yea vs yeah

yea yeah


  • 1) An affirmative vote, usually but not always spoken
  • 2) One who votes affirmatively.
  • 3) An affirmative statement or vote.
  • 4) An affirmative vote; one who votes in the affirmative.
  • 5) An affirmative vote; hence, one who votes in the affirmative: as, to call the yeas and nays.
  • 6) An affirmation.
  • 7) dated yes
  • 8) Thus, so (now often accompanied by a hand gesture)
  • 9) Yes; aye.
  • 10) Indeed; truly.
  • 11) More than this; not only so, but; -- used to mark the addition of a more specific or more emphatic clause. Cf. Nay, adv., 2.
  • 12) Yes; ay; a word expressing assent, or an affirmative, or an affirmative answer to a question, now superseded by yes. See Yes.
  • 13) Western yeah, right, yes
  • 14) Common misspelling of yeah.


  • 1) not only so, but
  • 2) Expressing joy, celebration, glee, etc.


  • 1) yea, you gain twofold what you lose.
  • 2) yea, his songs will be sung long after this invader leaves our land.
  • 3) Think of me, back in the day, one little reader opining yea or nay.
  • 4) Let your yea be yea, your no, be no.
  • 5) As "yea" is His word, so "Amen" is His oath, which makes our assurance of the fulfilment doubly sure.
  • 6) Walker's Andrew Jackson, after leading the over-eager troupe through an opening number that repeats the words "Populism yea yea," is next seen playing with wooden dolls as a child who loses his parents to either cholera or Indian attacks.
  • 7) February 12th, 2010 at 2: 30 pm muzz (brought to you by Screaming Yellow Zonkers) says: bizarrobrain – yea, and with the blind following of the rightwing goons that the trolls do – they are just going to get stupider and stupider by the day
  • 8) They don't listen, just whine and complain ... yea, that's helping us ... sure it is???
  • 9) Faster come back then we can go and * panggang* again yea?
  • 10) This does not mean that we should always use the word yea, for it might as well have been translated yes.
  • 11) One yea is equal to fifty cents or slightly more than two shillings.
  • 12) ‘From now on, every three months we will have to send their details to immigration again to get them to say yea or nay.’
  • 13) ‘Even my heart was cramping up. I was afraid to say anything beyond yea or nay and even with those single syllables I stuttered.’
  • 14) ‘So yea and verily it came to pass, like a storm force wind from the breath of God, a great wailing and gnashing of teeth arose from the multitude.’
  • 15) ‘It will forever remain a bastion of virtue, faith and, yea, the Truth!’
  • 16) ‘But, even though Waters had no real power to say yea or nay to their ideas, they were eager please the Pope of Trash (as William Burroughs once dubbed him).’
  • 17) ‘But do not forget that at the end of the day it will be a Plans Panel of councillors (not including me) who say either yea or nay, so the more people who write to protest the better.’
  • 18) ‘But in the end, if somebody has to say, yea or nay, I am that person.’
  • 19) ‘I'm unlikely to commit firmly to a date via email - I'd prefer to meet people in person before saying yea or nay - but you can get a head start by introducing yourself to me electronically before the con begins.’
  • 20) ‘The gay marriage thing is not so much about beliefs as about politicians saying yea or nay to this, it's not really about the church.’
  • 21) ‘If we deny ourselves in anything, that our hearts stand strongly for, because it hinders us in holy courses, God will be sure to recompense us in spiritual things abundantly, yea, and in temporal things many times.’
  • 22) ‘And many were the prophets and spiritual guides, yea, countless were they: they sprang from the dust and to dust they returned.’
  • 23) ‘The Turks became such powerful political brokers in late 16th-century Europe that the French humanist Michel de Montaigne concluded that ‘the mightiest, yea the best settled estate that is now in the world is that of the Turkes’.’
  • 24) ‘Once have I spoken; but I will not answer: yea, twice; but I will proceed no further.’
  • 25) ‘Because the nays plus the abstentions were more than the yeas, the proposal failed.’
  • 26) ‘As it turned out, about six of the questions were unanswerable, unless you wanted to boil down your various views to a yea or nay.’
  • 27) ‘What, you must be wondering, is the correct response, yea or nay?’
  • 28) ‘So I have untill wed next week to give the final yea or nay.’
  • 29) ‘Feedback on the yea or nay would be extremely appreciated.’
  • 30) ‘Come up with details to support your yea or nay verdict.’
  • 31) ‘Regional managers make the yea or nay decision afterward.’
  • 32) ‘As I say, regardless of what was contained in the Revised Criminal Code, as usual, the yeas would easily outnumber the nays at the end of the day.’
  • 33) ‘If there's a problem on the floor, the proper channels, the paperwork, seeing all the different people before you can get a yea or nay - it all takes time.’
  • 34) ‘As this is our first formal review of products of this type, we think it best to postpone giving a formal yea or nay until we've had a chance to try out the competition's offerings.’
  • 35) ‘Letting consumers know that quick response is available for all services makes a big difference between a yea or nay from a customer when it comes to ordering and keeping services.’
  • 36) ‘Boral basically says it's reserved its options, looking at the ACCC reasoning and will get back to us with a final, definitive yea or nay to continue or abort the deal.’
  • 37) ‘Which underscores the risk of such a process in which the Opposition needs only to say yea or nay, with responsibility for delivery on what was agreed reserved to the Government.’
  • 38) ‘As to whether the number of cardinals has increased or not in your yards, the nays slightly outnumbered the yeas and ‘no changes.’’
  • 39) ‘Yes, I - in the sense that this is not a classic sort of debate where you have the yeas and the nays, but, instead, what you have are questions presented to each of the candidates.’
  • 40) ‘Passage of this so-called fast-track or trade-promotion authority would limit Congress' role in shaping future trade agreements to a simple yea or nay.’
  • 41) ‘Rather than a simple yea or nay response, she provides examples of particular situations in which local conditions of pluralism both hinder and facilitate participation and vitality.’
  • 42) ‘Surely, it must be the members to say yea or nay, and I have no problem with the party deciding - that's the point of democracy.’
  • 43) ‘He then announced with solemn formality, ‘On this vote, there are 65 yeas and 32 nays.’’
  • 44) ‘I have weighed the yeas and nays with the kind of practiced, not to say jaundiced, assay that those of us in the opining rackets routinely bring to such emotionally resonant issues as, say, tax policy or the federal highway fund.’
  • 45) ‘In most parts of the country any vote on this - yea or nea - will instantly make you a lot of enemies.’
  • 46) ‘The goal of the TRAC will be to propose a new tax system which will get a quick decision from Congress, yea or nay.’
  • 47) ‘Specter and Landrieu upset a critical Appropriations Committee vote by switching from yea to nay.’
  • 48) ‘A two-month ballot period will follow for a vote of yea or nay, with only editorial comments allowed.’
  • 49) ‘Must President Bush come before Congress, the Senate for example, and ask for a yea or nay vote on war with Iraq?’
  • 50) ‘As you know, he's on the Judiciary Committee, which must vote yea or nay on sending her nomination to the full Senate.’
  • 51) ‘By a roll call vote of 12 yeas to 19 nays, the amendment was defeated.’
  • 52) ‘Can we say, ‘I vote yea on the confirmation of Alberto Gonzalez for Attorney general?’’
  • 53) ‘To end debate in the Senate and force a vote requires a successful motion for ‘cloture,’ which takes 60 yeas to pass.’
  • 54) ‘He has demanded that U.S. Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick apply tighter restrictions to them before Congress votes yea or nay.’
  • 55) ‘Dr. Brzezinski, had you been a member of the Congress and asked to vote on that resolution authorizing the use of force for President Bush if necessary against Iraq, would you have voted yea or nay?’
  • 56) ‘But a moment's thought leads you to the obvious corollary: Republicans control the Senate, which means it was Republicans, not just Democrats, who didn't want to be tied down to a firm yea or nay.’


  • 1) But there could be something coming, yeah.
  • 2) Make sure nobody sees them like this, yeah?
  • 3) Conservatives or something like that, yeah.
  • 4) So yeah it's going well.
  • 5) So yeah, something like that.
  • 6) So yeah, just go out and enjoy it, take it all in.
  • 7) We were like 'Hell yeah!
  • 8) Oh yeah, like that's going to happen.
  • 9) But then the others go,'Oh yeah.
  • 10) I think we said yeah!
  • 11) I say yeah, it cost me an arm and a leg '.
  • 12) I'll go out with the guys from the team, yeah.
  • 13) I'd love to give it a go, yeah!
  • 14) I was writing big messages on my arms and looking at them and thinking: yeah, be strong.
  • 15) ‘So yeah, I don't have a problem with Sean and he has no reason to have a problem with me.’
  • 16) ‘So yeah, it appears I have many a good music tale to tell during my exploits over the years.’
  • 17) ‘I have no clue how our idiotic principal got that idea but yeah, okay, if he says so.’
  • 18) ‘Then they come on and sing and you just think, yeah, nice song, they can sing okay, so what?’
  • 19) ‘Well, yeah, obviously him, but who will he get to do the press conferences in Arabic?’
  • 20) ‘yeah yeah yeah. You're gonna say why didn't I get some food as well while I was at it.’
  • 21) ‘I really had made a concious effort to speak more and stuff, so yeah, I am still a little miffed.’
  • 22) ‘He doesn't apologise, just tacitly admits that yeah, maybe it is all these things.’
  • 23) ‘yeah, yeah, I mean our couple of advisors told us many stories of romance in the department.’
  • 24) ‘Mostly, he kills time with multitudinous yeahs and all right nows, which is merely tedious.’
  • 25) ‘A great shame, because he was very innovative, but yeah, we think he's lost it now.’
  • 26) ‘Oh, Ok, I didn't have a bloody clue where I was, but I found my way home in the end, yeah?’
  • 27) ‘We need to have righteous indignation on our side. We need to fight evil, yeah!’
  • 28) ‘yeah yeah, I know, self promotion and all that, but I still really like this version.’
  • 29) ‘It seemed a bit weird having a festival in the middle of town, but I'm looking forward to this, yeah.’
  • 30) ‘yeah, it's smelly, yeah, it screws up the atmosphere, yeah, people die because of it.’
  • 31) ‘Oh yeah, and Catherine Deneuve, who's wonderful in pretty much everything she does.’
  • 32) ‘So yeah, I think my initial outrage during that monologue was just my inner geek showing through.’
  • 33) ‘Or do we meet it head-on, admit that, yeah, we have a chance and not hide away from it?’
  • 34) ‘So, yeah, what I mean is that I don't care how I perform but I want that medal round my neck.’
  • 35) ‘So, yeah, the Manics gig was cancelled at the last minute because JDB has the flu.’
  • 36) ‘The response was a bunch of yeahs, sures, OKs, and yeses.’
  • 37) yeah, I saw it and I will respond

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