precedence vs precedents

precedence precedents


  • 1) The state of preceding in importance or priority.
  • 2) Priority claimed or received because of greater importance.
  • 3) A ceremonial order of rank or preference, especially as observed on formal occasions.
  • 4) The fact, state, or right of coming before in time, order, or position.
  • 5) The act or state of preceding or going before in order of time; priority.
  • 6) The act or state of going or being before in rank or dignity, or the place of honor; right to a more honorable place; superior rank.
  • 7) The act of going before; specifically, the right of preceding others in public or private ceremonies; the right to a more honorable place in public processions or assemblies, or in the formalities of social life; social superiority; advantage in rank. In many countries precedence is a matter of strict regulation. See order of precedence, below.
  • 8) Prior place; superior position; position indicative of superior rank.
  • 9) Previous occurrence, or existence before; priority in time.
  • 10) That which goes before; a preceding act or speech.


  • 1) Village shoppers gave courteous precedence to a visiting foreigner: perhaps they were only in there to gossip.
  • 2) He was disappointed in her choice of restaurant, a noisy, yuppie hang-out, the sort of place where design took precedence over comfort.
  • 3) Can you believe I had two people in a row didn't know a Code Five takes precedence ?
  • 4) Nations confront the problematic tension between giving their – people-citizens-however you want to call it – a certain precedence, which is deeply embedded in the very idea of the nation-state however un-P.C. it sounds, while not sacrificing their broader humanity regarding the world.
  • 5) The only time the right-wing nutjobs honor precedence is when their idealogues on the court use it to their favorite flavor of outrage.
  • 6) While the wealthy sportsman was the original English motorist, it was not until Edward VII took up motoring (with relish) that the motorcar began to gain precedence over the horse and carriage with the Marlborough House Set.
  • 7) «sleeping-sickness» takes precedence from the medical point of view.
  • 8) Hence the Prosodists distinguish between Ajzá aslíyah or primary feet (from Asl, root), in which this precedence is observed, and Ájzá far’íyah or secondary feet (from
  • 9) The seven exhortations of this pirate ` s code ascend in precedence.
  • 10) Courtenay and Lady Beaulyon took place, as to whether 'Maryllia Van' in her professed detestation of Lord Roxmouth, would forget etiquette and the rule of 'precedence' -- but they soon saw she did not intend to so commit herself.
  • 11) Normally the whole "inner turmoil" aspect of John Lennon takes John Lennon facial-expression precedence over happiness.
  • 12) ‘For a glorious few minutes at Knock Airport on Friday evening, the humble bike took precedence over the big plane.’
  • 13) ‘However, on their last album before this, silence took precedence over noise.’
  • 14) ‘Their needs were always paramount in his thoughts and took precedence over everything else in his life.’
  • 15) ‘These skills took precedence over more craft-based or manufacturing work skills.’
  • 16) ‘But the urge to entertain took precedence over basic common sense.’
  • 17) ‘It was a war in which close air support and interdiction often took precedence over strategic attack.’
  • 18) ‘So nuances of gravel and green olive took precedence over plums and berries.’
  • 19) ‘For most of them the interests of the established Church took precedence over sentimental attachment to the Stuart dynasty.’
  • 20) ‘He felt that an individual's character took precedence over what they looked like.’
  • 21) ‘Getting things done properly took precedence over getting them done quickly.’
  • 22) ‘This new possibility took precedence over the offer he had been preparing to make the others.’
  • 23) ‘The new popular context of images took precedence over the origin of the representation.’
  • 24) ‘If it becomes, in effect, a European Union constitution, it will take legal precedence over our own.’
  • 25) ‘He believes that the Bible's authority takes absolute precedence over man's opinions.’
  • 26) ‘The profit of the nation took absolute precedence over the companies.’
  • 27) ‘Russian laws were given precedence over laws passed by the Finnish Diet.’
  • 28) ‘Should property rights be given precedence over human rights or society's need to protect nature?’
  • 29) ‘And that is the profit imperative taking precedence over everything else.’
  • 30) ‘Power generation was given precedence because thermal power was in great demand in summer.’
  • 31) ‘But almost as soon as he arrived in England, Philip was accorded precedence over Mary.’
  • 32) ‘The order of precedence among legal heirs is defined by the degree of proximity of kinship.’
  • 33) ‘Each cardinal approaches the altar, according to the order of precedence.’
  • 34) ‘Arguments about ceremonial precedence, like those affecting professional competence, were about power.’
  • 35) ‘If a player can place a tile, they must do so in their turn, according to these precedence rules.’
  • 36) ‘Just as in a ceremony there is an order of precedence, so also in news.’
  • 37) ‘If you want to set precedence in a case, alternative dispute resolution methods may not be the answer.’
  • 38) ‘Either the people of this country decided the precedence accorded to the parties, or they did not.’
  • 39) ‘The controversy over precedence must be understood in this context.’
  • 40) ‘This order of precedence can be important if both teams are close to winning.’

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