leaped vs leapt

leaped leapt


  • 1) An occasional preterit and past participle of leap.
  • 2) Simple past tense and past participle of leap.


  • 1) The snow leopard cub padded into view and ten million hearts leapt.
  • 2) Now tools are emerging that take a giant leap forward.
  • 3) That leap may not prove as outlandish as it sounds.
  • 4) We need another great leap forward in our thinking.
  • 5) In part it feels like a leap in the dark.
  • 6) But take this leap with me.
  • 7) You can't make massive leaps forward unless you think that way.
  • 8) No one's heart leaps at the unexpected scented candle.
  • 9) If America took that path, it would be a leap into the unknown.
  • 10) Yet some regions have seen a huge leap in the number of homes on sale over the past year, according to Home.
  • 11) The huge leaps for mankind were dogged by catastrophic failures.
  • 12) To other people they may be insignificant little jumps but to us they are great leaps.
  • 13) South closed proceedings with a majestic leap to four hearts.
  • 14) We felt we were leaping into the unknown.
  • 15) Yet local cops quickly leapt on the findings.
  • 16) The unofficial sport of base jumping involves leaping from high structures with a parachute.
  • 17) It would mean a huge leap forward in my career.
  • 18) He decided to take a crazy leap.
  • 19) They ask us to make a leap in the dark.
  • 20) That is largely due to huge leaps in technology.
  • 21) That is the next great intellectual leap.
  • 22) My heart nearly leapt out of my chest.
  • 23) We are not going to take a great leap into the unknown.
  • 24) It is also about taking a great leap forward into the era of modern technology.
  • 25) And he leaped into the air while he was still quite a few feet away from his opponent.
  • 26) He gives each of them a high chance of leaping out of their seat and marching to the stage in triumph.
  • 27) Did you leap at the chance?
  • 28) These giant leaps aren't some distant dream.
  • 29) You experience no little leap of the heart upon remembering it's parked outside.
  • 30) In Beijing we leapt to fourth place in the medal table.
  • 31) Eight short steps for a woman, one giant leap for the soul of the disabled.
  • 32) This is a quantum jump or leap, and it is a very small distance indeed.
  • 33) It's the same on the inside, where owners will experience a big leap up the quality ladder.
  • 34) Lock may leap at the chance to wrestle an alligator, but not all comedians want to embrace their inner Neanderthal.
  • 35) Her name leaped to his lips before he could stop it.
  • 36) Herz was born at Besançon, in eastern France, in 1845, which made him forty-seven at the time his name leaped into print.
  • 37) Lon McFane leaped from the woodpile, countering him in midair.
  • 38) Petty Officer Waddell, without hesitation, leaped from the aircraft and, with intense enemy fire hitting all around him, raced back and forth carrying the wounded and dead to the aircraft.
  • 39) The archer stood and pulled an arrow from her quiver, the spearwoman nimbly leaped from the box down onto the field, and one of the ladies got a look of concentration on her face that made him certain she was channeling.
  • 40) Living here in California, the tidbit that leaped from the article for me was this:
  • 41) Puffs of dust leaped from the earth close about the fleeing squirrel, showing the closeness of the misses.
  • 42) Lars Vilks told The Associated Press a man leaped from the front row and head-butted him as he was delivering his lecture at Uppsala University, breaking Vilks 'glasses but leaving him uninjured.
  • 43) Mayton, without hesitation, leaped from the aircraft and, with intense enemy fire hitting all around him, raced back and forth carrying the wounded and dead to the aircraft.


  • 1) Hedge hesitated for a moment, then leapt up the embankment with inhuman dexterity, into the trees.
  • 2) Hedge held out his own hand, and the splinter leapt across, burying itself just under the skin, without drawing blood.
  • 3) The other leapt towards him with a curse, steel glinting in his right hand.
  • 4) Armed men and paper-thin androids leapt from the ships to the top of the tower.
  • 5) We are then asked to believe that each prisoner, even as he was choking on those rags, climbed up on his washbasin, slipped his head through the noose, tightened it, and leapt from the washbasin to hang until he asphyxiated.
  • 6) The way Jin leapt around in time he may have missed some significant incidents.
  • 7) Another woman is believed to have grabbed a knife and stabbed the man before she, along with other family members, leapt from the balcony.
  • 8) One thing I like about the show is the eclectic group of characters who talk just like they leapt from the pages of an Elmore Leonard book.
  • 9) The fire had leapt from the porch to the corner of the house.
  • 10) I was shocked and felt like I had leapt from a plane without a parachute.

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