begun vs began

begun began


  • 1) Past participle and sometimes preterit of begin.
  • 2) Past participle of begin
  • 3) p. p. of begin.
  • 4) p.p.ofbegin.


  • 1) Simple past of begin.
  • 2) Preterit of begin.
  • 3) Preteritofbegin.


  • 1) Anxiously, he'd made his way out on deck and begun to search.
  • 2) But before he reached us, he had begun shouting, `Police, stop!
  • 3) Market looked down to the south; the sky had begun to darken.
  • 4) Above, a thin membrane of charcoal clouds had begun to draw itself over the meaningless stars.
  • 5) I do really think you had begun to like Lord Chelford -- only _begun_, the least little insidious bit; but thank you, wild Bessie Frankleyn, you have quite opened my eyes.
  • 6) "If it pleases you, then," said Mr. Denslow, "I will attend the first thing in the morning to having the investigation into the title begun, and I suppose that within the next three days the deal can be consummated and the property duly transferred to Mr.. Baker."
  • 7) Vladimir Putin, is in the third year of his term begun May 2008.
  • 8) But I stress the word 'begun' because, while debt-to-income ratios are down. they're still well above the norms of the preceding three decades.
  • 9) DeWine, 62, also a former state legislator and lieutenant governor, is looking to face off against incumbent Cordray, who took office this year to fill the final two years of a term begun by former Attorney General Marc Dann in 2007.
  • 10) The negative attacks on Obama should have been begun from the get-go, so as to disallow Obama to get his message across and pigeonhole him so to speak.
  • 11) If climate change has already begun, is there any point in trying to halt it?


  • 1) They were encircling me then began chanting even more insistently.
  • 2) She turned her attention to the dais, as Francil began reciting the ritual thanksgiving to the Founding Sisters.
  • 3) They began to walk down towards Railway Square, where they would catch a bus for home.
  • 4) Bennie turned from the building, jammed her hands in her pockets, and began the trek.
  • 5) But the strange feel of what was to come for me… the experience that would define my shape and view of politics and it’s relevance to my existence… began to creep in the most subtle of ways… before the trip even began…
  • 6) Ms. DeVos showed fur at her recent show as she has in every collection since her label began in 2002.
  • 7) The profane usage of the term began in the 14th century and "suggested high sexual desire in a woman, comparable to a dog in heat."
  • 8) She dumped some of her designer water on it, and the ink on the label began to bleed.
  • 9) He joined the Army chorus, frequently performing at the White House, and his name began appearing in The Post right around the same time that the other Dan Snyder entered the local lexicon.
  • 10) The phrase began as an art term, then, like "post-painterly abstraction."
  • 11) The word "enlightenment" in a Buddhist context has been used so frequently and in so many ways, many people may not realize that this use of the word began fairly recently, and has a complex cultural and literary history.
  • 12) Even so, I tried to counteract the olanzapine with tobacco by smoking lots of cigarettes because the word began with O and “tobacco” ended with the same letter.

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