climatic vs climactic

climatic climactic


  • 1) of, relating to, or influenced by climate
  • 2) Of or relating to climate.
  • 3) Ecology Influenced by or resulting from the prevailing climate.
  • 4) Of or pertaining to a climate; depending on, or limited by, a climate.
  • 5) of or relating to a climate
  • 6) Relating to or connected with climate: as, “a climatic division,”


  • 1) Of, pertaining to, or constituting a climax; reaching a decisive moment or point of greatest tension.
  • 2) Relating to or constituting a climax.
  • 3) Of or pertaining to a climax; forming, or of the nature of, a climax, or ascending series.
  • 4) consisting of or causing a climax
  • 5) Of, pertaining to, or of the nature of a climax; ascending or leading to a climax.


  • 1) Poor climatic conditions may also have affected farming.
  • 2) It set the climatic conditions in which our ancestors evolved.
  • 3) Daily observations of climatic conditions would be most valuable.
  • 4) Africa is especially vulnerable because climatic conditions and poverty allow viruses to thrive.
  • 5) His view was that climatic change was affected by natural phenomena such as volcanic or solar activity.
  • 6) Those borrowing are required to show they have made sufficient arrangements for security and insurance and have suitable climatic conditions.
  • 7) The rarer ones will be more sensitive to the climatic changes and so face the biggest threat to their existence.
  • 8) There are three main climatic zones.
  • 9) Until there are better climatic conditions, we cannot get them out.
  • 10) The shape of the Earth varies under different climatic conditions.
  • 11) The quirky climatic conditions are caused by the town's local geography.
  • 12) As we descend, the temperature rises so that we move into different climatic zones.
  • 13) On a slightly smaller scale, much of the landscape of the valley has been shaped by climatic change.
  • 14) The fact that it was found alive at such a mature stage of it's growth may be an indicator of climatic change.
  • 15) Under somewhat different climatic conditions, convoys to Russia were notorious for their hardship.
  • 16) It's the planet; and an average increase of one degree across its entire surface means huge changes in climatic extremes.
  • 17) People will adapt to new climatic conditions, though I fear the transition will not be as smooth as optimists suggest.
  • 18) Its ability, though, to repopulate a small area all on its own is giving researchers in Australia great hope that plants will be far more durable in the face of long-term climatic change than they've thought in the past.
  • 19) This may stem from the variability in climatic conditions and the practice of naming a particular disease as it manifested.
  • 20) A multi-year project, centered around small sensitive lake ecosystems in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago (Cornwallis Island, Somerset Island, and Devon Island), was designed to explain the interactions between short - or longer - term climatic variation, the bioaccumulation of metals, and various biochemical stress indicators in land-locked populations of Arctic char.
  • 21) Although the displacement rate of the upper treeline is a good reflection of long-term climatic fluctuations (Table 14.8), reconstruction of actual temperature changes is complicated because of the response lag caused by the slow growth of seedlings and the lack of seeds on remote sites.
  • 22) The region is an important area for understanding recent ecological successions, as well as longer term climatic changes.
  • 23) Other than releasing small amounts of oil from the Reserve for very limited short term climatic or pipeline disruptions, extortionist high oil prices that were risking a national economic calamity were never adequate cause to tap the SPR in this administration's reckoning.
  • 24) Long-term climatic changes in the arctic region of the Northern Hemisphere.
  • 25) Some seabird populations have been found to respond to long-term climatic changes in the North Atlantic Ocean [31], the North Pacific Ocean [32], and Antarctica.
  • 26) The original Acacia bushland of this ecoregion has been greatly altered over thousands of years, through long-term climatic changes and also through anthropogenic effects.
  • 27) ‘It was a portent of climatic things to come, which culminated in the worst floods in living memory in cities such as Prague and Dresden.’
  • 28) ‘Wayne attributes this unexpected birth so far south to climatic changes that are seeing warmer waters.’
  • 29) ‘As well as the threat of climatic change, several countries are interested in stepping up the commercial krill fishery.’
  • 30) ‘Harsh changes in climatic conditions tend to dehydrate the skin, leaving it dry and quite often scaly.’
  • 31) ‘It reflects both the nature of the climatic conditions and nature of the community itself.’


  • 1) The sense of panic seeping through the climactic scenes is very well handled.
  • 2) The climactic scenes are almost all about plot.
  • 3) Concern centred on a climactic scene.
  • 4) It's here that the climactic scenes of the film play out.
  • 5) They were still allowed some climactic moments of insight and self-knowledge.
  • 6) Her climactic flashback scene begins: 'Ten big men were chasing me down a dark street!
  • 7) Besides, if the opera's climactic scene is transplanted to the wings of a theatre where the maestro is conducting it can be staged without scenery.
  • 8) ‘She appeared in more than a few slasher movies, always the young heroine who outsmarts the killer in a climactic final chase scene.’
  • 9) ‘And the final climactic emotional moment is cringe inducing rather than searingly moving.’
  • 10) ‘The World Cup is one coherent drama with developing conflict, mounting tension and a climactic resolution.’
  • 11) ‘That said, it doesn't entirely work dramatically, and the play falters as it reaches its climactic final moments.’
  • 12) ‘Some of the best moments in the film include Napoleon's climactic dance scene that wins Pedro the high school election.’
  • 13) ‘All of this leads the dinosaur kids on a wild adventure that culminates in a climactic confrontation on top of a volcano.’
  • 14) ‘The fair's climactic event, the demolition derby, is drawing big crowds to the fairgrounds.’
  • 15) ‘In another climactic event, Vronsky loses a horserace he is slated to win.’
  • 16) ‘The downside's that after such a climactic event, there's still an hour to go.’
  • 17) ‘The climactic event, however, consists of tying the captive condor by its feet onto the back of a bull.’
  • 18) ‘The drama hangs on an extremely shocking climactic event and our understanding of its causes.’
  • 19) ‘The world champions were empty after a dramatic, climactic finish that meant the trophy was shared.’
  • 20) ‘The lead-in to the climactic scene is nothing compared to the original.’
  • 21) ‘Likewise, walks to Calton Hill and the Water of Leith suggested climactic scenes and murder sites for various Rebus novels.’
  • 22) ‘Troy is at its best in the climactic fight scene between Hector and Achilles, and its aftermath.’
  • 23) ‘In one climactic scene, he is publicly and sadistically humiliated by the king.’
  • 24) ‘To say whether she does would give away the details of a climactic scene which has to be seen to be believed.’
  • 25) ‘This turns out not to be a casual device but, in the climactic scene, intrinsic to the film.’
  • 26) ‘The climactic scene in which the local Mafiosi close in on the inspector is bone chilling and unforgettable.’
  • 27) ‘The climactic action sequence is nothing like anything that occurred in the first weeks of the Normandy invasion.’

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