shoo-in vs shoe-in

shoo-in shoe-in


  • 1) horse racing The winner of a fixed race, a fixed race.
  • 2) idiomatic, US A candidate or contestant generally agreed upon as the presumptive winner; somebody who is well-liked or widely agreed upon.
  • 3) A sure winner.
  • 4) One that has a sure chance of being chosen, as for a job or other position.


  • 1) The racetrack term shoo-in, meaning “certain winner,” is rooted in a fraudulent practice of corrupt jockeys: They agree to bet on one long shot, holding back their own mounts, and chase in or shoo in the horse they picked to win.
  • 2) If there were a "most improved" style award, Amaro would be the shoo-in.
  • 3) If CBS decides to expand to four comedies on Thursday, it's a shoo-in to return.
  • 4) The former congressman is a shoo-in for Senate approval, but Washington insiders expect the hearing may offer new clues about plans to rein in federal spending.
  • 5) And let's face is — she's also a shoo-in to be in the finals.
  • 6) First this week the movie failed to win a nomination for an Academy Award in the documentary feature category, even though it was considered to be a shoo-in.
  • 7) Had Van der Vaart been given the ball, he was surely a shoo-in to score.
  • 8) ‘Whereas Room #2 was filled with the shoo-ins, this room seemed to have been populated mostly with the long-shots.’
  • 9) ‘They are shoo-ins for the public service category in any event.’
  • 10) ‘He had been considered a shoo-in for best new artist.’
  • 11) ‘He's always been almost an automatic shoo-in for re-election.’
  • 12) ‘Still, just in case I wasn't a shoo-in, I tried to calculate what ‘look’ might help.’
  • 13) ‘As an officer for the College Republicans at Washington University, you would have to know he was a shoo-in for his role.’
  • 14) ‘All it will take is a moving van - he doesn't actually live in the new 6th - and he's a shoo-in.’
  • 15) ‘After his performance last night, George seemed to be a shoo-in, but Simon had not been too keen on him previously.’
  • 16) ‘Louie, who dances a shaky minuet if properly guided, seemed like a shoo-in.’
  • 17) ‘Because the script is so bad, this movie is just about a shoo-in to win the Oscar for Best Screenplay.’
  • 18) ‘With both the voice and the look, she was a shoo-in for a golden ticket on to round two.’
  • 19) ‘He was a natural candidate as a Liberal, a shoo-in for Cabinet, and - who knows? - a potential prime minister-in-waiting.’
  • 20) ‘Given these advantages, it comes as little surprise that barring illness, scandal or sheer incompetence, most incumbents are virtual shoo-ins for re-election.’
  • 21) ‘‘I don't see many shoo-ins at the moment,’ he continues.’
  • 22) ‘Both are seen as shoo-ins for cabinet, although it's not clear what posts they will get.’
  • 23) ‘The jury is still discussing the criteria, but some robots would seem to be shoo-ins.’
  • 24) ‘Holland is arguably the most talented team in the competition after France, but the Oranje are far from a shoo-in.’
  • 25) ‘It should be a shoo-in for many Oscar nominations.’

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