dispel vs expel

dispel expel


  • 1) To drive away by scattering, or to cause to vanish; to clear away; to banish; to dissipate.
  • 2) Synonyms Disperse, Scatter, etc. (see dissipate), banish, remove.
  • 3) To drive off or away; scatter or disperse effectually; dissipate: as, to dispel vapors, darkness, or gloom; to dispel fears, cares, sorrows, doubts, etc.; to dispel a tumor, or humors.
  • 4) To break up, drive away, or cause to disappear: synonym: scatter.
  • 5) To drive away by scattering, or so to cause to vanish; to clear away; to banish; to dissipate.


  • 1) To deport
  • 2) obsolete To fire (a bullet, arrow etc.).
  • 3) To remove from membership
  • 4) To eject or erupt
  • 5) eliminate (a substance)
  • 6) Toreject;refuse.
  • 7) To exclude; keep out or off.
  • 8) To reject; refuse.
  • 9) To drive or force out or away; send off or away by force or constraint; compel to leave; dismiss forcibly or compulsorily: as, to expel air from a bellows or from the lungs; to expel an invader or a traitor from a country; to expel a student from a college, or a member from a club.
  • 10) Synonyms Exile, Exclude, etc. (see banish), expatriate, ostracize; eject, dislodge.
  • 11) To deprive of membership or rights in an organization; force to leave.
  • 12) To discharge from or as if from a receptacle.
  • 13) To force or drive out.
  • 14) To keep out, off, or away; to exclude.
  • 15) To drive or force out from that within which anything is contained, inclosed, or situated; to eject.
  • 16) obsolete To discharge; to shoot.
  • 17) To drive away from one's country; to banish.
  • 18) To cut off from further connection with an institution of learning, a society, and the like.


  • 1) It is also important to dispel the myths about what working in a particular industry or for a less well known employer might entail, he adds.
  • 2) What does a parent do to dispel her fears?
  • 3) But a quick look around him would have soon dispelled such notions.
  • 4) Thirteen myths are dispelled in the book.
  • 5) But he is also quick to dispel any idea that it is a holiday job.
  • 6) Reports like this one do not help to dispel that myth.
  • 7) And he did not dispel that idea with his impressive battling.
  • 8) At some point in the next few months he will get the opportunity to dispel the myth.
  • 9) And there was little to dispel that notion last night as passes went astray with barely an apology.
  • 10) The lobby group said the finding dispelled the myth that builders are hanging on to land purely to benefit from rising prices.
  • 11) When people in their social circles are positive and supportive, fear is dispelled and courage renewed.
  • 12) This week's figures should dispel fears of flagging margins.
  • 13) The move will dispel fears of a meltdown at Liverpool.
  • 14) After he spent a happy weekend leaping out upon a teddy bear and blowing its ears to kingdom come, all fear was dispelled.
  • 15) I imagined that he would need more time, but he dispelled that notion yesterday.
  • 16) A specialist in disability consulting, she says consultants can help dispel fears about minority groups.
  • 17) This will also dispel fears about other diseases such as cancer or heart disease or leukaemia, which may be preying on a young mind.
  • 18) The Justice Secretary was criticised for failing to dispel fears over the uncertainties of leaving.
  • 19) So far there has been little evidence to dispel the feeling that they would be England's strongest partnership in that position.
  • 20) That the stadium was one-third full does little to dispel the notion that it was a cup tie too far for the people of Sunderland.
  • 21) "There is this notion, one which I try to dispel, which is that people who hold strong antigay positions are always secretly gay."
  • 22) Nor clearest noon tide can that horrid pain dispel.
  • 23) It is astonishing how our prejudices change from youth to middle age, even without any remarkable interposition of fortune; I do not say dissipate, or even dispel, which is much more doubtful -- but they change.
  • 24) PETER GELB, GENERAL MANAGER, METROPOLITAN OPERA: In an effort to kind of dispel or break down this image that the Met is some sort of an elitist organization, we have launched a whole bunch of initiatives to connect the Met to a broader public.
  • 25) Obviously now the White House anxious to kind of dispel the notion of any tensions.
  • 26) But I think this goes just a long way to kind of dispel a lot of the accusations at Al Jazeera, that we're a tool of the Iraqi regime.
  • 27) Was he trying to kind of dispel the theory that maybe this was an act of defense on the behalf of Nathaniel Brazill?
  • 28) Abdallah, one of the holiest of men, whom God hath blessed with supernatural powers, such as dispel doubts and obscurity.
  • 29) Rufus: And it's also I think, it's important to kind of dispel the myth that that's where you know being gay is
  • 30) I always took it to be a way to kind of dispel the magic that fun can produce, rewrite the narrative to a simple one where they were in charge.
  • 31) ‘Actually listening to the record does little to dispel these feelings of disappointment.’
  • 32) ‘Such words dispelled any doubts, despair or lingering suspicions.’
  • 33) ‘Perhaps it is actually a canny psychological technique for dispelling any last minute doubts.’
  • 34) ‘Many analysts thought Standard was paying too high a premium for control of the bank in January, but these doubts could be dispelled by a positive update on its integration.’
  • 35) ‘Such doubts should be dispelled as soon as possible.’
  • 36) ‘If anyone was ever in doubt that Conway's was not a sports bar, the doubt would quickly be dispelled by a visit on match-day.’
  • 37) ‘These dispelled any doubts I may still have had about my whereabouts.’
  • 38) ‘Therefore, the public expected Ho to give the facts of the affair to dispel doubts after his release.’
  • 39) ‘This win dispels any doubts that Boroughmuir, who stormed Division Two to regain their place in the top flight, will be able to survive in the Premiership next season.’
  • 40) ‘If the heat pierces those thought bubbles first, then the grunting conveyor belt dispels the last doubts about what soil you stand on.’
  • 41) ‘A triumphant and energetic return to work in the office dispels doubts about his masculinity.’
  • 42) ‘The debutants dispelled any doubts about their right to start for Scotland and several older heads who have opted out of touring this summer might live to regret that decision.’
  • 43) ‘Hendry's Brighton triumph dispelled any lingering doubts that he could perform without the piece of wood with which he won seven world titles.’
  • 44) ‘But his doubts were dispelled by a blunt briefing from Australia's intelligence chiefs.’
  • 45) ‘Much doubt could be dispelled by providing the test rig documentation.’
  • 46) ‘But then you press play on the first disc, those opening chords crash in and all doubts are instantly dispelled.’
  • 47) ‘Any doubts were soon dispelled almost as soon as the appeal began.’
  • 48) ‘Barry Brennan made a welcome return and dispelled any doubts as to his ability to perform on the big stage.’
  • 49) ‘Any lingering doubts were dispelled by their stunning live shows this year.’


  • 1) His traumatised son was expelled from two schools.
  • 2) He had been expelled from school in Plymouth when his attendance dipped to 20 per cent.
  • 3) They must show strength to expel big clubs.
  • 4) The club were expelled earlier this month for financial irregularities.
  • 5) Her body is expelling all the rubbish.
  • 6) Most world leaders might be embarrassed to have a spy ring exposed and expelled from another country.
  • 7) It said that the youth team had been withdrawn from the league and the suspects expelled from the club.
  • 8) She explains that the reason her book club is looking for reinforcements is because it was forced to expel one of its founding members.
  • 9) I was expelled from school at 15 for being a wild one!
  • 10) A good number are expelled from school, as he was.
  • 11) I was expelled from school at 16 and my brother got asked to leave at the same age.
  • 12) The former teacher was not charged with any crime in Thailand and was expelled from the country because he was regarded as an undesirable person.
  • 13) This could result in the club being expelled from the Heineken Cup.
  • 14) It led to the club being expelled from the Twenty20 Cup.
  • 15) Meanwhile, another couple are looking after a demanding 14-year-old who has been expelled from school.
  • 16) They have the right to the guarantees of Chapter I of the first title of this Constitution, but the Executive of the Union has the exclusive right to expel from the national territory, immediately and without necessity of judicial proceedings, all foreigners whose stay it judges inconvenient.
  • 17) ‘The allegations resulting in the perjury trial forced him to quit the candidacy, and he was subsequently expelled from the party for five years.’
  • 18) ‘He was expelled from the Conservative Party yesterday morning.’
  • 19) ‘On a unanimous vote on all of these charges, he was expelled from the party.’
  • 20) ‘She was expelled from the party for opposing neo-liberalism and is one of the founders of a new socialist party in her country.’
  • 21) ‘He became involved in the underground Croatian nationalist movement, for which he was expelled from party and office in 1967.’
  • 22) ‘When he was finally expelled from office, the people were so outraged by his excess that he and his wife were literally stoned to death.’
  • 23) ‘He was expelled from school for punching a teacher.’
  • 24) ‘When the Nazis occupied his country, he was expelled from school and put to work as a construction labourer.’
  • 25) ‘Persons are not expelled from universities for attending non-violent demonstrations.’
  • 26) ‘Fourteen candidates were expelled from the examination venue on the charge of indulging in malpractices.’
  • 27) ‘After being convicted by the jury she was put on a residential drug treatment and testing order but that failed when she was expelled from the hostel.’
  • 28) ‘She was also expelled from school, after teachers said she would be a ‘bad influence’ on the other girls.’
  • 29) ‘It is a thread of troublemaking that has followed him ever since he was expelled from school in California for lighting a firework in class.’
  • 30) ‘There were even reports of college students being expelled from school for addiction to computer games.’
  • 31) ‘At 15, he was expelled from school after being accused of selling cannabis - a claim he denies.’
  • 32) ‘She had been officially expelled from the clan, and her clan markings scoured clean with caustic substances.’
  • 33) ‘No one is opposed to such politicians being expelled from the political scene.’
  • 34) ‘He found a job doing data entry, but was fired when his boss found out he was expelled from university.’
  • 35) ‘At one point I was nearly expelled from school for having a bad influence.’
  • 36) ‘He was expelled from a city school in second year and was heading straight for jail.’
  • 37) ‘You are incredibly lucky that the headmaster hasn't expelled you, and brought criminal charges against you.’
  • 38) ‘The party itself was forced to expel three members and sanction one other.’
  • 39) ‘Most non-government schools have much wider powers to select or expel students, and select and dismiss teachers and other staff, than government schools.’
  • 40) ‘UEFA's disciplinary body could have expelled the Italian club from European competition next season.’
  • 41) ‘Eventually the king was forced to expel her from the country.’
  • 42) ‘He would like to deport and expel people who are French, people who would otherwise vote in elections.’
  • 43) ‘This champion of samurai who would overthrow the Shogunate and expel the barbarians became the devoted follower of the elite shogunal official.’
  • 44) ‘After he won the presidency in 1990, the opposition joined with the Army to overthrow him and expel him from the country.’
  • 45) ‘Some 800,000 people were expelled and several hundreds of thousands internally displaced.’
  • 46) ‘The organisation has expelled three members following an internal investigation over their role in the killing and cover-up.’
  • 47) ‘Security forces had allied with extreme loyalists to expel families from their homes.’
  • 48) ‘When one family member is expelled, the entire family goes into exile.’
  • 49) ‘Only last month the south Asian neighbours expelled each other's diplomats over accusations of spying.’
  • 50) ‘If there is one thing we could do to give this, and other cities, a sensible future, it would be to banish, expel, deport, and forever exile this noxious device and all its associated poisons.’
  • 51) ‘A Mexican force soon expelled him, and his rangers burned the town of as they left.’
  • 52) ‘Russian forces expelled the older scientists and held the younger ones as prisoners of war.’
  • 53) ‘That means the possibility of using the threat of force to force them to give up their weapons and expel the radical organization.’
  • 54) ‘The country has expelled five diplomats following scrutiny of their activities.’
  • 55) ‘He and three other newspeople were expelled from Baghdad last week.’
  • 56) ‘The one-time Libyan envoy to London, he was expelled from Britain in 1980 for publicly threatening to murder dissidents.’
  • 57) ‘I haven't had any news of her since I was expelled from Australia.’
  • 58) ‘He has been based here since he was expelled from Sudan, and forbidden entry to his homeland of Saudi Arabia.’
  • 59) ‘But he was then expelled from the country instead of being taken to a Portuguese prison to begin his sentence.’
  • 60) ‘Long a supporter of the Sudeten Germans, his wife's own family was expelled from Czechoslovakia in 1945.’
  • 61) ‘As with a foreign object, sometimes the body rejects a body piercing and expels it or causes it to migrate.’
  • 62) ‘After birth, the body expels the fluid and salt, and their blood pressure drops.’
  • 63) ‘You know how wretched it is to eat something you shouldn't have and spend the next day and a half miserably expelling it from your body.’
  • 64) ‘The chair's legs squeaked against the floor as she pushed it away and coughed, her body expelling the pill across to the far side of the table.’
  • 65) ‘The immune system does this work, targeting and breaking down outworn or foreign materials and expelling them from the body.’
  • 66) ‘A sponge filters out microscopic food by drawing water through tiny spores in its body wall and then expelling it through its top opening.’
  • 67) ‘We could not breathe, either, for our lungs were much too busy expelling laughter from our bodies.’
  • 68) ‘Viruses in your throat or chest also stimulate your cough reflex, which helps your body expel the mucus and the virus, he says.’
  • 69) ‘Acute diarrhea is an important defense mechanism that enables your body to expel foreign bacteria and parasites quickly.’
  • 70) ‘Like peppermint, it helps your body expel gas, but it also stimulates your digestive juices.’
  • 71) ‘That my body wants to expel the dust of the past as quickly as it inhales it seems to me an entirely healthy mechanism.’
  • 72) ‘When you take in those extra salts, your body will need to expel them as quickly as possible.’
  • 73) ‘So, once his races are over, his main priority will be to expel them from his body as fast and efficiently as possible.’
  • 74) ‘Yoga helps your body reabsorb and expel gas by stimulating peristalsis, the muscle contractions that eliminate waste.’
  • 75) ‘A thrust compressing the abdomen just below the diaphragm forces air up from the lungs through the throat - expelling a foreign body from the choking victim.’
  • 76) ‘Straightening, she took a deep breath before expelling it sharply.’
  • 77) ‘Pamela took a deep breath, expelled it slowly, puffing her cheeks out.’
  • 78) ‘Unless they are expelled from your body, they add to your weight.’
  • 79) ‘It turns out that some species of penguin can expel their feces with such force that it can fly 40 cm.’
  • 80) ‘Small but prolonged rises in sea temperature force coral colonies to expel their symbiotic, food-producing algae, a process known as bleaching.’

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