gynecologist vs obstetrician

gynecologist obstetrician


  • 1) medicine A physician who specializes in childbirth.
  • 2) A physician who specializes in obstetrics.
  • 3) One skilled in obstetrics; an accoucheur; especially, a physician who specializes in obstetrics.
  • 4) a physician specializing in obstetrics
  • 5) One skilled in obstetrics; an accoucheur; a midwife.


  • 1) Before you decide on which midwife or obstetrician you will use, find out about the hospital in which they practice.
  • 2) This is despite a declaration in 2007 by it and other colleges to have a consultant obstetrician in hospital at all times.
  • 3) The next day I called the obstetrician and went in for a stress test.
  • 4) I called my obstetrician and we took a cab to his office.
  • 5) The reason why this MTV show belongs in obstetrician gift packs is that it is the ultimate barometer of parental failure.
  • 6) So she called her obstetrician, the CDC, and Health and Human Services for four weeks to try to get the shot.
  • 7) Antibiotics and IV fluids were ordered, and we were told to call the obstetrician to schedule an ultrasound.
  • 8) My obstetrician was a terrific doctor and a good man.
  • 9) Fairchild called her obstetrician, Dr. Leonard Dreisbach.
  • 10) ‘We also interviewed 19 clinicians: six obstetricians, six paediatricians, four general practitioners, and three nurses.’
  • 11) ‘A multicentre randomised controlled trial of routine antenatal care by general practitioners and midwives compared with shared care led by obstetricians.’
  • 12) ‘By the late 19th Century, teaching hospitals came up and were staffed by physicians, surgeons and obstetricians.’
  • 13) ‘Again, close liaison between obstetrician, midwife, general practitioner, cardiologist, and neonatologist is vital.’
  • 14) ‘Family physicians and obstetricians need to be aware of this useful method of natural childbirth.’
  • 15) ‘Discuss this issue with both your obstetrician or health care provider and your future baby's doctor before you give birth.’
  • 16) ‘He did GP obstetrics and looked after patients with tuberculosis at a time when there was neither an obstetrician nor a chest physician on the island.’
  • 17) ‘In rural areas, family physicians are more likely to attend births, due to a lack of specialists, obstetricians, and anaesthesiologists in these areas.’
  • 18) ‘There is a large litigation industry in cerebral palsy and the threat of litigation is one of the major reasons for obstetricians leaving obstetrics.’
  • 19) ‘With the diversification in the healthcare market, most obstetricians now have demanding peripatetic work schedules.’
  • 20) ‘Neonatologists and obstetricians need to seek consent in every neonatal death or stillbirth while pathologists need to provide the service sought by clinicians and relatives.’
  • 21) ‘After practicing for three years, she moved on to medical school to become an obstetrician / gynecologist.’
  • 22) ‘After completing his medical degree in Switzerland in 1973 he became an obstetrician and gynaecologist.’
  • 23) ‘It is always helpful for obstetricians and gynaecologists to have their practices carefully scrutinised, since so much is not underpinned by rigorous evidence.’
  • 24) ‘I highly recommend this book to my surgical and pediatric pathology colleagues, neonatologists, and obstetricians.’
  • 25) ‘For many women, their obstetrician or gynecologist plays an important role in primary or preventive health care.’
  • 26) ‘Surgeons and obstetricians are leaving or curtailing their practices, fleeing the increasingly high cost of malpractice insurance.’
  • 27) ‘If you are pregnant, discuss your immunization record with your obstetrician well before your due date.’
  • 28) ‘In nineteenth-century Britain, transfusion was primarily the domain of obstetricians, though, from the 1870s, surgeons began to use it as well.’
  • 29) ‘Childbirth without fear should become a reality for women, midwives, and obstetricians.’

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