nobody vs no one

nobody no one


  • 1) Someone who is not important or well-known.
  • 2) A person of no importance or influence.
  • 3) No person; no one; not anybody.
  • 4) colloq. A person of no influence or importance; an insignificant or contemptible person.
  • 5) Hence An unimportant or insignificant person; one who is not in fashionable society.
  • 6) No person; no one.
  • 7) Not any person; the logical negation of somebody.
  • 8) No person; not anyone.


  • 1) Not one person, nobody.
  • 2) The logical negation of someone.
  • 3) No person; nobody.


  • 1) The ideal scenario for the referee is that nobody talks about you.
  • 2) For me it is always yellow but nobody sees it like this.
  • 3) He joked in a recent message on social media that nobody could take away what he had.
  • 4) You play two years of qualifiers and nobody knows why.
  • 5) They can remember all this but nobody can remember what was in the package.
  • 6) Is nobody bothered about noise any more?
  • 7) When a team lose their way nobody other than friends and family care whether they are nice guys or not.
  • 8) nobody else wants to do it.
  • 9) They fly around like nobody's business.
  • 10) nobody else is working, why should columnists?
  • 11) The battle still raged around us but nobody cared about that.
  • 12) Giving large sums of money to government is something nobody likes doing.
  • 13) Something nobody can take away from me.
  • 14) We are in our own little bubble and nobody can reach us.
  • 15) nobody can take that away from you.
  • 16) nobody else will fund what they do.
  • 17) nobody knows how bad this could get.
  • 18) There is nobody more important than a manager at a football club.
  • 19) People find it easy to behave badly if nobody knows who they are.
  • 20) That way nobody can tell you what to do.
  • 21) We all found ourselves in a position that nobody should.
  • 22) Whereas we preach the gospel in a way that nobody fears anything.
  • 23) You deserve to be loved by a man who wants nobody else.
  • 24) They will understand you like nobody else.
  • 25) nobody likes having drinks thrown in their face, do they?
  • 26) I could quite happily make a film for very little money that nobody sees at all.
  • 27) ‘We said none of them were going, and none of them left, yet nobody chooses to believe us.’
  • 28) ‘He was pounced upon when I first laid out the pictures, but nobody gives a reason for liking it.’
  • 29) ‘Of course, nobody ever notices this, because such an act is eminently simple for them.’
  • 30) ‘All the other housemates may be scared of you, but I am old and wise, and I am scared of nobody.’
  • 31) ‘I agree that these programs can be good for learning things that nobody else will teach you.’
  • 32) ‘Everyone works flat out when the grapes are being picked and there could be nobody to look after you.’
  • 33) ‘You have to perform for the fans because nobody pays good money to watch you feel sorry for yourself.’
  • 34) ‘We can't just put these children in the middle of a field where nobody else lives.’
  • 35) ‘Police said nobody has been arrested as yet and they are still making enquiries.’
  • 36) ‘They said nobody had been allowed into the house, including the people who lived there.’
  • 37) ‘Being in a room where nobody knows what is going to happen generates an exciting atmosphere.’
  • 38) ‘Although it is present in huge amounts in these plants, nobody knows what caffeine is for.’
  • 39) ‘Some of the people gathered outside are very angry and are shouting at nobody in particular.’
  • 40) ‘They were chucking them all out, as nobody there wants them any more, so I got them cheap.’
  • 41) ‘Little do they know that she goes home to nobody to share dinner or her double bed with.’
  • 42) ‘It may not be pretty, but as long as it is effective, nobody in England will mind.’
  • 43) ‘The eyes say, quite fiercely, that nobody is going to take his achievements from him.’
  • 44) ‘Not many girls, actually nobody, had their hair cut short in those days in that culture.’
  • 45) ‘Of course, the charge of racism is denied on all sides: nobody ever owns up to racism.’
  • 46) ‘The sight of their expectant little faces is making me crumble, and nobody has yet sung a note.’
  • 47) ‘How do so many nobodies become so important to me?’
  • 48) ‘In an industry where hits turn commoners into stars overnight and flops turn stars into nobodies even faster, it was difficult for people to digest how a producer was pumping huge monies into such a project.’
  • 49) ‘And the men who crushed them 5-0 are called nobodies?’
  • 50) ‘Real life is significant in a repressively dull way; just a bunch of nobodies trying to make each other believe the planet actually cares what they're doing.’
  • 51) ‘It was a collection of 2,500 one-off postcard-sized pieces, some by famous artists and some by relative nobodies, each for sale at £35 a piece.’
  • 52) ‘What is a mystery is why half a million people pay big money to watch a collection of nobodies play boring tennis when they could be doing something interesting…’
  • 53) ‘As a pair, they aren't really nobodies anymore.’
  • 54) ‘It's the hero worshipping provided to these complete nobodies that pushes the show from an annoying sing-a-long to a ridiculous cultural event.’
  • 55) ‘Gwen favoured nobodies - among whom she clearly counted herself - because, I think, they came to her anonymous and unmade-up.’
  • 56) ‘The perception in the States is that I'm a typical European heavyweight who's fought only over-the-hill guys, or nobodies.’
  • 57) ‘People who participated in charitable causes, whether celebrities or nobodies, were those possessing sympathy for others.’
  • 58) ‘I staggered to my feet, and making excuses I rushed out the door, feeling very silly, because I was excusing myself to nobodies.’
  • 59) ‘The most recent shows have - to varying degrees - dragged various nobodies kicking and screaming into the limelight for our pleasure.’
  • 60) ‘You can't beat somebody with nobody and the landscape is littered with nobodies who want to be president.’
  • 61) ‘These aren't faceless nobodies with big guns ready to blow everybody up… these are people who want to feed their families.’
  • 62) ‘But this time last year, they were absolute nobodies in the music industry.’
  • 63) ‘They have only lost four games in three years; you don't do that and be nobodies.’
  • 64) ‘The two former nobodies helped turn the fly-on-the-wall reality show into cult viewing.’
  • 65) ‘They have, no doubt, all known one another for years, since they were nobodies.’

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