every day vs everyday

every day everyday


  • 1) rare the ordinary or routine day or occasion
  • 2) The ordinary or routine day or occasion.
  • 3) appropriate for ordinary use, rather than for special occasions
  • 4) commonplace, ordinary
  • 5) Commonplace; ordinary.
  • 6) Appropriate for ordinary days or routine occasions.
  • 7) Used or fit for every day; common; usual.
  • 8) commonplace and ordinary
  • 9) appropriate for ordinary or routine occasions
  • 10) Common misspelling of every day.
  • 11) Pertaining to daily or common life or occasions; used or occurring habitually; suitable for or that may be seen every day; common; usual; as, every-day clothing or employments; an every-day event or scene.


  • 1) Steve Lathan seemed unwilling to wake at all, almost as if he preferred his nightmare to everyday life.
  • 2) A healthy and whole spirit affects everything from a patient's attitude and motivation to his everyday relationships.
  • 3) ‘It helps your eyes blink, pushes you off the chair, allows you to run and do your everyday chores.’
  • 4) ‘She was unable to carry out the simplest everyday chores and had had to abandon her previous job as a food hawker.’
  • 5) ‘How many times does something happen in everyday life that seems like a terrible tragedy?’
  • 6) ‘It also occurs in the everyday and informal discourse through which we construct our daily lives.’
  • 7) ‘Most of the blog posts were about their everyday lives, and what was happening in their school.’
  • 8) ‘They relate to the problems of everyday life, and it would be pointless to quote from them at any great length.’
  • 9) ‘If everyday decent people have to break the law to live normal lives what chance is there for an orderly society?’
  • 10) ‘That's possibly because there were more people in my everyday life back then.’
  • 11) ‘The profundity of the experience demonstrated the transience of everyday knowledge.’
  • 12) ‘For example, display models of everyday things that are scaled up for impact.’
  • 13) ‘What a great synthesis of the banality of everyday life with high tech and high culture.’
  • 14) ‘This incident is unique in the history of the college and does not relate in any way to the everyday life of the college.’
  • 15) ‘Brian's sketches and poems are based on humorous observations of everyday life.’
  • 16) ‘It takes a special kind of person to excel in a job where reminders of human frailty are an everyday occurrence.’
  • 17) ‘She also can only pick things up with her right hand and everyday tasks such as opening a bottle are impossible.’
  • 18) ‘The week has been launched to celebrate the car and the vital contribution it makes to our everyday lives.’
  • 19) ‘Parks should be places of peace and tranquillity where we can get away from the dirt and grime of everyday life.’
  • 20) ‘The part played by traditional spirits in everyday African life has yet to be properly analysed.’
  • 21) ‘A second North African has no arms and has to be helped by fellow prisoners to carry out everyday tasks.’
  • 22) ‘But it was not always so, and relics of this past can be found in everyday speech and customs.’
  • 23) ‘The everyday familiarity of chicken makes the threat seem all the more plausible.’
  • 24) ‘Now most of the guys he fought were just plain, everyday working men, mind you.’
  • 25) ‘Nickel and iron are important elements used in a variety of everyday materials.’
  • 26) ‘About a third of it will go on holidays with the rest going on everyday household goods.’
  • 27) ‘It may be an everyday miracle but that doesn't decrease the wonder of it, not for me.’
  • 28) ‘It seems to happen to me more than it does to anyone else, though it's not an everyday thing.’
  • 29) ‘You can provoke consideration of the grandest themes by telling a simple, everyday story.’
  • 30) ‘Their competing views about society dominated the conduct of everyday politics.’
  • 31) ‘This is a modern day play dealing with everyday issues and it is a classic Irish comedy.’
  • 32) ‘Once upon a time, all these pots would be an everyday sight in most kitchens.’
  • 33) ‘This is everyday basic care that should be applied to patients at all times.’
  • 34) ‘Cheese is used mostly as a sandwich filling, in day to day cooking and as an everyday snack with biscuits.’
  • 35) ‘I like the round up show they do every day.’
  • 36) ‘The girls had to wear the same dress every day.’
  • 37) ‘I read the phrase in the newspaper nearly every day.’
  • 38) ‘The website pays the stations to air commercials on the website every day.’
  • 39) ‘There are more than 8000 stations on Indian Railways which are used by millions of passengers every day.’
  • 40) ‘Make sure there are four spoons on your dinner plate every day.’
  • 41) ‘Visitors can walk into the expo venue from 10.30 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.’
  • 42) ‘In fact, I had a note exchange with someone who parked their bike near mine every day.’
  • 43) ‘I work out two times a day, every day.’
  • 44) ‘Getting into the habit of drinking water, lots of water, every day is important.’
  • 45) ‘The uncle's wife is moved into the town house where she smokes opium on her bed every day.’
  • 46) ‘Pluck has taken pleasure in interacting with his Filipino co-workers, citing that he looks forward to eating lunch with his new friends every day.’
  • 47) ‘I came to visit him every day, with food.’
  • 48) ‘Dinners appeared miraculously on our doorstep every day, in a cooler, with instructions for reheating.’
  • 49) ‘Karen risked her life every day, nothing made her feel vulnerable, only her mother's sad voice.’
  • 50) ‘Every day, there are new front page stories about the impact blogging is having on business.’
  • 51) ‘Every day she asks me to buy her a pony.’
  • 52) ‘You may find it almost impossible to get enough protein every day.’
  • 53) ‘It was quite an experience meeting the teams partly responsible for the enjoyment we get out of using our PCs every day.’
  • 54) ‘Unlike other tactical shooters, we work every day with the actual military.’
  • 55) a placid everyday scene

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