accidently vs accidentally

accidently accidentally


  • 1) by accident, unexpectedly, by chance; fortuitously, unintentionally.


  • 1) In an accidental manner; unexpectedly; by chance; casually; fortuitously.
  • 2) Unintentionally.
  • 3) In an accidental manner; unexpectedly; by chance; unintentionally; casually; fortuitously; not essentially.
  • 4) without intention; in an unintentional manner
  • 5) In an accidental manner; by chance; casually; fortuitously; not essentially or intrinsically.


  • 1) Meanwhile Brains had taken everything he considered valuable into the light and accidently knocked all the glass off the desk.
  • 2) radio, afraid that she might accidently come upon that ranting, hysterical voice which had blighted their lives.
  • 3) He can have my best cigar in the house if my name accidently fell out of his mouth on a Freudian slip of the tongue with a few profane expletives to liven it up!
  • 4) Anti-choice nurse removes women's IUDs "accidently" - Feministing
  • 5) When the party pursuing entered the inn, his mistress ran for protection behind him; but as he was preparing to give a deadly stroke, the point of the sword accidently struck her a violent blow, and she instantly expired at his feet.
  • 6) What i do is "accidently" cast over their line or plop a lure at the edge of their boat.
  • 7) I must say, I wasn't going to care if my hook "accidently" snagged him.
  • 8) I have little simpathy for the gangbanging parents whose kids get a hold of their illegal guns and "accidently" shoot someone.
  • 9) I've been haunting my local Borders for weeks in hopes that they might "accidently" put the book on the shelf early.


  • 1) She recorded a verdict of accidental death.
  • 2) You may have accidental damage cover on your home insurance.
  • 3) He pointed out this was not the first time that this theory of accidental death had surfaced.
  • 4) You may have accidental damage cover on your household insurance policy to pay for scratches or stains on fabric or leather.
  • 5) A verdict of accidental death was recorded.
  • 6) Verdict : accidental death.
  • 7) But opponents say it will only increase the risk of accidental shootings.
  • 8) It is more like an accidental fire which destroys a large factory at an industrial plant.
  • 9) You should also consider cover for accidental damage as well as insuring your festive food.
  • 10) The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.
  • 11) The inquiry returned a verdict of accidental death.
  • 12) The verdict was she took an accidental overdose.
  • 13) And accidental fires caused by this phenomenon happen quite often.
  • 14) You had not chosen to buy the optional accidental damage cover.
  • 15) She recorded that her death had been accidental.
  • 16) It is worth noting that not all standard home insurance policies automatically include cover for accidental damage.
  • 17) He recorded a verdict of accidental death.
  • 18) Because local rituals include burnt sacrifices, the risk of accidental fires during burials has supposedly increased.
  • 19) A large wave was blamed and a coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.
  • 20) Have on hand in your store cupboard at least some of the following to ensure that you do not waste time in dealing with accidental spills.
  • 21) Then came an accidental discovery.
  • 22) Another accidental discovery was penicillin.
  • 23) If so, the accidental killing of civilians could be tried in German courts as a war crime.
  • 24) The sitting-room has its solitary moments, when any two boarders who wish to meet may come together accidentally, (_accidentally_, I said, Madam, and
  • 25) Both sides are unaware of the other until Zuckerberg's baby is officially launched and Saverin accidentally comes across a notice from the Winklevoss camp to take down the Facebook site.
  • 26) I agree with Lois - Not only has no poet ever seen the kind of money James Patterson makes, there's also that smarmy tone Amanda Urban uses: when she says "some poet" she makes poets sound like something you step in accidentally on the sidewalk.
  • 27) These mostly had to do with comically inappropriate gifts, the drunken, hilarious behavior of relatives and friends, punctuated, of course, with a few dark occurrences -- a car accident, a cousin accidentally cutting off two fingers with a machete, an outdoor cooking fire consuming a year's supply of valuable rastrojo (ground up corn cobs and stalks used for livestock feed).
  • 28) When a coin accidentally drops into the slot, it dispenses a peanut.
  • 29) Government contractor Lockheed Martin accidentally deleted ID card applications for 3,000 seaport workers ...
  • 30) Sort of like how McCain accidentally revealed that he actually has no idea what Sunni and Shia are.
  • 31) ‘Going home from work in Oxford last night I accidentally got on the Bristol train by mistake.’
  • 32) ‘I don't know if she accidentally picked up the phone or deliberately did that.’
  • 33) ‘Very drunk, he accidentally pushed her with his kit bag, knocking her off the path and into the river Cam.’
  • 34) ‘He lost his right eye two years ago when he was accidentally hit in the face with a hurley during a club game.’
  • 35) ‘How many presents have you accidentally thrown out in that pile of discarded wrapping paper this year?’
  • 36) ‘David walks over to his car, and Paul accidentally drops his car keys on the ground.’
  • 37) ‘It is believed the power cut was caused when a workman accidentally cut through an underground cable.’
  • 38) ‘The fire had started accidentally when fat from the chip pan caught alight.’
  • 39) ‘However, it may have been brought about by a short circuit or a fire started accidentally by a passenger.’
  • 40) ‘The site was accidentally miscategorized when it was initially entered into our database.’
  • 41) ‘Alex gets up to go, turns around to kiss Susan, and accidentally hits her on the nose.’
  • 42) ‘Fire officers believe the blaze started when one of the dogs accidentally knocked the cooker hob on.’
  • 43) ‘I suppose everyone who worked with horses will have had their foot accidentally stepped on.’
  • 44) ‘One of the workers accidentally put a bag of caustic soda crystals into the tank instead of soda crystals.’
  • 45) ‘Nine-year-old Tilly went missing two weeks ago after a door was accidentally left open.’
  • 46) ‘A master of the tea ceremony in old Japan once accidentally slighted a soldier.’
  • 47) ‘The system will not even wipe credit cards if they are accidentally placed on the pad.’
  • 48) ‘He was also left paralysed for a week after an injection to take fluid from his spine accidentally hit a nerve.’
  • 49) ‘The cause of the blaze is under investigation, but it is thought to have started accidentally.’
  • 50) ‘Police said it was not clear whether the gunman shot his victim deliberately or accidentally.’

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