sunk vs sank

sunk sank


  • 1) A preterit and the past participle of sink.
  • 2) A pack-saddle stuffed with straw.
  • 3) A cushion of straw; a grassy seat.
  • 4) Past participle of sink
  • 5) imp.&p.p.ofsink.


  • 1) A Middle English form of sang.
  • 2) Preterit of sink.
  • 3) Simple past of sink.
  • 4) imp.ofsink.


  • 1) Its great propellors breaking free above the water, the Lancastria slowly, inexorably, turned over, just before she sunk.
  • 2) Then they rushed upstairs to play their new tapes, leaving their mother sunk in depression.
  • 3) Tarja supposed he had sunk into the muddy river, weighted down by his ornate armour.
  • 4) It's a smart enough seeming ploy in the Murdoch PR stakes – especially since it implies that the Sun King has started using an iPad at last.
  • 5) The Sun King grown embraces the Queen of Summer in the love that is death because it is so complete that all dissolves into the single song of ecstasy that moves the worlds.
  • 6) He engaged in cloak-and-dagger operations for Louis XIII and then for Louis XIV, the Sun King, who appointed him to lead the musketeers in 1658.
  • 7) There are gardens of Sun King splendor, with hothouses for the orchids and the French radishes.
  • 8) It was built by the grandest Sun King, of the grandest city state, of the grandest civilization of the Americas, the Mayas.
  • 9) BLACK: Murdoch the Sun King has come a long way in 55 years since inheriting a small Australian newspaper from his father.


  • 1) All pity dying in him, Chavasse maintained his relentless pressure and the head sank down into the water.
  • 2) And his heart sank at the thought of trying to explain them to Dalziel.
  • 3) They came in together, his mother and Selim, and Ramses sank back into the chair from which he had risen.

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