anything vs any thing

anything any thing


  • 1) Someone or something of importance.
  • 2) Something or someone of importance.
  • 3) not at all or in any respect.
  • 4) Colloq. or Lowx Expressing an indefinite comparison; -- with as or like.
  • 5) in any respect; at all.
  • 6) In any way, any extent or any degree.
  • 7) To any degree or extent; at all.
  • 8) In any measure; anywise; at all.
  • 9) Any whit; in any degree; to any extent; at all.
  • 10) [From its indeterminate signification, anything is often used colloquially in comparisons, as emphatically comprehensive of whatever simile may suggest itself or be appropriate, especially in the comparative phrases as… as anything, like anything, equivalent to ‘exceedingly,’ ‘greatly.’
  • 11) A thing, indefinitely; something or other, no matter what: opposed to nothing: as, have you anything to eat? I do not see anything; give me anything.
  • 12) (anything but) By no means; not at all.
  • 13) (like anything) To an exceeding degree.
  • 14) (anything goes) Anything is permissible or likely to be tolerated.
  • 15) Any object, act, state, event, or fact whatever; thing of any kind; something or other; aught.
  • 16) with “as” or “like” Expressing an indefinite comparison.
  • 17) Any object, occurrence, or matter whatever.


  • 1) Not that there was anything humdrum about this beautifully upscale collection.
  • 2) You need to grow slowly but nobody wants to do anything slowly now.
  • 3) Now he can do anything he wants with his life.
  • 4) The threat to his players appeared more internal than anything else.
  • 5) The fight more nearly resembled the battles of a generation ago than anything seen in this war.
  • 6) No one who knows anything about elite sport will be surprised at this.
  • 7) You like anything that has been battered and deep-fried.
  • 8) We contacted them on the same day and didn't hear anything back.
  • 9) You'll have to go a fair way to find anything better!
  • 10) There is little evidence they are anything of the kind.
  • 11) We know if we want anything that we have to work our socks off.
  • 12) The plane was too high for him to see anything below.
  • 13) That is better than anything you can obtain on conventional deposit accounts.
  • 14) Is there anything nearer home you could do?
  • 15) We cannot seem to get people to talk about anything else.
  • 16) Nobody talks about anything other than the next game but there is a bigger picture.
  • 17) The victim will say anything to stop the pain.
  • 18) They were unavailable for comment yesterday but have talked previously about the agony of not hearing anything.
  • 19) Our goal difference is good but we cannot take anything for granted.
  • 20) Want to go in with hardened armour and blow up anything in your way?
  • 21) Yet bargaining is not a process in which anything goes.
  • 22) We still might not be doing anything close to what we ought to be doing.
  • 23) If anything happens it will be a tragedy for all concerned.
  • 24) They look more like angels than anything else on this planet.
  • 25) She proceeded not to do anything of the kind.
  • 26) She can get anything she wants out of me.
  • 27) Now he returns to see if anything has changed.
  • 28) Is there anything you can do to avoid this?
  • 29) anything nearer than that felt more than intrusive.
  • 30) It seemed more to do with the zeitgeist than anything else.
  • 31) Is there any willingness at the top to do anything about it?
  • 32) She left the court looking glum and without saying anything.
  • 33) Who knows anything about that guy?
  • 34) We don't know anything about him before the game or after the game.
  • 35) Even considering a single book, or the making of a pencil, or anything *anything* in our lives: consider everything lying behind it - does anyone seriously believe that this is an outcome of external forces and lumps that just happen to come together in something that is layered, absolutely slathered, in meaning?
  • 36) And that ‘unusualness’ could be anything: beauty, ugliness, deformity, eccentricity…..anything.
  • 37) I use the backside of a ladle when straining anything with a sieve and it works wonders with everything, gravy, custard, raspberries..anything at all.
  • 38) I would have done anything for him… anything… because wether or not we could be…
  • 39) They are heated and air conditioned by a solar plant that tops anything - you hear me, _anything_ - that we have today.
  • 40) I will do anything -- _anything_, HILDA, to provide you with agreeable entertainment.
  • 41) He may have done anything -- _anything_ to get the
  • 42) In the meantime, don't be surprised at anything that happens, and by that I mean _anything_.
  • 43) "Wiggs," he said solemnly, "if ever you can do anything to annoy that woman, such as making her an apple-pie bed, or _anything_ like that, I wish you'd do it."
  • 44) "Oh, if anything, anything, _anything_ would happen!" she breathed, stretching out both arms toward the snowy shrubbery-broken expanse behind the house which in summer was her garden.
  • 45) ‘Nobody said anything though, and it may have just been dismissed as a jokey comment.’
  • 46) ‘We are left wondering whether they had anything more to offer than tea and sympathy.’
  • 47) ‘I do not know whether there is anything else that you might be able to assist us on?’
  • 48) ‘There was no time to assess whether anything was stolen or the extent of the damage.’
  • 49) ‘The question is no longer whether to buy this or that, it is whether to buy anything at all.’
  • 50) ‘It is unbelievable that Labour should be doing this and nobody says anything about it.’
  • 51) ‘The truth of the matter is there isn't anything in the gift line that I want, let alone need.’
  • 52) ‘Fill them out with examples drawn from your texts and analyse anything that you quote or refer to.’
  • 53) ‘That division is a matter of our linguistic systems and not anything about knowledge.’
  • 54) ‘Suddenly, neither of us had anything to say to one another aside from the matter in hand.’
  • 55) ‘The issue is whether we have any power or duty to do anything about the situation which has arisen.’
  • 56) ‘Yes it was a good technology, but nobody cared enough about it to write anything for it.’
  • 57) ‘The Government is getting more revenue but in return the public is not getting anything.’
  • 58) ‘He had no convictions for anything of a similar nature.’
  • 59) ‘Anyone who can remember anything that may help police are asked to come forward.’
  • 60) ‘The thug then warned her to stay in the office and not to do anything for 10 minutes.’
  • 61) ‘A man walked up to the elderly woman and without saying anything started punching her.’
  • 62) ‘With so many exciting projects and prospects, is there anything he would wish for?’
  • 63) ‘The owner threatened to scream and the two men left the property without taking anything.’
  • 64) ‘They both got in touch and asked us for demos, but we never heard anything back.’
  • 65) ‘The family had stocked up on food and water and was ready for anything, he said.’
  • 66) ‘The next day I came back to work truly rested and ready for anything the world could throw at me.’
  • 67) ‘On the evidence of the past year, she seems ready for anything the stage can throw at her.’
  • 68) ‘This time he did not quite enjoy an armchair ride but he was ready for anything that came his way.’
  • 69) ‘Now he is ready, willing and able to face up to anything the championship can throw at him.’
  • 70) ‘We have built up a lead at the top now but nobody is taking anything for granted.’
  • 71) ‘You could imagine her doing almost anything, whether or not it was likely to get a laugh.’
  • 72) ‘Dad is a DIY expert and he fixes anything that needs repairing in a matter of seconds.’
  • 73) ‘At one stage I asked Eddy whether we should refuse to have anything to do with it.’
  • 74) ‘The scale of this crisis is bigger than anything we, as an organisation, have ever seen.’
  • 75) ‘I missed out on an opportunity three years ago and this time I would have paid anything.’
  • 76) ‘If so, shareholders will be entitled to wonder whether there is anything he cannot do.’
  • 77) ‘In general, geeks are very happy to tell you anything, whether you wanted to know it or not.’
  • 78) ‘The question is whether we can say anything sensible about what the error is likely to be.’
  • 79) ‘Currently, there does not appear to be anything close to a meeting of minds in such matters.’
  • 80) ‘The argument now is about how badly we will be affected and whether it is too late to do anything about it.’
  • 81) ‘She really would do anything for anyone and was very well liked by all her friends and colleagues.’
  • 82) ‘Anyone who has had their coat hem nibbled on by a goat down on the farm knows that they will eat almost anything.’
  • 83) ‘When he was a boy, Fernando Redondo was soon taught that he could achieve anything.’
  • 84) ‘I would give anything to be fit enough to do the walk again but, these days, a walk to the shops is my limit.’
  • 85) ‘As a common law offence, the punishment can carry anything up to a life sentence.’
  • 86) ‘Security locks can cost anything from £3 to £80.’
  • 87) ‘The client can decide on the length and duration of the game walk, anything from a strenuous 3- hour hike to a more leisurely 30-minute stroll.’

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