spoilt vs spoiled

spoilt spoiled


  • 1) A past participle of spoil.
  • 2) of a person Having a selfish or greedy character due to pampering
  • 3) Of food, that has deteriorated to the point of no longer being usable or edible.
  • 4) UK Having lost its original value
  • 5) affected by blight; anything that mars or prevents growth or prosperity
  • 6) (of foodstuffs) not in an edible or usable condition
  • 7) having the character or disposition harmed by pampering or oversolicitous attention
  • 8) Simple past tense and past participle of spoil.


  • 1) of a person Having a selfish or greedy character due to pampering.


  • 1) There was one thing which spoilt it: the presence of Desmond Featherstone.
  • 2) By all accounts, she's an obnoxious and demanding spoilt brat.


  • 1) She's the doc's daughter, and spoiled rotten from what I've heard.
  • 2) We had a good paper on tax policy first, but Earlston spoiled the discussion.
  • 3) France, as the old Duke once said with great truth, has been already _under water several times, what could be spoiled has been spoiled_, what remains _is pretty solid_.
  • 4) Those farms he'd bought in Kentucky and the sour experience there of having the title spoiled and then moving to Indiana, and he didn't prosper there -- I think these experiences, and also to some degree maybe the people he associated with, sapped Thomas 'ambition.
  • 5) Bjarne Riis blasts what he calls the spoiled attitude among young pros coming through the ranks and says, without sacrifice, all the natural talent in the world will help you win.
  • 6) This was not, however, the case of Natura; and though he would doubtless have been what we call a spoiled child, had he been for any length of time permitted to do just what he pleased, yet the nurse being discharged, he fell again under the jurisdiction of his mother-in-law, who had now more excuse than ever for treating him with severity.
  • 7) So "spoiled" is the perfect word Claudia, unless you can come up with something better.
  • 8) ‘A great many people are spoiled, lazy whiners.’
  • 9) ‘They're acting like spoiled 5 year olds.’
  • 10) ‘He's nothing more than an immature, spoiled adolescent.’
  • 11) ‘I have zero appetite for the indulgence of spoiled brats, and I will tell her this myself if you don't.’
  • 12) ‘He is acting like a spoiled little boy. ’
  • 13) ‘She's a spoiled girl with no talent ’
  • 14) ‘He's the least spoiled child you can imagine.’
  • 15) ‘His teenage daughter is spoiled beyond hope, and his seven-year-old son wishes his father were around more.’
  • 16) ‘This journey takes them into a wealthy neighborhood where they encounter two spoiled kids. ’
  • 17) ‘Stranded in the desert with no car or cash, a spoiled student on his way home for Christmas learns a thing or two about the true spirit of the season.’
  • 18) ‘Until the end of the 17th century most wines were spoiled and undrinkable within six months of the vintage.’
  • 19) ‘One of taste's basic functions is to keep you from ingesting noxious or spoiled food.’
  • 20) ‘Salt, used either by itself or within a marinade, inhibited the growth of bacteria that might cause sickness and death in those who ate spoiled meat.’
  • 21) ‘You wouldn't drink spoiled milk just because you paid for it. ’
  • 22) ‘Old, spoiled food on counters and tables is a source of bacteria that can contaminate fresh food and utensils. ’
  • 23) ‘The empty storage crates stank of spoiled food and stagnant water.’
  • 24) ‘Bacterial dysentery from spoiled meat may have caused the recurring bouts of diarrhea.’
  • 25) ‘The streets smell like spoiled milk.’
  • 26) ‘Grocers continued the process of replacing spoiled meats and dairy products.’
  • 27) ‘The head of a food manufacturer was embroiled in a scandal over dumplings containing spoiled vegetables.’
  • 28) ‘We watched the cowed candidate go through spoiled ballot papers with the Returning Officer.’
  • 29) ‘The final count had Elsworth receiving 534 votes and Warren 524 votes, with 127 abstentions and 78 spoiled ballots. ’
  • 30) ‘Irregularities that result in spoiled ballots will mean everything in this close presidential race.’
  • 31) ‘The confusion over the referendum could result in a significant proportion of spoiled votes.’
  • 32) ‘The independent watchdog said it believed the experiment had been a success despite the high number of spoiled papers.’
  • 33) ‘Unspecified irregularities and a large number of spoiled ballots are among their reasons for seeking the recount.’
  • 34) ‘There was a significant increase in the number of voters who went to the polls and refused to choose any of the 16 candidates, casting blank or spoiled ballots.’
  • 35) ‘The Election Act doesn't define a spoiled ballot so the decision should rest with the local returning officer. ’
  • 36) ‘I don't appear to have a serious voting option so I might put in a spoiled ballot paper as a protest.’
  • 37) ‘This argument is extraordinarily spurious since the number of spoiled votes in each election is insignificant.’

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