lasagna vs lasagne

lasagna lasagne


  • 1) Flat sheet of pasta.
  • 2) An Italian baked dish comprising layers of (1) with (usually) bolognese and bechamel sauce.
  • 3) A dish made by baking such pasta with layers of sauce and fillings such as cheese or meat.
  • 4) Pasta in flat, very wide strips.
  • 5) A baked dish of layers of lasagna{2} pasta with sauce and cheese and meat or vegetables; -- a popular dish of Italian cuisine.
  • 6) large flat rectangular strips of pasta.


  • 1) Plural form of lasagna.
  • 2) very wide flat strips of pasta
  • 3) baked dish of layers of lasagna pasta with sauce and cheese and meat or vegetables


  • 1) `Could you please hold him a sec so I can put the lasagna away?
  • 2) Claire made a great play of digging into her food, exclaiming on the wonders of charred lasagna.
  • 3) "He was cranking the handle and turning out broad strings of lasagna.
  • 4) All of us are seated around the steaming turkey and lasagna, all except my mother.
  • 5) Their lasagna is like eating a cloud .... the little museum next to the church has some interesting objects, and the best entertainment of all is a nice long stroll around town. tashby
  • 6) I think it was seven layers of paper thin lasagna noodles.
  • 7) So I bought lasagna from the Italian bakery, and Skip and I made garlic bread, salad and a cake.
  • 8) Preety said ... sorri i posted my comment in lasagna recipe by mistake
  • 9) Im a big fan and after 2pm slices are 1.75 there lasagna is really good too.
  • 10) ‘Not only that, but the light waves are all lined up in the same direction, like strips of lasagna in a pan.’
  • 11) ‘At home, instead of making pasta, I have settled for thick, ripply dried lasagna, which doesn't quite stack up.’
  • 12) ‘Put bowls of cooked pasta (spaghetti, rigatoni, lasagna, rotini, etc.) around the table and use a dark colored tray as your Cloodle pad.’
  • 13) ‘Repeat the layering process; finishing with a layer of lasagna and sauce.’
  • 14) ‘Top with another sheet of lasagna and layer as before, finishing with a layer of lasagna.’
  • 15) ‘Spoon some of the bolognese sauce on the bottom of the dish and layer with a sheet of lasagna.’
  • 16) ‘For pasta, I sampled the lasagna with meat, the vegetable lasagna and the tortellini with rosé sauce.’
  • 17) ‘But they are also healthy - and tasty - boiled and topped with butter and cheese sauce, baked in a vegetarian lasagna or fried with scrambled eggs.’
  • 18) ‘If you're a vegetarian, leave out the meat and make your lasagna with fat-free ricotta cheese, which adds a whopping 40 grams of protein per half-cup.’
  • 19) ‘When you cook make two lasagne or meat loaves instead of one, or make double-or triple-size casseroles.’
  • 20) ‘Somewhat akin to cooking lasagna for an Italian, any lack of knowledge of language or a cultural practice put Taylor at risk of being classified a cultural incompetent if not a traitor.’
  • 21) ‘My mom was making her delicious three cheese and meat lasagna.’
  • 22) ‘Of special note is the vegetarian lasagna with rosée sauce, which oozes a variety of vegetables, including carrots, zucchini, spinach and cauliflower - to name but a few.’
  • 23) ‘We had a fantastic lasagna (cooked by Ben), garlic bread with cheese or without, a Caesar salad, and some wine.’
  • 24) ‘It struck up a fine relationship with Brio's low, lightly constructed lasagna layered with a classic, carrot-dotted meat ragù and a stripe of green-herbed ricotta.’
  • 25) ‘How about corn tortillas layered with spinach and juicy tomatoes, or lasagna studded with colorful veggies?’
  • 26) ‘A lunch menu on a recent Monday consisted of French onion soup, spinach lasagna and Italian sausage, followed by a dinner that included egg drop soup, teriyaki steak, Cajun blackened fish and pork fried rice.’
  • 27) ‘Instead, the words conjure up unpleasant memories of mom's experimental eggplant lasagna and certain rubber-like meat substitutes.’
  • 28) ‘This means my roast vegetable lasagna and minted peas with pancetta will have to wait for next week… that is unless I have a trial run, yum!’
  • 29) ‘‘Yeah, it was,’ he smirked in reply then suggested one of the lasagnas as a dish.’
  • 30) ‘In addition to the meatloaf trick, you can also grate a couple of carrots into spaghetti sauce and lasagna or quick breads and muffins to provide your family with a painless extra serving of vegetables.’
  • 31) ‘The extensive menu offers lunch and dinner portions of Italian favorites such as lasagna, manicotti, ravioli, chicken Parmigiana and stuffed shells.’
  • 32) ‘Try meat prepared in combination with other foods, such as chili, lasagna, spaghetti sauce, casseroles, stews or hearty soups.’
  • 33) ‘The kitchen has tried baking lasagna three different ways.’
  • 34) ‘In doubt, I think the best thing to do for someone who is grieving is to take care of daily life stuff: cook a lasagna for them to reheat for a meal.’
  • 35) ‘Seal the casserole with foil to keep the moisture in as the lasagna is baking, then uncover the container if you want more browning.’
  • 36) they ate lasagna at the Italian restaurant


  • 1) You can make your own lasagne!
  • 2) The only panic was when my lasagne sheets got stuck together.
  • 3) Or use as the meat mixture for lasagne.
  • 4) Wipe a lasagne dish with oil and spread a third of the meat on the bottom.
  • 5) Spread half of the remaining sauce over the lasagne.
  • 6) Place a sheet of lasagne in the dish.
  • 7) Spread a third over the lasagne in the dish.
  • 8) Place the peppers in a bowl with the chicken and red lasagne sauce and stir to coat.
  • 9) Put one sheet of lasagne on top of the mashed butternut squash and cover with about half the cheese sauce.
  • 10) Cover with a sheet of lasagne.
  • 11) Or whether your 100 per cent beef lasagne contains horsemeat?
  • 12) Get either a ceramic or cast-iron ovenproof dish for roasting chicken or baking a lasagne.
  • 13) Add a layer of the lasagne sheets, then spread a thin layer of the white sauce.
  • 14) If you take all these local things and then make a lasagne from them, all you have is a lasagne.
  • 15) MINISTERS were under fire last night after it emerged beef lasagne meals contained up to 99 per cent horse meat.
  • 16) If you can't make lasagne, he feels compelled to tell you how to do it.
  • 17) Then thin lasagne with sauce of tomato and meat, the recipe from the early 19th century.
  • 18) Spoon over a third of the white lasagne sauce, then drizzle with 1 tbsp of the pesto.
  • 19) Pour over about a quarter of white sauce, followed by two more layers of meat sauce, lasagne and white sauce.
  • 20) Use the rest of the butter to grease a large baking dish (the sort of thing you would make lasagne in).
  • 21) Dishes cost just $5 and included garlic shrimp with oysters on pasta, lasagne and crab meat over a side of red beans and dirty rice.
  • 22) ‘Be that as it may, the importance of macaroni was such that for a long time, in both Italian and English, the name could be used as a generic one for pasta (excluding only sheet pasta such as lasagne and filled pasta such as ravioli).’
  • 23) ‘The pastas include lasagne, spaghetti, tagliatelle, macaroni, tortellini and capellini, so you're not going to get much more Italian than that!’
  • 24) ‘All sorts of pasta can be used, from thin sheets of lasagne to stubby penne or rigatoni.’
  • 25) ‘Next is a page with 17 Pasta selections with spaghetti, fettuccine, penne, gnocchi, tortelli, lasagne and tortellini.’
  • 26) ‘Cover this with a final layer of lasagne and then with the béchamel sauce.’
  • 27) ‘As well as the pasta dishes, which included chicken Napolitana (breaded chicken breast with pasta and Napolitana sauce), both meat and vegetarian lasagnes and spaghetti carbonara, there were 39 different pizzas to choose from.’
  • 28) ‘When my dad said that microwaveable lasagnes were all sauce so you couldn't taste the poor meat, his home-cured bacon and eggs suddenly seemed like the forces of conservatism on a plate.’
  • 29) ‘It is a very varied diet too, we eat all sorts - vegetarian spaghetti bolognese, vegetarian curry in Korma sauce, veggie lasagne, veggie pie, veggie pasta bake, etc.’
  • 30) ‘There's plenty of good stodge on the menu, including favourites such as scampi, macaroni cheese, sausages, lasagne, steak and hand-cut chips.’
  • 31) ‘Main courses included roast beef, lamb and pork from the carvery, steak and kidney pie, poached chicken with mushroom and asparagus sauce and vegetable lasagne.’
  • 32) ‘Putting a dish of cooked-chilled vegetable lasagne into the microwave is about as high as many career women climb on today's culinary ladder.’
  • 33) ‘Proper lunch food is also available, including soups, hot savoury tarts, sandwiches, Greek salad and vegetable lasagne.’
  • 34) ‘I had the Jerk Shrimp as appetizer, and followed with the beef lasagne with steamed vegetables as my main dish.’
  • 35) ‘Nuts and nut oil are increasingly being used in cooking and can often be a hidden ingredient in dishes such as lasagne, salads and desserts.’
  • 36) ‘I spotted lasagne, tuna pasta bake, steak and kidney pie, a variety of baked potatoes and then my eyes wandered to the home-cooked apple or toffee cream pies, cakes scones and other confectionery.’
  • 37) ‘He should have started with the basics such as cottage pie, chicken and ham pie, lasagne and ham salad.’
  • 38) ‘These included baked lasagne, chicken curry, chicken goujons, Cajun chicken Caesar salad and fresh fish and chips.’
  • 39) ‘I hated all the food she cooked, vegetarian lasagne, vegetable burgers, fat free super noddles.’
  • 40) ‘There are no printed menus, and a sign outside announces that the place doesn't serve spaghetti bolognese, lasagne or pizza.’
  • 41) ‘But we could have chosen also Thai fish stew, Mexican beef in tortilla wraps, or one of several vegetarian options, including broccoli and Stilton pie or vegetable lasagne.’
  • 42) ‘I'm not complaining when I say that the vegetable lasagne tasted more of cheese than of vegetables and the tomato sauce was enhanced with bits of eggplant, peppers, zucchini and mushroom.’
  • 43) ‘I had a choice of vegetarian lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, or bacon and cabbage and this was only the beginning of menu number one.’
  • 44) ‘Catherine said her vegetable lasagne was ‘very cheesy’ and it contained good-sized chunks of onion, courgette, tomatoes and celery - perhaps that's where mine went.’
  • 45) ‘Another customer ate a dish of lasagne meant to feed eight people, while one waitress said she took a single order for four pork chops, baked potatoes, 12 eggs and garlic bread.’
  • 46) ‘I had a full a la carte menu to choose from, freshly cooked meats, chilled lasagne (a favourite) and cakes of every description.’

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