credible vs creditable

credible creditable


  • 1) believable or plausible
  • 2) authentic or convincing
  • 3) Being of sufficient military capability to deter an attack or carry out an operation successfully.
  • 4) Capable of being believed; believable or plausible: synonym: plausible.
  • 5) Considered capable of achieving a goal.
  • 6) Capable of being credited or believed; worthy of belief; entitled to confidence; trustworthy.
  • 7) appearing to merit belief or acceptance
  • 8) capable of being believed
  • 9) (a common but incorrect usage where `credulous' would be appropriate) credulous
  • 10) Worthy of credit or belief, because of known or obvious veracity, integrity, or competence: applied to persons.
  • 11) A witness not disqualified nor impeached as unworthy of credit: as, the fact was established on the trial by the testimony of several credible witnesses.
  • 12) Capable of being credited or believed, because involving no contradiction, absurdity, or impossibility; believable: applied to things.


  • 1) Credible or believable.
  • 2) That brings credit or honour; respectable.
  • 3) That can be assigned; assignable.
  • 4) Deserving of often limited praise or commendation.
  • 5) Capable of being assigned.
  • 6) Deserving of commercial credit; creditworthy.
  • 7) Worthy of belief.
  • 8) obsolete Worthy of belief.
  • 9) Bringing credit, reputation, or honor; honorable.
  • 10) Deserving or possessing reputation or esteem; reputable; estimable.
  • 11) worthy of often limited commendation
  • 12) Reputable; bringing credit, honor, reputation, or esteem; respectable; of good report.
  • 13) Worthy of credit or belief; credible.


  • 1) There are now credible claims that the regime has used chemical weapons against civilians.
  • 2) It is equally credible that her sense of an ending was illusory.
  • 3) Central to its working is that the threat offered must be a credible one.
  • 4) But one thing fewer that they have to worry about is the threat of a credible opposition.
  • 5) When you put it like that his venture seems barely credible.
  • 6) The verdict has caused international outrage amid a lack of any credible evidence to sustain the charges.
  • 7) What they are trying to do is prove they are a credible alternative force.
  • 8) The proffered new evidence was plainly credible and was provided by experts distinguished in their fields.
  • 9) No credible evidence of such an exodus has been provided.
  • 10) Nor has he put forward a credible alternative to the fuel and food price rises now stirring popular discontent.
  • 11) Radical socialists have seen this as "betrayal" but they have always lacked a credible political alternative to it.
  • 12) The timing for a credible British challenge for the trophy could not be better.
  • 13) That would be great as political theatre but not for mounting a credible challenge to the Democrats.
  • 14) And a credible challenge is what the Democratic incumbent needs to rouse him from his torpor.
  • 15) Democracy needs a healthy, credible opposition.
  • 16) Seems credible, and some pollsters are sure this would help.
  • 17) Were the corruption claims credible?
  • 18) How credible are these claims?
  • 19) It is barely credible that no one knew what was happening in the fortified compound - a few hundred metres from an elite military academy.
  • 20) An equally credible explanation is that the parties agreed to proceed because they felt they had a case if coercion was defined as "deferential fear '.
  • 21) Military officials imposed the ban in mid-July after receiving what they called "credible allegations" that some detainees had been mistreated while in the custody of Gen. Abdul Razziq's forces.
  • 22) Last week the State Department felt obliged to call U.S. ambassador Robert Ford home from Damascus after receiving what it called "credible threats against his personal safety."
  • 23) Officials have been warning of a potential attack on German soil for months, citing what they described as credible intelligence that terrorists were considering an assault on a major landmark such as the Reichstag, the federal parliament building in Berlin.
  • 24) The UN spokesman says the Stabilization Mission will continue to help the electoral commission achieve what he calls a credible vote.
  • 25) At a hastily called press conference at the headquarters of the New York Police Department, authorities in New York City offered little detail into what they called a credible terrorist threat received Thursday, as the city nears a large scale commemoration of 9/11.
  • 26) State police first went to the site in early June, following up on what they called a credible lead.
  • 27) Because they believe that if they are going to send more troops into Afghanistan, as the White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, said this weekend, you have to be dealing with what he called a credible partner over there.
  • 28) The Catholic commission said Sunday it compiled what it called credible witness reports of "systematic violence in the form of assaults, murders, torture, abductions and wanton destruction of property against innocent civilians whose alleged crime is to have voted wrongly."
  • 29) The International Committee of the Red Cross documented what it called credible information about U.S. personnel disrespecting or mishandling Korans at the Guantanamo detention facility and pointed it out to the Pentagon in confidential reports during 2002 and early 2003, an ICRC spokesman said Wednesday.
  • 30) Oh, please: The Stephen Harper government didn't know that the Canadian military had stopped handing over Afghan detainees last fall, after Canadian monitors found what they called a credible allegation of torture?
  • 31) ‘That is surprising given the fact that he is the only person who is able to give any credible evidence.’
  • 32) ‘There are lots of other situations in life when it is vital to be able to make credible promises.’
  • 33) ‘As I did not find him to be a credible witness, I am unable to attach much weight to the contents.’
  • 34) ‘I have considered whether the appellant provided a credible account of events and was a credible witness.’
  • 35) ‘I must say first of all that I find that the respondent is not a credible witness.’
  • 36) ‘The plaintiff was a very credible witness when she spoke of the stiffness and pain she suffered.’
  • 37) ‘On the issue of persecution and ill-treatment I find that the Appellant is a credible witness.’
  • 38) ‘She was specific about her injuries and what had happened to her, we found her to be a credible witness.’
  • 39) ‘I regret to say that I did not find the appellant to be a credible witness at all.’
  • 40) ‘She gave important oral evidence and I found her to be a sensible and credible witness.’
  • 41) ‘The only credible justification can be that it is reasonable to do so.’
  • 42) ‘Your offer and plea for helping farming would have sounded credible if it was voluntary for us to help them.’
  • 43) ‘Whether or not credible information existed to substantiate the story's claims is still a mystery.’
  • 44) ‘In fact there is no reason, and no credible excuse, why there cannot be elections in June.’
  • 45) ‘It was even worse that she had a hard time sounding credible when she did it.’
  • 46) ‘The media's failure to respond to our work is a failure to respond to rational arguments and credible sources.’
  • 47) ‘Can you point me to a credible, non-political figure who does support your policy?’
  • 48) ‘He impressed me as an intelligent and honest witness and I found his account wholly credible.’
  • 49) ‘Beyond this he presents no credible sources, hard facts, or research, in support of his claim.’
  • 50) ‘The court found his evidence to be credible and therefore considered its weight.’
  • 51) ‘Missing, still, is a credible political strategy for persuading the people.’
  • 52) ‘And when we have evidence of credible threats, we will issue appropriate alerts.’
  • 53) ‘That is a bigger threat to us all, in the long run, than any credible terrorist threat on the horizon.’
  • 54) ‘On the contrary, people are crying out for a credible alternative in which they can have trust and confidence.’
  • 55) ‘As if that were not bad enough, it does not even appear that the credible alternative leaders are willing to make a stand.’
  • 56) ‘As far as she was concerned, they still had to force their way up the rankings if they were to be considered a credible threat.’
  • 57) ‘The new powers are supposed to be used when there's a credible threat of a terrorist attack.’
  • 58) ‘In the former case, there was no credible nuclear threat, in the latter there might be one.’
  • 59) ‘They have taken a long time to get back to where they are a credible alternative.’
  • 60) ‘Yet judging by the youths' submissive behaviour the threat seemed credible.’
  • 61) ‘Socialist ideas are being taken up as a very credible alternative to capitalist globalisation.’
  • 62) ‘No credible alternative will brave the embarrassment of certain heavy defeat.’
  • 63) ‘We also have to present a credible alternative, something positive for people to vote for.’
  • 64) ‘Is this shameless profiteering from peoples fears or is there a credible threat.’
  • 65) ‘By the evening of the same day I had been reassured that the threat was not credible.’
  • 66) ‘Why should the latest set of claims be any more credible than the succession of contrary claims?’
  • 67) ‘In other words, we want to use our cars because we don't believe that there is any credible and safe alternative.’
  • 68) ‘If the electorate believes you have a credible candidate, you will get their vote.’
  • 69) ‘He did not explain what this Government is doing to support a credible foreign policy.’
  • 70) ‘I think it was a sensible and credible deal with significant financial support behind it.’


  • 1) We must always remember that to manage well on a small income is highly creditable.
  • 2) At college his career was of course highly creditable.
  • 3) When are we going to learn that reaching the last eight is a creditable performance?
  • 4) Both turn in creditable vocal performances on an expertly chosen bunch of classic songs.
  • 5) All this masked a creditable performance from the business itself.
  • 6) This is a very creditable performance.
  • 7) We put in what we thought was a highly creditable offer and we were $3 billion short.
  • 8) He finished a highly creditable fifth in the 200m butterfly.
  • 9) Although he lost, he turned in a highly creditable performance at the polls.
  • 10) They got a creditable draw at leaders Norwich last time out and can go one better this time.
  • 11) I know from my own experience that this sometimes requires a creditable acting performance.
  • 12) He came a creditable third.
  • 13) Last week, Evolution turned in a creditable performance for the first six months of this year.
  • 14) Are they less creditable because they could put on this performance on a Wednesday but not a Tuesday?
  • 15) Having talked unconvincingly last month of famous victories that were in fact forgettable and creditable performances that were anything but, he could afford to raise a smile.
  • 16) It is far more likely that Italy's best hopes of a creditable performance will revolve around a lofty effort at the lineout.
  • 17) An official with the Department of Health and Human Services told HuffPost that the law gives no flexibility on the definition of creditable coverage.
  • 18) If Medicare considers your existing coverage to be "creditable" - meaning, coverage that is as good as the standard Medicare prescription drug coverage benefit - you are permitted to keep your current coverage without incurring future penalties.
  • 19) I much doubt if he could have passed what would now be called a creditable examination in the Fathers; and as for all the nice formalities in the rubric, he would never have been the man to divide a congregation or puzzle a bishop.
  • 20) Apparently the workers of America are not yet ready to sing, although I recall a creditable chorus trained at
  • 21) But in the far more influential New York Times, Bosley Crowther called the picture a fair and "creditable" reenactment and observed that MGM had "taken no obvious sides in the current atomic contentions."
  • 22) You wouldn't be penalized for dropping "creditable" coverage later and signing up for Part D, Mr. Precht says.
  • 23) ‘After some days of heavy rains, the conditions were not ideal but both sides put in creditable performances.’
  • 24) ‘She makes a creditable effort at interpreting the manifest and manifold mysteries of her subject's motivations.’
  • 25) ‘This was an especially creditable effort because his two previous wins had been over longer distances.’
  • 26) ‘The pairs enjoyed a mixed bag of results, with three wins and creditable performances in their close losses.’
  • 27) ‘Given the current state of the advertising market, this seems a creditable performance.’
  • 28) ‘The film is a creditable effort to tell an African story from the point of view of an African.’
  • 29) ‘All these initiatives are praiseworthy and creditable to the new and youthful management team.’
  • 30) ‘The club did the county proud by coming a creditable third.’
  • 31) ‘She then received patriarchal permission to pursue kinship with offspring of creditable lineage!’
  • 32) ‘There are four very creditable designs (particularly as it's their first show).’
  • 33) ‘The country and the citizen will give credit to the government for what are clearly creditable attainments.’
  • 34) ‘After each labor he would come home tired, but feeling that he had done a creditable day's work.’
  • 35) ‘We also express our gratitude to the media who were quickly on the scene and gave creditable coverage of the calamity.’
  • 36) ‘There was an explanation - not creditable, but rational - for the disappearances.’
  • 37) ‘The club finished a very creditable fifth out of eleven teams and narrowly failed to qualify for the finals.’
  • 38) ‘Racing against some of the best horses in the world, he once again ran a cracker to finish a very creditable fifth.’
  • 39) ‘However, Amy still made the final and came a very creditable fourth.’
  • 40) ‘It was smoothly run and the Japanese, in particular, made a creditable on-field contribution.’
  • 41) ‘It just kind of seeps out with things that are said in passing, as if there were no other possible view, let alone a creditable one.’
  • 42) ‘The police have made good progress recently in the battle against crime. They are doing a creditable job.’

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