defective vs deficient

defective deficient


  • 1) A person considered to be defective.
  • 2) One who has a physical or mental disability.
  • 3) Anything that is defective or lacking in some respect.
  • 4) (Med.) One who is lacking physically or mentally.
  • 5) A person who is characterized by some special mental, moral, or physical defect; specifically, one who is deficient in one or more of the physical senses or powers.
  • 6) grammar, of a verb lacking some forms; e.g., having only one tense or being usable only in the third person.
  • 7) Having one or more defects.
  • 8) Marked by subnormal structure, function, intelligence, or behavior.
  • 9) Grammar Lacking one or more of the inflected forms normal for a particular category of word, as the verb may in English.
  • 10) Having a defect; faulty.
  • 11) Wanting in something; incomplete; lacking a part; deficient; imperfect; faulty; -- applied either to natural or moral qualities
  • 12) (Gram.) Lacking some of the usual forms of declension or conjugation.
  • 13) not working properly
  • 14) markedly subnormal in structure or function or intelligence or behavior
  • 15) Having defect or flaw of any kind; imperfect; incomplete; lacking; faulty.
  • 16) Specifically In grammar, wanting some of the usual forms of declension or conjugation: as, a defective noun or verb.


  • 1) Lacking something essential; often construed with in.
  • 2) Insufficient or inadequate in amount.
  • 3) Lacking an essential quality or element.
  • 4) Inadequate in amount or degree; insufficient.
  • 5) Wanting, to make up completeness; wanting, as regards a requirement; not sufficient; inadequate; defective; imperfect; incomplete; lacking
  • 6) (Arith.) See under Abundant.
  • 7) Defective; imperfect; inadequate: as, deficient strength.
  • 8) Lacking; wanting; incomplete.
  • 9) Not having a full or adequate supply: as, the country is deficient in the means of carrying on war.


  • 1) They found a way of targeting the defective genes causing the problem in tests on mice.
  • 2) Trading standards officers should inform counterparts in other areas of defective products.
  • 3) Test flights were stopped when a defective valve in the power system was discovered.
  • 4) He was also able to speak to the anaesthetist as he had a defective heart valve replaced.
  • 5) The defective gene has not yet been identified by doctors and has no name.
  • 6) Since then prison officials have admitted that their defective alarm system went off so often that it was routinely ignored.
  • 7) The court in this case addressed the question of how to value the loss to church property caused by a defective product.
  • 8) It is caused by a defective gene that is carried by one in 25 people.
  • 9) Each of us is an individual, each carrying some genes that are defective.
  • 10) By an appalling stroke of misfortune, all three received the defective gene from both parents.
  • 11) The remaining third of cases are linked to lifestyle choices or defective inherited genes, the study concludes.
  • 12) The fertilised embryos are then tested for the defective gene in a lab and those that are not affected are implanted in the womb.
  • 13) The chief executive will have an operation on genetically defective valves, a problem that he has been managing for some time.
  • 14) He insists that he is back to full health after undergoing ten hours of heart surgery in June to replace two genetically defective valves.
  • 15) That makes the cases of defective pedals 'very rare'.
  • 16) To benefit from the technique, families must first know that they have a defective gene, usually discovered through a recurring family history of illness.
  • 17) Under the new system, defective trains would be more easily removed from the line, resulting in less disruption as well as a more frequent service.
  • 18) ‘The legislation, according to its critics, would have provided legal loopholes for those responsible for defective products, faulty construction and even criminal acts.’
  • 19) ‘Some buses examined by inspectors in the last year have been found to have defective steering, faulty brakes or even bald tyres.’
  • 20) ‘The list of faults included defective tyres, faulty brakes and defective steering.’
  • 21) ‘Hundreds of injuries, and some deaths, were linked to such devices as defective heart valves, faulty pacemakers, and substandard intrauterine devices.’
  • 22) ‘Our service and post-sales support is designed to replace faulty or defective products, and to provide training for the proper operation and configuration of network hardware.’
  • 23) ‘Summonses totalling R416000 have been served on drivers whose vehicles were found to have defects which included smooth tyres, defective brakes and faulty lights.’
  • 24) ‘Plato regarded the world of pure mathematical ideas as alone worthy of study; if physical objects did not conform to it, so much the worse for them, because they were defective and imperfect anyway.’
  • 25) ‘Relaxation is one of the treatments for defective vision.’
  • 26) ‘We are talking about corporations which - thanks in part to their own defective strategic vision, in part to circumstances beyond their control - appear to have lost the plot.’
  • 27) ‘I think I spent most of my childhood under the impression that I just wasn't trying hard enough, or that perhaps my vision was somehow defective.’
  • 28) ‘The patient said that as a young man he had used the Bates method for improving defective vision.’
  • 29) ‘Careless driving includes using a mobile phone while driving, driving without care or attention or with broken or defective lights.’
  • 30) ‘My idea was to get a bunch of cheap wallets and fill my bag with junk, like defective cameras and broken portable CD players.’
  • 31) ‘During a three-hour check of 59 Hackney carriages and private hire vehicles they found eight had defective tyres, while one had a faulty exhaust.’
  • 32) ‘These problems are associated with defective binocular vision and a comparable difficulty in locating sounds, due to abnormally-arranged nerve pathways from the eyes and inner ears to the brain.’
  • 33) ‘Apple packing houses currently rely on digital camera imagery to sort apples by surface appearance only, flagging those that are visibly defective or the wrong size or color.’
  • 34) ‘He didn't smoke, and he jogged and worked out and ate right, but he had a defective heart - the wrong number of valves or something.’
  • 35) ‘Weak or defective spaces in the organs or tissues are where a pathological condition is likely to begin.’
  • 36) ‘There is some validity in their argument, because if our understanding is inherently imperfect, regulations are bound to be defective.’
  • 37) ‘The study found 35,000 of the district's 50,000 street lights need to be replaced because they are defective or too old - more than 5,000 of them are over 40 years old.’
  • 38) ‘A genetic selection for mutants that activate this pathway uncovered a class of mutants defective in cell wall integrity.’
  • 39) ‘Mutants that grew on these plates were judged to be defective in glucose metabolism and were not studied further.’
  • 40) ‘A case study of cause-and-effect, it's also a yarn of dangerously defective brotherly love.’
  • 41) ‘Responses to GIP have been shown to be defective in type 2 diabetic patients.’


  • 1) If you crave salt you may be zinc deficient and need the salt to taste your food.
  • 2) Modern processed diets are very deficient in it.
  • 3) But some groups of people may be deficient in nutrients and could benefit.
  • 4) How then could anyone in such circumstances become protein deficient?
  • 5) So if you eat good quality protein and are not vitamin or mineral deficient you can afford to eat less than this.
  • 6) What is the unique place of preaching that means that something is still deficient if the church does not engage in it?
  • 7) They said obese mums are often iron deficient themselves, causing the problem.
  • 8) It's unusual for anyone to be seriously vitamin deficient in this country.
  • 9) He is often found deficient because he's neglected this area.
  • 10) His hair is very dry and fine - could he be vitamin deficient?
  • 11) We need to remember that low-fat diets are deficient in essential fats.
  • 12) Or that he'll become deficient in something.
  • 13) Most of the population in Britain are also fed a magnesium deficient diet.
  • 14) The major muscles of the heart can themselves become deficient in oxygen due to partial blockage of the vessels supplying them with blood.
  • 15) It is certain that once the ovaries have been removed with the uterus, a woman becomes testosterone deficient.
  • 16) Not merely their discipline and leadership but also their training was to be found seriously deficient in the day's fighting.
  • 17) A component of the glucose tolerance factor, and often deficient in chronic illness.
  • 18) And that lack of sunshine can make you vitamin D deficient.
  • 19) Some of his opponents claimed that, as an albino, he was mentally deficient and was unable to think clearly in sunlight.
  • 20) If it doesn't it is possible that vitamin K may be deficient.
  • 21) This is because farmed food was deficient in vitamin D, a vital nutrient.
  • 22) Finally, with only 4-11 foot through lanes the tunnel is capacity deficient from the git-go.
  • 23) Because the thought that smokers are somehow mentally weak and that their lives are deficient is wrong.
  • 24) Unsupervised children wandering around with soulless eyes and vitamin deficient skin.
  • 25) Exactly how much vitamin D children and adults should get, and defining when they are deficient, is under debate.
  • 26) Produced and directed by Hank Bedford, this short followed the extremely energetic (and possibly Ritalin deficient) road warrior gearing up for another summer of peddling educational books.
  • 27) Furthermore, effective demand could not remain deficient for long without the central bank's taking the falling inflation rate as a signal to cut expected short-term real interest rates and thus to move by policy means the economy back toward the natural rate of unemployment.
  • 28) Another area where I think automakers are unnecessarily deficient is A/C power.
  • 29) A lady at Paris, Madame Caumartin, has a copy in which there is not a word deficient; but she obstinately refused to lend it that the others may be made complete.
  • 30) Madame Caumartin, has a copy in which there is not a word deficient; but she obstinately refused to lend it that the others may be made complete.
  • 31) ‘The rapidly growing yearling is further jeopardized when twice daily feedings are already marginal or deficient in protein quality.’
  • 32) ‘The summer growing season of kenaf corresponds with low quality forages deficient in protein in the Southeast.’
  • 33) ‘I told myself that my attitude, knowledge, and skill cost a patient's life and I was deficient in all those qualities that a doctor should have.’
  • 34) ‘A balanced diet ensures that the athlete will take in enough nutrients so that he or she will not be deficient in any of the electrolytes needed to maintain normal muscle function.’
  • 35) ‘Instead, if an adult is deficient in vitamin D and not getting enough calcium, calcium is drawn out from the bones, which causes osteoporosis.’
  • 36) ‘A study of more than 600 elderly women has found that many are deficient in Vitamin D, a substance formed in the skin during exposure to the sun.’
  • 37) ‘The scientists exposed mice deficient in both genes to a second carcinogen, DMN, which is also found in smoke but also in beer, fish meal and some preserved meats.’
  • 38) ‘An attack of inherited angioedema is treated with an injection of the C1 inhibitor, the substance that your body is deficient in.’
  • 39) ‘Phosphorus is the second most likely nutrient to be deficient in the soil for good corn yields.’
  • 40) ‘Anyone with a history of, or predisposition towards, kidney stones should ensure their diet does not become deficient in calcium, as, by binding with oxalates in the gut, this mineral can help prevent stones forming.’
  • 41) ‘Johnstown Castle Research Centre indicated that more than one-third of the tillage land was seriously deficient in the critical trace elements, copper, zinc and manganese.’
  • 42) ‘Farm research continues to revolve around NPK - nitrogen, phosphorous and potash - the three major plant nutrients that the soils are largely deficient in.’
  • 43) ‘Over 2000 cases have been reported, reflecting the sensitivity of that growing gland to radioactive iodine, especially in children already deficient in iodine.’
  • 44) ‘But, as children currently eat 50 per cent less fish than they did during the Second World War, it is thought that most youngsters are deficient in Omega 3.’
  • 45) ‘And doctors also say an enzyme that helps breakdown sugar in the body, which is deficient in many diabetics, may also have an adverse effect on mental ability.’
  • 46) ‘A friend has told me there is some suggestion that children who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may be deficient in iron.’
  • 47) ‘Bitumen - a form of heavy, thick oil laden with sulphur and deficient in hydrogen - can be refined into synthetic crude oil to make everything from gasoline to plastics.’
  • 48) ‘The survey revealed that 30 per cent of the students were deficient in Vitamin A and B, and 17.75 per cent had iron deficiency.’
  • 49) ‘In fact many people in this country are deficient in vitamin D, which is made when sunlight hits the skin; children and old people especially are at risk, as it helps make strong healthy bones and teeth.’
  • 50) ‘The report accuses prosecutors of conducting deficient investigations or presenting inadequate evidence at the trials.’
  • 51) ‘She blames deficient preparation and insufficient commitment on the part of the school, but she also notes impediments in the exams themselves.’
  • 52) ‘Similarly, she has not observed or complained about any deficient workmanship in the insulation and drywall and she believes that none exists with respect to her residence.’
  • 53) ‘Security management at the base was called deficient and lacking cohesion.’
  • 54) ‘The major problems seem to be fragmentation, deficient base in popular constituencies and insufficient links between civic and political efforts.’
  • 55) ‘The range at which identification can be reliably accomplished by these means, relative to weapon range, is marginal in daylight and deficient during periods of limited visibility.’
  • 56) ‘Women use them as a yardstick for measuring their own attractiveness, thus arriving at a warped perception of their own physical attributes as being hopelessly deficient.’
  • 57) ‘Both novels are occasionally limited by deficient character and plot development.’
  • 58) ‘In Being and Time Heidegger says that being along is a deficient or defective mode of being.’
  • 59) ‘The failure of the Board to execute works is attributable to deficient planning with the result physical achievements fell short by 57 per cent.’
  • 60) ‘At that time, a forensic pathologist in New Zealand said that the service was short of staff, the overall funding was deficient, and there was no allocation to train people properly.’
  • 61) ‘In short, his conception of natural justice is deficient both in its theoretical structure and in its practical consequences.’

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