tall.
  • 5) It will change the face of the country, with tall buildings springing up in cities, suburbs losing green space and villages being swallowed up by towns.
  • 6) He makes me feel ten feet tall walking out on the pitch.
  • 7) Tales that may or may not be taller than average.
  • 8) He could make you feel ten feet tall.
  • 9) Most elite sprinters are average height because taller ones tend to be in other sports.
  • 10) Throwing a fire extinguisher from a tall building on to a courtyard full of people was worse than reckless.
  • 11) Then the rangers had to leap out while the helicopter hovered because the grass was too tall to land.
  • 12) Most people are tall enough already.
  • 13) She was fairly tall and thin with a bright, vivacious manner.
  • 14) Standing in the doorway were a tall woman and a short Libyan man.
  • 15) The 5ft tall mechanical helpers will transport clinical waste and dirty linen.
  • 16) We did it once or twice a week after that and it made me feel 10ft tall.
  • 17) Once condemned as too small, he has already stood tall in a number of successful run chases.
  • 18) I am lots taller than average and sometimes clumsy.
  • 19) I say perched because the firm seat is fairly tall and some riders may struggle a little with its height.
  • 20) The tall dark northern buildings, the smiles of young, intelligent students.
  • 21) In a warm summer, the flowering stems can reach 5ft tall.
  • 22) The spectacular strike on Europe's tallest building was one of many incidents.
  • 23) We were all assembled round him when the door opened, and a tall, gaunt woman entered the room.
  • 24) The description went: 'A fairly tall person with a neck as long as an arm and a nose as long as a thumb.
  • 25) tall perennials Joe Pye weed and what we call the tall sunflower, rudbeckia lanciniata are joined by a single volunteer Datura metal.
  • 26) "It's what I call a tall order, Burton," exclaimed Tom Ellison, who, with the Doctor, had been listening to the police officer's plan to raid the Cave of Hydas.
  • 27) * Antitrinitarians; the peasantry are often extremely fond of hard and long words, which they call tall English.
  • 28) "Please, Marse Herbert and Miss Cap, don't you tell ole marse nuffin 'tall 'bout my loosin' sight of you!" pleaded Wool.
  • 29) They can additionally be built in tall levels to illustrate creation them preferred for those gardeners with singular mobility.
  • 30) Gary Firkins has managed to put it in -- tall, impossibly green corn.
  • 31) You equate short with women (and minorities) and tall with men, and in the context of basketball – where being tall is in effect an intrinsic “talent”.
  • 32) Those students prominence Alabamas failure to sense preparation in tall school.
  • 33) ‘He stood up to offer a handshake, revealing that he was a tall man, of average but sufficient build.’
  • 34) ‘Pour the Pimm's into a tall glass and add the lemon, cucumber and strawberries.’
  • 35) ‘Water will trickle audibly here and there, and there'll be the gentle swish of bamboo and tall grasses.’
  • 36) ‘With no tall buildings nearby to obstruct your sight, you can see for miles around.’
  • 37) ‘He looked like he needed a nap and a tall glass of ice water, but that would have to wait.’
  • 38) ‘Add the juice of an orange if you like and serve in tall glasses with ice cubes.’
  • 39) ‘Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?’
  • 40) ‘Nearby will be a tall transparent wall of glass sited in a reflecting pool and illuminated with blue light.’
  • 41) ‘The grass was tall enough to hide a horse and waved in the breeze like a wind-roiled sea.’
  • 42) ‘The bar, just big enough for four or five people, was in a tall, thin building at the top of a narrow staircase.’
  • 43) ‘Climbing to the top of a tall building, a hill, or a church tower is a great way to get a feel for a place.’
  • 44) ‘In his right hand was a plate of food and in the other a tall glass of orange juice.’
  • 45) ‘The elevator came to a stop and the doors slid open, revealing the sixth floor of the tall building.’
  • 46) ‘The area consists of luxuriant growth of tall grasses with scattered growth of deciduous forest trees.’
  • 47) ‘Avoid any mixture containing bentgrass or tall fescue or more than 15 percent ryegrass.’
  • 48) ‘He saw a tall willow tree, and decided to rest in its shade.’
  • 49) ‘Mychael found herself in a tall tower - one of many in the castle.’
  • 50) ‘Apart from Damian, there is no one I would not trust to hold the bottom of a tall ladder or to own a weapon.’
  • 51) ‘There was no one there, except for a tall figure standing by in the distance.’
  • 52) ‘They all looked to see a tall pillar of smoke rising in the not-too distant distance.’
  • 53) ‘He says you must stand back and look at the tree from a distance to get an idea how tall it is.’
  • 54) ‘A tribe of pygmies from the Grasslands of Africa, the Fukawi grow to a height of 4 feet tall.’
  • 55) ‘The steel glasses were 3 feet tall and you wonder how all of it fit into one person.’
  • 56) ‘He was six feet tall with a lean build and wavy blonde hair.’
  • 57) ‘He seemed to be pretty tall for his age, probably around 5 ' 9".’
  • 58) ‘Heather is approximately 4ft 6in tall with a slim build, hazel eyes and long brown hair.’
  • 59) ‘The 4ft 5in tall boy was disqualified from driving following a motoring offence in December last year.’
  • 60) ‘He is about 1.5 metres tall with big brown eyes and curly jet-black hair.’
  • 61) ‘In 1999 we constructed a small prototype of this clock, approximately two meters tall.’
  • 62) ‘They were not as short as I would have thought, around 1.2 meters tall.’
  • 63) ‘The warm water felt good, and waves were up to two meters tall.’
  • 64) ‘At the age of seventeen, he was already almost two hundred centimeters tall.’
  • 65) ‘They stand about two feet tall at the shoulder and typically weigh around 100 pounds.’
  • 66) ‘Individuals may be 1-1.4 m tall at the shoulders.’
  • 67) ‘The other one was a couple of inches taller with dark hair.’
  • 68) ‘She is white, 5ft 4in tall with a large build, short grey hair and blue eyes.’
  • 69) ‘Only around ten centimeters taller than him, the older kid looked fairly nasty.’
  • 70) ‘He is described as about 6ft tall, medium to thin build, with black and shaven hair.’
  • 71) ‘The third is described as six feet tall, in his mid-twenties with short dark hair and possibly a moustache.’
  • 72) ‘One of the youths is described as about 6ft tall with ginger hair and wearing a light blue top.’

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