adapter vs adaptor

adapter adaptor


  • 1) A device or application used to achieve operative compatibility between devices that otherwise are incompatible.
  • 2) One who is capable of adapting well to differing situations.
  • 3) One who adapts a thing, e.g. a play.
  • 4) Specifically, a device that permits two, three, or more plugs to be used at a single electrical power point.
  • 5) Specifically, a device that allows one format of plug to be used with a different format of socket.
  • 6) One that adapts, such as a device used to effect operative compatibility between different parts of one or more pieces of apparatus.
  • 7) One who adapts.
  • 8) (Chem.) A connecting tube; an adopter.
  • 9) A glass or rubber tube, with ends differing in size, used to connect two other tubes or two pieces of apparatus.
  • 10) A means for enabling object-glasses made by different makers, and having different screws, to be fitted to a body not specially adapted to receive them.
  • 11) That which adapts; anything that serves the purpose of adapting or adjusting one thing to another. Specifically
  • 12) In chem., a receiver with two necks diametrically opposite, one of which admits the neck of a retort, while the other is joined to a second receiver.
  • 13) One who adapts, or makes an adaptation; specifically, one who translates, remodels, or rearranges a composition or work, rendering it fit to be represented on the stage, as a play from a foreign tongue or from a novel.
  • 14) An attachment to a microscope for centering the illuminating apparatus or throwing it out of center. E. H. Knight.
  • 15) In optics: A metal ring uniting two lengths of a telescope.
  • 16) In photography, an attachment to a camera by means of which plates of sizes other than those for which the camera is designed may be used.


  • 1) Alternative spelling of adapter.
  • 2) device that enables something to be used in a way different from that for which it was intended or makes different pieces of apparatus compatible


  • 1) This is especially true if the user does not have an available charging adapter.
  • 2) But with indiscriminate use, the adapter can spread periodontal disease to uninfected teeth.
  • 3) Björk has always been an early adopter, and inspired adapter, of new musical technology.
  • 4) A lower-tech solution is an old-fashioned cassette recorder and a telephone-to-recorder adapter.
  • 5) Well, at least the adapter doesn't need the cash.
  • 6) A wireless internet adapter is available for an additional 55.
  • 7) Wi-fi connectivity is now built-in, where a pricey adapter was once required.
  • 8) You can use either earphones or a cassette adapter to listen to the downloads on your car's stereo system.
  • 9) The adapter converts mobile data signal into a form that allows it to run along fibre-optic cables.
  • 10) ‘It is an adaptor that converts the analog signal that is generated by your standard phone into a digital signal.’
  • 11) ‘There's also a connector (and an adapter if you need it) for handling different types of monitors.’
  • 12) ‘As mentioned earlier, there are two adapters to convert the DVI connections for standard VGA use.’
  • 13) ‘You can buy an inexpensive adaptor for your equipment when you arrive in Hong Kong.’
  • 14) ‘The adapter transfers that piece of data between the two programs, making sure it ends up in the right place.’
  • 15) ‘But Middleton points out that most computers are now shipped with pre-installed Ethernet cards, and many can be connected with a plug-in adapter.’
  • 16) ‘Unpacking the box you find a plethora of connectors and adapters for what ever might float your boat.’
  • 17) ‘Many service providers will provide you with the equipment that you need such as phone adapters and software.’
  • 18) ‘The mobile radio telephone system includes a hand held unit, a cassette adapter, and a coupling unit.’
  • 19) ‘This process uses slide-in connectors to offer the compatibility for the different connections without using adapters, which often take up un-needed room in your case.’
  • 20) ‘You'll need a plastic PVC cap for one end of the pipe, and on the other end you'll need an adapter to convert the PVC pipe to a standard pipe thread.’
  • 21) ‘The power adapter connector is placed rather unusually, along the center of the case, right above the base.’
  • 22) ‘Gamers in North America can now battle each other online with the release of adapters to connect the Playstation2 to the internet…’
  • 23) ‘Limitations at the moment include it not supporting PC Card network adapters or USB broadband connections.’
  • 24) ‘With a boat, however, electricity is routed through a gauntlet of adapters and shore power connections that depend on friction to maintain contact.’
  • 25) ‘If you're traveling abroad, make sure you take the correct electrical conversion adapters for your equipment.’
  • 26) ‘In the latter case, there's also an option to run an audio input directly to your intercom, rather than using the adapter for your headset.’
  • 27) ‘You need to connect a bluetooth adaptor to your phoneline, however.’
  • 28) ‘Anything electrical will require an adaptor plug for use overseas.’
  • 29) ‘I'd forgotten the plug adaptor for my laptop: a new one arrived at the door within 90 seconds.’
  • 30) ‘A North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue spokesman said the cause of the blaze was an overloaded electrical socket adapter.’
  • 31) ‘So picture me, kneeling on my bed, trying to jiggle loose this plug, which is plugged into a six-plug adapter.’
  • 32) ‘The overloaded adaptor was removed and John was asked to plug the toaster in safely.’
  • 33) ‘If you use an adaptor ensure that you don’t overload the circuit by using heavy usage appliances together as you risk causing a fire.’
  • 34) ‘One of the most common sights in some student accommodation is the use of a Multi-plug adaptor, which supplies electricity to several appliances’
  • 35) ‘There are many traps that Shakespeare film adaptors can fall into - too noisy, too simplified, too much emoting, acting that fails to convey the words with meaning.’
  • 36) ‘Nor does it demonstrate that only writers can escape the label of adapter, since there are several noted film adapters sanctified by the name of auteur.’
  • 37) ‘BBC Four presents a season of work this Christmas by the prolific BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning writer and adapter Andrew Davies.’
  • 38) ‘It did matter to the film adapters of his work; they often invented other murderers, different motivations.’
  • 39) ‘As with most programs adapted from true events, the adaptors took some dramatic license.’
  • 40) ‘The adapter / writer on this occasion was Giles Cooper, with Robert Banks Stewart producing.’
  • 41) ‘In an effort to make a film more accessible to your average cinemagoer, adaptors make the mistake of changing the story too much and losing the point.’
  • 42) ‘The plays are excellently staged by the adaptor and designed with frugal artistry, making an altogether satisfactory evening.’
  • 43) ‘When adapters approach source texts, he seems to suggest, they should assume that whatever is, is right.’
  • 44) ‘His present-day position of film adapter of Italian films into English stems from this early period.’
  • 45) ‘As an adaptor, I was constantly thinking about this problem.’
  • 46) ‘He does what Graham Greene adapters rarely do… he captures Greene's sense of fate and coincidence.’
  • 47) ‘While the latter presented the plays with minimal trimming, An Age of Kings' adapter Eric Crozier cut the text into schedule-friendly 60 and 75 minute episodes.’
  • 48) ‘The book's adaptors were Spanish playwright Pablo Ley and English dramatist Allan Baker and the director was Josep Galindo of Spain.’
  • 49) ‘Homer haunts the imaginations of countless poets, translators and adapters in English.’
  • 50) ‘Actor and dramatic writer and adaptor Rodney Ackland, is responsible for at least 30 plays and adaptations.’
  • 51) ‘Their relationship is perfectly told and both actors rise to the occasion served up to them by the original author and the adaptor.’
  • 52) ‘Of course, the actor / adapters were working from a trio of somebody else's novels, rather than directly from their own imagination.’
  • 53) ‘Clearly, credit is also due to Michael Fry, the adaptor and director, whose stagecraft and expertise in filling the stage with imaginary crowds and processions is almost beyond praise.’


  • 1) You should definitely consider getting a second adaptor...' he straightened up again, `... but we're working through it.
  • 2) The adaptor is cheap and gives you a super retro-macro lens.
  • 3) In order to incorporate the four typical settings used around the world — US/Asia, European, UK and Australia — the typical adaptor is much bigger than a single-country adaptor.
  • 4) Well, just make an adaptor from the “universal charger” to iPhone.
  • 5) A related annoyance comes in the US, where the relatively small size of power outlets means that what looks like a double outlet on the wall often works out to be a single in practice once the adaptor is in place.
  • 6) The optional AC adaptor, which is convenient for indoor shooting, can also be used as a third power source.
  • 7) Likewise, a Handycam camcorder user can transfer approximately 175 minutes of HD video or a 30GB file (taken in 1920x1080 on HDRCX110) in 17 minutes, via the compatible high-speed adaptor, which is one-quarter of the time it takes to download from a
  • 8) The only aspect of the Dell Latitude E4300 that's weak is its integrated Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics adaptor, which is slow and takes up some system RAM.
  • 9) The charger itself uses an AC adaptor, that is included.
  • 10) Alternative splicing and potentially other editing mechanisms generate ASC isoforms with distinct abilities to function as inflammasome adaptor, which is potentially utilized to regulate inflammasomes during the inflammatory host response.
  • 11) First you have to buy the DSvision adaptor, which is a regular DS cartridge with a mini-SD slot.

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