pendent vs pendant

pendent pendant


  • 1) Alternative spelling of pendant.
  • 2) branched lighting fixture; often ornate; hangs from the ceiling
  • 3) an adornment that hangs from a piece of jewelry (necklace or earring)
  • 4) See pendant.
  • 5) Dangling, drooping or suspended.
  • 6) grammar, of a sentence incomplete in some sense, such as lacking a finite verb.
  • 7) obsolete Projecting over something; overhanging.
  • 8) pending in various senses.
  • 9) Supported from above; suspended; depending; pendulous; hanging.
  • 10) Jutting over; projecting; overhanging.
  • 11) held from above
  • 12) Apendentive.


  • 1) (Arch.) A hanging ornament on roofs, ceilings, etc., much used in the later styles of Gothic architecture, where it is of stone, and an important part of the construction. There are imitations in plaster and wood, which are mere decorative features.
  • 2) Something which hangs or depends; something suspended; a hanging appendage, especially one of an ornamental character, as to a chandelier or an eardrop; also, an appendix or addition, as to a book.
  • 3) (Arch.) a part of the framing of an open timber roof; a post set close against the wall, and resting upon a corbel or other solid support, and supporting the ends of a collar beam or any part of the roof.
  • 4) U.S. The stem and ring of a watch, by which it is suspended.
  • 5) (Fine Arts) One of a pair; a counterpart.
  • 6) An ornamental object or piece of jewelry with a hook so that it can be hung from a chain around the neck.
  • 7) Something of the same kind, as a companion picture, statue, group of statuary, poem, anecdote, etc.; a parallel.
  • 8) A loose hanging part; something attached to and hanging loosely from an object of which it is an ornamental or useful part, as a bead, ball, knob, or ring of any material, hanging from a necklace, ear-ring, lamp, the edge of a garment, or a locket hanging from a brooch, or the like. See cut under badge.
  • 9) An apparatus hanging from a roof or ceiling for giving light, generally branched and ornamented; a chandelier or gaselier.
  • 10) Specifically— An ear-ring.
  • 11) The part of a watch by which It is suspended, consisting generally of a guard-ring and a pusher-pin.
  • 12) In architecture, a hanging ornament used in the vaults and in timber roofs of late and debased medieval architecture, and also in some Oriental architecture.
  • 13) Nautical: A Short Seine piece of rope with a thimble or block at one end.
  • 14) A name given to that part of the knightly belt of the fourteenth century which was allowed to hang after passing through the buckle and sometimes through an additional loop: it ended with the chape, which acted as a weight to keep it hanging perpendicularly.
  • 15) The cylindrical stem on a watchcase to which the guard-ring is attached.
  • 16) Something attached to or connected with another as an addition; an appendix.


  • 1) This week reaffirms that America's public discourse remains shrouded under a right-wing paradigm, for which many of us remain codependent enablers.
  • 2) But people in codependent relationships can quickly spiral into destructive, dysfunctional patterns of behavior.
  • 3) Hams and bacon hung pendent from the heavy rafters, and a line of dish towels and clean shirts behind the range suggested something of the modern cosy, or uncosy, corner.
  • 4) _Lambrequin_: Originally a kind of pendent scarf or covering attached to
  • 5) From bent wood pendent lights to sculptural steel plant walls, their portfolio is chalk full of inventive and inspiring pieces.
  • 6) The diamond is set in a pendent in which it is encircled by sixteen white diamonds, indeed an excellent engagement ring for your loved one.
  • 7) A similar distinction persists with pendant/pendent.
  • 8) Their lips were less flabby and pendent, and their eye-teeth did not look so much like fangs.
  • 9) The moisture that exhaled with his breath crusted his lips and mustache with pendent ice and formed a miniature glacier on his chin.
  • 10) ‘Community Support for older people under the 2005 scheme - Personal telephone alarm with pendent panic button.’
  • 11) ‘Assistance if now available locally to any group or individual making an application for the pendent alarm.’
  • 12) ‘Personal telephone alarm with pendent panic button applications must be in by May 17th.’
  • 13) ‘The plants creep over the bark substrate and sometimes have elongate irregularly branched pendent branches.’
  • 14) ‘At one minute you are struggling for space, and suddenly you emerge upon a Gothic-looking hall, full of gracefully pendent stalactites.’
  • 15) ‘Additionally, they assert jurisdiction for their common-law tort claims under principles of pendent and ancillary jurisdiction.’


  • 1) She keeps his ashes inside a pendant she wears around her neck.
  • 2) You can also pick up pendants and earrings to match your ring.
  • 3) The ceiling pendant is them moving nearer the table.
  • 4) Crossing the vaulted space is a structural tie beam from which a central pendant light can be hung.
  • 5) The thousands of glass pendants were incandescent with electricity, of all things.
  • 6) Twins = earrings, triplets = earring and pendant set.
  • 7) Other items include bracelets, earrings and pendants.
  • 8) They cost 189 each with a pendant fitting.
  • 9) He fiddles with a flat glass pendant as he discusses his insecurities at Covent Garden.
  • 10) Manufacturing methods were changing, too, so it was possible to stamp out earrings and pendants using far less gold.
  • 11) A matt finish solid silver leaf is fashioned into a beautiful pendant, earrings and also as the silver decoration on a polished wooden bangle.
  • 12) New kid on the block Ben Pollitt is shaking things up with his label pendant by Portland designer Stephanie Stimek hangs from an eighteen inch 14 carat gold chain.
  • 13) Double star long chain pendant 925 silver necklace n125
  • 14) A man and a woman stole a gold chain and a pendant from a display table in a boutique while the proprietor was getting a box for their purchase.
  • 15) That opportunity was always available at ThinkGeek, but the blaster pendant is currently on clearance for $14.99, 70% down from its original price.
  • 16) Simply crafted using bulbs, scrap acrylic, and miscellaneous Ace Hardware bits and bobs, this pendant is functional and economical.
  • 17) The painted diecast aluminium lamps have shades made of opal matt acrylic, and come in pendant, table, and floor versions.
  • 18) Each bridesmaid wore the Dauphin pendant necklace. $190 at Swarovski. com or 800-426-3088
  • 19) ‘Gold and silver jewellery pendants, earrings and bracelets in the shape of hearts, have made their appearance.’
  • 20) ‘Learn to make all types of jewellery - bracelets, pendants, brooches and rings, easily and affordably.’
  • 21) ‘My palm was clammy from holding onto the gold pendant hanging from my neck for so long in the summer temperature.’
  • 22) ‘Around his neck hung a golden pendant on a thin but sturdy chain.’
  • 23) ‘Like a pirate reaching into a treasure chest, he brandishes myriad gold chains, pendants, watches, bracelets and rings.’
  • 24) ‘It was a simple gold chain with a unicorn pendant hanging on the end of it.’
  • 25) ‘Reaching underneath her clothes for the sapphire pendant hanging from the gold chain around her neck, she closed and eyes and kissed it softly as she does every morning.’
  • 26) ‘Around her neck was a silver pendant encasing a smooth piece of amber.’
  • 27) ‘When the pendant hung around my neck, my mother smiled, ‘It looks beautiful on you Isabel.’’
  • 28) ‘A pendant hung on the chain, nestled in between her collarbones.’
  • 29) ‘He tied a ribbon around her neck with a diamond pendant hanging from it.’
  • 30) ‘Around his neck hung a silver pendant wrought elegantly into the shape of a dragon.’
  • 31) ‘After showing him the pendant hanged around my neck, his face showed confusion.’
  • 32) ‘The necklace with a diamond pendant hung from her neck.’
  • 33) ‘The men wore gold chains, pendants, girdles, and finger rings.’
  • 34) ‘There was a pewter pendant with a gold chain sitting on it.’
  • 35) ‘Police said the assailants cornered him in the yard and ripped off two gold chains and a pendant valued $4,000.’
  • 36) ‘They took a disc pendant on a gold chain that the father had given his wife on their wedding day and also his wife's engagement ring.’
  • 37) ‘The emerald pendant was round in shape, with silver and gold twisting over it like roots.’
  • 38) ‘He unwrapped it to reveal a ruby pendant which hung on a gold chain.’
  • 39) ‘The trend has changed so radically that pretty, feminine summer dresses, hot tropical prints and sweet pastels look positively unfinished without necklaces, bangles, pendants and earrings.’
  • 40) ‘Sipping drinks and smoking like chimneys, the crowd flocked the ramp from all side as models presented sequences for earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.’
  • 41) ‘The collection has necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets.’
  • 42) ‘It falls directly over my heart, and this heart is now a fortress of jewels, over a century of the history of the women of my family, their love expressed through their rings and necklaces, pendants and earrings.’
  • 43) ‘The collection has rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces exclusively handcrafted and studded with best quality diamonds for every occasion.’
  • 44) ‘A variety of necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings in the latest models are being put up.’
  • 45) ‘The collection includes necklaces, earrings (chandelier earrings), rings, pendants, pendant sets, brooches, bangles and bracelets.’
  • 46) ‘Other religious types of necklaces are pendants known as amulets, which are figures or symbols of varying shapes and sizes, which are hung on a chain round the neck.’
  • 47) ‘Separate pearl necklaces, pendants, earrings and necklace are available.’
  • 48) ‘The range of display includes necklaces, bangles, pendants, coins, designer jewellery, birthstones and exquisite designer jewellery pieces.’
  • 49) ‘These beads are also strung into pendants, necklaces, bracelets or attached to clothing or furnishings and finger rings.’
  • 50) ‘The women, between 24 and 52 years of age, gave the sketches for pendants, rings, necklaces and bracelets.’
  • 51) ‘Those friendly traditional artisans, who designed all the rings, pendants, necklaces and anklets for the brides-to-be, are still in business all over town.’
  • 52) ‘I have used precious and semi-precious stones in pendants, rings and bracelets.’
  • 53) ‘Then a necklace pendant that she had once had, and then an earring.’
  • 54) ‘Crowns and tiaras adorned the heads of nobility, earrings and nose studs enhanced the natural beauty of the face, necklaces and pendants highlighted a graceful neck, and brooches and fasteners held drapes and garments in place.’
  • 55) ‘Of course warriors had developed their own weapons that could help with their magical weakness, most carrying magic necklaces or pendants that contained some form of magic.’
  • 56) ‘During the Classical Greek period from about 480 to 300 B.C. most necklaces were three dimensional pendants.’
  • 57) ‘The Norfolk finds consisted of three Roman coins, adapted in order that they could be worn as jewellery - probably as pendants hung around the neck.’
  • 58) ‘Around her neck, her pendant hung like a collar.’
  • 59) ‘For the exhibit, she designed a leather pendant light incorporating fibre optics.’
  • 60) ‘At a recent meeting it was agreed to look for a new grant to service the installation of lights, pendants, door locks, window locks and door views.’
  • 61) ‘The group have installed telephones, pendants, sensor lights and provided security locks for a large number of people in the areas.’
  • 62) ‘Avoid pendant light fittings with shades, as this gives the impression of bringing the ceiling down.’
  • 63) ‘Decorative lighting - sconces, pendants, lamps, or chandeliers - also should be selected at this time so the appropriate wiring can be installed.’
  • 64) ‘An electric blue light surrounded the pendant once more.’
  • 65) ‘Loops of wire suspend lidless mason jars, which the owner calls ‘light pendants,’ from the overhead lath.’
  • 66) ‘With a background in jewellery, textiles and fashion, Sharon Marston is wowing the interior design world with her innovative approach to lighting, marking a transition between pendants, chandeliers and fine art.’
  • 67) ‘So Thursday night, 11.30 pm, I'm on the Habitat website, picking out new pendant light fittings.’
  • 68) ‘This would include getting appliances fitted like personal pendants, security and censor lights, window and door locks, door chains and spy holes.’
  • 69) ‘A pair of glass pendants illuminates the snack-bar island without blocking views through the kitchen window - which, along with a skylight, keeps the workspace bright.’
  • 70) ‘Small-scale pendant lights with halogen or quartz lamps are the ideal size for accent lighting.’
  • 71) ‘Neat rows of pendant lamps hang from the ceiling, and the walls are covered in mirrors and blue-and-white tiles.’
  • 72) ‘However, no furniture was in the halls, except three magnificent crystal pendant lamps with 13 layers.’
  • 73) ‘The basement lights are recessed cans on multiple switches and the kitchen lights are a set of three pendant lights on one switch.’
  • 74) ‘At a loss for words, the boy could only stare, gaping at his pendant that now lay suspended in the air before his very eyes.’
  • 75) ‘If someone needs help if she has fallen and can't get up, she can now click on a pendant or wristwatch that taps into a support system.’
  • 76) ‘He closed the pendant and tenderly tucked it into his pocket.’
  • 77) ‘The suspended hulls, which are conceived as a pendant to the vases, seem to confirm the artist's preoccupation with history.’
  • 78) ‘And the detached, studied, as well as learned tone of his work acts as a pendant to his quest for self-knowledge.’
  • 79) ‘His somewhat more compact work, liberally illustrated with colour, was published by the Royal Collection and forms a happy pendant to Russell.’
  • 80) ‘It was, therefore, a pendant to the Lord Chancellor's Residence, in the south-east pavilion.’
  • 81) ‘These two paintings, linked by an overlapping chronology, similar measurements, and compositional analogies, may in fact have been intended as pendants.’
  • 82) ‘It's this tale and the attractive, pendant cream flowers, smattered within by deep pink spots, that wins so many votes.’
  • 83) ‘Rise and fall flexes from pendant lights mean you can pull the light down for atmosphere and push up for more general light.’
  • 84) ‘People over the age of 65 living alone or with another person over the same age are entitled to apply for a safe and secure pendant medical alarm unit.’
  • 85) ‘To light a space this long, you'd usually need at least three pendant fittings, but these will only accentuate the length of the corridor.’
  • 86) ‘I have a bunch of antique pendant watches from my grandmother.’
  • 87) ‘Arbors encourage you to look skyward, better to admire high-flying roses or pendant clusters of grapes.’
  • 88) ‘Italian granite, French pendant lamps and Brazilian mahogany were soon being shipped to the city to realize the luxurious plan.’
  • 89) ‘The front door opens into a wide hall which, like the receptions rooms leading off it, has solid beech flooring, plain coving and pendant lighting.’
  • 90) ‘The hall teams a pale oatmeal carpet with yellow tones above and below the dado, plain coving and stylish pendant lighting.’
  • 91) ‘The first step is to consider a low to moderate level of ambient light, typically provided by recessed or pendant fixtures.’
  • 92) ‘Adam created many variations on the basic design of a central handle flanked by pendant swags and scrolling foliage.’
  • 93) ‘Only male plants produce the silvery pendant catkins this plant is known for, and the variety ‘James Roof’ is king of the swingers.’
  • 94) ‘A desk lamp that can have its light directed to where you need it is essential if you have a central pendant fitting.’
  • 95) ‘The pendant strings, which sometimes have subsidiary strings attached, bear clusters of knots.’
  • 96) ‘Inside, the lobby is festooned with feel-good design clichés, from checkerboard terrazzo to pendant chandeliers.’
  • 97) ‘One stunningly designed pendant lamp had a large square of stained glass on the base, with panels about half a foot high round the sides.’
  • 98) ‘Be aware, however, that when the ceiling is less than 9 feet high, pendant fixtures become a problem because they might hang too low.’
  • 99) ‘When she told me she has a phobia about wearing anything on her wrist, I gave her a pendant watch (which she still does not wear).’
  • 100) ‘A pendant figure, the executioner, kneels to sharpen the blade that will peel the satyr's skin from his body.’
  • 101) ‘The only other things the monk might have were a pendant cross and a pair of shoes or sandals, although some went barefoot as a lifelong penance.’

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