supposed vs suppose

supposed suppose


  • 1) with infinitive Intended.
  • 2) Presumed to be true, but without proof
  • 3) with infinitive Generally considered or expected.
  • 4) with infinitive Having an obligation.
  • 5) Intended.
  • 6) Permitted.
  • 7) Required.
  • 8) Presumed to be true or real without conclusive evidence.
  • 9) Firmly believed; expected.
  • 10) doubtful or suspect
  • 11) mistakenly believed
  • 12) required or under orders
  • 13) Simple past tense and past participle of suppose.


  • 1) obsolete Supposition.
  • 2) Supposition; presumption; conjecture; opinion.
  • 3) transitive To theorize or hypothesize.
  • 4) transitive To take for granted; to conclude, with less than absolute supporting data; to believe.
  • 5) expect, believe, or suppose
  • 6) require as a necessary antecedent or precondition
  • 7) express a supposition
  • 8) take for granted or as a given; suppose beforehand
  • 9) To imply as an antecedent condition; presuppose.
  • 10) To consider as a suggestion.
  • 11) To imagine; conjecture.
  • 12) To believe, especially on uncertain or tentative grounds.
  • 13) To consider to be probable or likely.
  • 14) To assume to be true or real for the sake of argument or explanation.
  • 15) To make supposition; to think; to be of opinion.
  • 16) To imagine; to believe; to receive as true.
  • 17) To represent to one's self, or state to another, not as true or real, but as if so, and with a view to some consequence or application which the reality would involve or admit of; to imagine or admit to exist, for the sake of argument or illustration; to assume to be true; as, let us suppose the earth to be the center of the system, what would be the result?
  • 18) obsolete To put by fraud in the place of another.
  • 19) To require to exist or to be true; to imply by the laws of thought or of nature.


  • 1) But its supposed friends have too easily seen its problems as self-contained, and allowed themselves yet another conference in which to tackle the worsening trouble.
  • 2) ‘Some have retreated to the supposed safety of the Green Zone.’
  • 3) ‘Mr Logan referred to our supposed selfish genes, a term he took from evolutionary biologist, Steven Dawkins.’
  • 4) ‘One of the Biblical stories that forms a central part of creationist beliefs is the supposed universal flood of Genesis.’
  • 5) ‘The legitimation stage involves getting approval for the plan, and winning support from the community by demonstrating supposed benefits from the plan.’
  • 6) ‘But in the past year, multiple members of the same family have sued us for supposed discrimination.’
  • 7) ‘"The Passion of the Christ" also includes an invented scene in which Pilate laments his supposed dilemma.’
  • 8) ‘"A lot of times, two supposed wrongs do make a right," says Leadbetter.’
  • 9) ‘He is simply too much of a freak, and his supposed childhood trauma too specialized and contrived, for us to take him seriously.’
  • 10) ‘Peter just barely escapes the attack, while Peter's supposed friend Childress (Cassavetes), also a government agent, whisks Robin away.’
  • 11) ‘As a consequence both clerical and secular moralists felt able to criticize fashion on the grounds of the supposed morality or immorality of clothing and personal adornment.’
  • 12) ‘A further reason for not assessing the Lewisham Gateway site as being accessible is the supposed aim of the developer to provide for a higher provider use.’
  • 13) ‘Christians ignore the real source of the supposed power of homeopathy - an unmeasurable, undefined (no one says exactly what it is) mystical "energy."’
  • 14) ‘I bet they'd be easier to find than the supposed alleged secret cache of biological and chemical weapons.’
  • 15) ‘The most hair-raising, perhaps, is a purge of supposed felons from the voter rolls that denied political rights to thousands of innocent citizens, most of whom were African-American.’
  • 16) ‘In particular, Richard Skinner is dubious about the President's supposed improvement among urban dwellers.’
  • 17) ‘But as someone under the age of 30, who grew up in London, I find that the supposed golden age before mass immigration is somewhat alien.’
  • 18) ‘McClure worked as a pastor in Indianapolis's southeast neighborhoods from the early 1970s through the 1990s, and he also noticed a pattern to southerners' supposed transience.’


  • 1) The benefit of the doubt is supposed to go to the attacking player anyway.
  • 2) The process was supposed to take two to three hours.
  • 3) We are supposed to know intuitively how to do it.
  • 4) Kicks went where they were supposed to go.
  • 5) No vote was supposed to be taken on the idea.
  • 6) It seems funding that was supposed to go on flood plans may have been spent on something else entirely.
  • 7) They just did not know they were supposed to lay down and die against the European champions.
  • 8) Noel said he didn’t know; he supposed because he wanted to.
  • 9) We weren't supposed to be going through this again.
  • 10) How else are you supposed to know when your toast's done?
  • 11) We didn't know we were supposed to go to prison.
  • 12) I know men are usually supposed to do this sort of thing.
  • 13) I suppose you know what you have got?
  • 14) It is too expensive to escort them on commercial flights so the Polish military are supposed to take them.
  • 15) He scared me a little because he got too close to other bodies from time to time because he is not supposed to take contact.
  • 16) The snap was supposed to be taken without his knowledge, but he seemed to glare at us all the same.
  • 17) An example would probably help: suppose you live on a fairly noisy street.
  • 18) As industry convention usually has rejection leading to oblivion, it's a record we were probably not supposed to notice.
  • 19) Still, I suppose he probably has now.
  • 20) I suppose that's probably a good thing, on the whole.
  • 21) I suppose I can probably tell you this now.
  • 22) He has got more experience than me and he is naturally good at it, so I suppose he probably would be better.
  • 23) “But suppose, Maggie, —suppose it was a man who was not conceited, who felt he had nothing to be conceited about; who had been marked from childhood for a peculiar kind of suffering, and to whom you were the day-star of his life; who loved you, worshipped you, so entirely that he felt it happiness enough for him if you would let him see you at rare moments——”15
  • 24) They do not allege that they remember that (and yet as they themselves are, as they say, composed body and soul of this eternal fire mist, they ought to remember), but only that there are certain comets which occasionally come within fifty or sixty millions of miles of this earth, which they suppose may be composed of the fire mist which they _suppose_ this world is made of.
  • 25) "Faith," he said, "suppose (it is a very presumptuous supposition, but one may _suppose_ anything) suppose when my hands are free to take care of my Mignonette, that I should have the offer of two or three different gardens wherein to place her.
  • 26) 'We've been to the Rue du Cavalier Barnard again to-day,' he says, 'which I suppose is French for Barnard's-inn.
  • 27) K: L'envers et l'endroit (which I suppose translates as
  • 28) Unless, of course, you believe that government-owned capital assets aren't productive, which I suppose is your right.
  • 29) This I suppose is fine if you are a follower, but contrast Polytheism to our government and you have a better match.
  • 30) The point here, I suppose, is that check-cashing fees may be an exploitative scam run by sleazeballs, but that they may turn out to be a more prudent option for the working poor than the even-more exploitative scam run by the more mainstream, but sleazier sleazeballs of the banking industry.
  • 31) That, I suppose, is kind of obvious considering both movies are about brilliant surgeons with bizarre fetishes.
  • 32) Which I suppose is like saying of South Carolina Gov.
  • 33) ‘You could make arguments on this basis, I suppose, on either side.’
  • 34) ‘I'm shocked that it has come to this but I suppose the evidence has been there for a long time that this day would come.’
  • 35) ‘I suppose she assumed I would bust into tears again at any moment.’
  • 36) ‘When we didn't laugh, I suppose he assumed that Jess hadn't been lying.’
  • 37) ‘I suppose the boy had assumed that I would be frightened off by now, but I didn't want to give him that satisfaction.’
  • 38) ‘I only suppose there's going to be several stitches because it was such a deep cut.’
  • 39) ‘He supposed what was troubling him was the question of fate, or destiny.’
  • 40) ‘I suppose what's worrying me is what happens when this is all over.’
  • 41) ‘If I were a real die-hard, there'd be no hesitation, I suppose; I don't love any popular icon that much.’
  • 42) ‘I suppose I better leave it here tonight and let sleep work on it.’
  • 43) ‘I suppose in a way it's easier for women than for men.’
  • 44) ‘I suppose to some extent that's true.’
  • 45) ‘I suppose I live my life as a hermit.’
  • 46) ‘I suppose at some point we need to start thinking about decorating the nursery.’
  • 47) ‘I suppose, given the evidence, I should have realised earlier that he had gone to Germany voluntarily.’
  • 48) ‘On that basis, I suppose I should have ended up a cookery writer, but no matter.’
  • 49) ‘That is the basis, I suppose, upon which this court must approach it.’
  • 50) ‘Well, you know, that's a very good point, and I suppose one could assume they really don't have much option at the moment other than to stay as long as it takes.’
  • 51) ‘suppose we have an auction and no one shows up?’
  • 52) ‘suppose we landed on Mars and we saw a skyscraper.’
  • 53) ‘suppose you never need this type of care.’
  • 54) ‘suppose that adoption has never previously been practised in our society, and suppose that someone proposes introducing it.’
  • 55) ‘To take a hypothetical case, suppose that, on day one, an unlawful trading activity starts which is not disclosed or prevented as a result of the defendant's negligence.’
  • 56) ‘Finally, suppose that we hypothesize that there are races, and that the correct racial classification has a certain form.’
  • 57) ‘Continuing with my hypothetical example, suppose that this test were ordered for thirty percent of the American population.’
  • 58) ‘Imagine tossing a coin until it lands heads-up, and suppose that the payoff grows exponentially according to the number of tosses you make.’
  • 59) ‘Let's suppose, hypothetically, that spam is accepted, so everybody can do it.’
  • 60) ‘And now suppose that, given the right introduction to jazz, you actually liked it.’
  • 61) ‘As a last example, suppose a development authority plans to build a barrage across an estuary to increase property values and generate opportunities for marina developments.’
  • 62) ‘For the sake of argument, let's suppose that we have a pile of cash that we can sacrifice for some noble cause.’
  • 63) ‘The theory supposes that, while different people can possess some different beliefs about race, they share certain criterial beliefs and these serve to define the concept.’
  • 64) ‘Rational-actor theory supposes that we make decisions by calm, essentially mathematical calculation of our own self-interest.’
  • 65) ‘Presentism and the growing-past theories must suppose that this event is both real and unreal because it's real for A but not real for B.’
  • 66) ‘This theory supposes that each offender in his true nature, a kind of rational or moral nature, sees that punishment is right in certain circumstances.’
  • 67) ‘He and others buy into what they call the belt-of-fat theory, which supposes that abdominal fat inhibits the stomach from ballooning.’
  • 68) ‘The argument against objectivity supposes that contaminating bias will distort all one's work.’
  • 69) ‘This hypothesis supposes that there is a suite of potential alleles at the imprinted locus, and each allele differs in its susceptibility to being imprinted.’
  • 70) ‘The theory of core accretion supposes the collisional accumulation of solid bodies, the process that is universally accepted as the formation mechanism of the terrestrial planets.’
  • 71) ‘It started as the theory of permutation groups, but now the general theory of groups does not suppose that elements of groups should be permutations.’
  • 72) ‘I thought these sessions were supposed to have a positive effect, if anything.’
  • 73) ‘Shawn pulled up to the abandoned building where the gang meeting was supposed to be.’
  • 74) ‘The consulting contract is supposed to reflect a meeting of the minds between the parties.’
  • 75) ‘I can understand that the acting was supposed to be choppy, and the sets were supposed to look fake.’
  • 76) ‘Those plants were supposed to give us decades of electricity that would be too cheap to meter.’
  • 77) ‘We were supposed to have our grandson this weekend so his mother can move house, but we have had to rearrange our plans.’
  • 78) ‘They were supposed to be a flexible product that would suit investors with different appetites for risk.’
  • 79) ‘Relations between fishermen and scientists were supposed to be getting better before last week.’
  • 80) ‘We'd been up since 5am driving and were supposed to be meeting folks for a meal that night.’
  • 81) ‘We were supposed to find out on Friday, but for various reasons they weren't able to get the information to us.’
  • 82) ‘Since I was a child, there have been many wars which were supposed to impact my life.’
  • 83) ‘Men from the north in those days came from nomadic tribes and were supposed to be strong and brave.’
  • 84) ‘We were supposed to go upstairs for a meal but just couldn't face anybody.’
  • 85) ‘They were supposed to meet up with others and go to a party, but that didn't happen.’
  • 86) ‘The contractors who were supposed to be here on Thursday have decided they'd come today instead.’
  • 87) ‘They were being too radical and I think they were supposed to be meeting in other people's houses.’
  • 88) ‘You were supposed to take your shoes off at the front door, before you even got into the lobby!’
  • 89) ‘My surprise meant it took a good few minutes before I realised what we were supposed to do with a live chicken.’
  • 90) ‘Reforms in 2000 were supposed to achieve this aim but have not done so with any great success.’
  • 91) ‘In iconography and metaphor, women figured as symbols of knowledge, or as the object of knowledge, but in practical terms, they were not supposed to conduct scientific investigation themselves.’
  • 92) ‘We saw glimpses of this in the 1980s with the invention of the fax machine, which more or less removed the mass media's ability to bury a story that the people were not supposed to know about.’
  • 93) ‘Women were not supposed to work outside the home.’
  • 94) ‘Lee had astounded herself at this ability to preach, and she knew the source of this inner power, which women were not supposed to possess.’
  • 95) ‘There was so much we were not supposed to be capable of doing.’
  • 96) ‘In my mind, we were not supposed to be interested in dress, food and wine.’
  • 97) ‘At about 4pm they went along the corridor to a music practice room - where they were not supposed to be - to use the piano.’
  • 98) ‘I thought the attorneys for the various parties were not supposed to be discussing the case.’
  • 99) ‘The uniform was used as a cover for their activities back home, where they were not supposed to discuss their work with friends and family.’
  • 100) ‘To excuse that use of his name by saying the spies were not supposed to use real names is begging the question.’
  • 101) ‘She also pointed out that businesses were not supposed to put out directional signs unless they had applied for permission.’
  • 102) ‘The only indicator was that the roof lights without a net remained uncovered, as they were not supposed to be worked on during that day.’
  • 103) ‘She was unaware at the time that the stairs were not supposed to be used.’
  • 104) ‘In theory, they were not supposed to engage with the enemy, except when unavoidable.’
  • 105) ‘Gordon did not specify exactly what it was the staff members were not supposed to talk about.’
  • 106) ‘The decision was made by an official and ministers were not supposed to interfere.’
  • 107) ‘Chinese women in ancient China were not supposed to go out and be seen in public.’
  • 108) ‘I realize that this is exactly what I was not supposed to see.’
  • 109) ‘My friend, who was not supposed to be in Paris this weekend, appeared just after midnight, for a brief stop-over in preparation for some work the following day.’
  • 110) ‘Incidentally, Barbara was not supposed to be on that flight today.’

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