lighted vs lit

lighted lit


  • 1) Filled with light; illuminated.
  • 2) set afire or burning.
  • 3) Illuminated by artificial light.


  • 1) Abbreviated form of literature.
  • 2) Colour; blee; dye; stain.
  • 3) Literature, especially as an academic subject.
  • 4) Color; dye; stain.
  • 5) An abbreviation of liter.
  • 6) slang intoxicated or under the influence of drugs; stoned
  • 7) illuminated
  • 8) slang Sexually aroused (usually a female), especially visibly sexually aroused (e.g., labial swelling is present)
  • 9) Informal. Drunk or drugged. Often used with up.
  • 10) set afire or burning
  • 11) provided with artificial light
  • 12) transitive To colour; dye.
  • 13) US, dialectal To run, or light
  • 14) Simple past tense and past participle of light.
  • 15) Tocolor;dye.


  • 1) She turned her head, ignoring the pain the movement caused as the square of bright light intruded.
  • 2) There was no street light here; the closest was at least thirty or forty metres up the street.
  • 3) He was dressed in golden armour that glittered in the dull afternoon light.
  • 4) Her face was clearly visible in the light from the open van door.
  • 5) One day while I lived on his place I went in company with another slave into the woods and caught a pig, which we knocked in the head with a large pine knot, which we called a lighted knot, but it so happened that the owner of the pig was in the woods, and hearing the pig squeel came to see what the matter was
  • 6) In the centre is an enormous circular counter … We ascend a broad staircase, which leads to ‘The Lounging Rooms’, and to the first of a series of circular galleries, lighted from the lantern of the dome, which also lights the ground floor.
  • 7) Women who lock the doors and make sure to walk in lighted areas with people still get raped.
  • 8) Disaster movie the whole fact that after the first two scary movies the quility went way way way waaaaay down since then and still it gets green lighted is crazy i saw the trailer chuckled at the Zohan spoof and watned to cry because this will still make money and fill seats its horrible it crams to much in and its stupid.
  • 9) Now these will be great if you have somewhere to project the image and they are bright enough to work in lighted areas.
  • 10) The Toronto-Canadians were underground, in lighted food courts.
  • 11) By the way, would you call the lighted Christmas tree that's just gone up next to the sculpture "art"?
  • 12) When the button next to that label lighted up, the phone was answered with special alacrity.


  • 1) Inside it was brightly lit.
  • 2) At the back of the stage, there was a giant heart, lit around the edges with red light bulbs.
  • 3) Her celebrations lit up a gloomy day but it was her interview afterwards on Racing UK which impressed me most.

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