consignee vs consignor

consignee consignor


  • 1) The person to whom a shipment is to be delivered.
  • 2) The one to whom something, such as goods or merchandise, is consigned.
  • 3) The person to whom goods or other things are consigned; a factor; -- correlative to consignor.
  • 4) the person to whom merchandise is delivered over
  • 5) The person to whom goods or other property sent by carrier are consigned or addressed; specifically, one who has the care or disposal of goods received upon consignment; a factor.


  • 1) business The person who sends a consignment to a consignee
  • 2) One who consigns something to another; -- opposed to consignee.
  • 3) the person who delivers over or commits merchandise
  • 4) A person who consigns, or makes a consignment, as of goods; one who sends, delivers, or despatches goods, etc., to another for custody or sale. Also written consigner.


  • 1) Juan Machado had indicated that his 600 keys were destined for a single consignee in New York.
  • 2) Why say that the goods belonged to "subjects of the King of Italy," when the consignee was the real owner?
  • 3) The presumption, in the absence of proof, is, that the consignee is the agent of the shipper.
  • 4) The person to whom the goods are shipped is the "consignee".
  • 5) In order to file a claim with Staples I had to furnish: name, address and daytime phone of consignee, copy of original Staples receipt — including cash register spit-out tape, an independent appraisal of the radio, the original ebay listing showing the final price, the PayPal transaction showing any payments or refunds, etc.,etc.
  • 6) Select the Mexican client, importer, consignee, customs broker or trade show organiser to whom the documentation needs to be sent prior to shipment.
  • 7) Chinese Origin Goods Chinese Origin Goods made in China, such as plastic toys and clothing, may be subject to high anti-dumping quotas which range in 500+%, which may result in abandonment by the consignee due to the high cost of entry.
  • 8) The shipment has my wife's name as the consignee which we were told she can assign to the broker once we have one using a letter.
  • 9) ‘First, the consignee (if in possession of the document) cannot, by purporting to transfer it in this way, impose on the carrier a legal obligation to deliver the goods to another person.’
  • 10) ‘‘I spoke with the deputy controller of customs, the chief veterinarian at the Ministry of Agriculture and the consignees who imported the feathers and they are all on the same page,’ he said.’
  • 11) ‘The consignees can make use of the chance to write their comments about the service and the products and forward them to the consignors immediately through the bond, she adds.’
  • 12) ‘Charges for such services were mutually agreed between the consignee and carter, payment often being by way of barter for household or farm commodities.’
  • 13) ‘We are required to have a police escort for the three mile trip from our terminal to the consignee.’


  • 1) The consignor is a retired stockbroker, with an MBA from the University of Southern California.
  • 2) Although the current consignor is anonymous, this coin was previously in the collections of Dr. Steven Duckor and Jay Brahin.
  • 3) Return of the remaining firearms by the licensee to the consignor is entered in the dealer’s disposition record.
  • 4) The fact that the consignor is a direct descendant of the man who carried the flag into battle – William Douse Whitehead Company D, 2nd Georgia Regiment – only adds to its cache.
  • 5) Several more dealer intermediaries handled the Adams-Carter 1804 silver dollar prior to its acquisition by our present consignor.
  • 6) The consignor is Paris dealer Samuel Roger, whose company Origines -- with a gallery on the rue des Saints-Peres and a showroom in an 18th-century industrial building in Richebourg -- specializes in antique exterior and interior ornamentation.
  • 7) Decades later, the consignor began collecting Jefferson nickels again, and this time succeeded in assembling all of those #1 All-Time finest PCGS Registry sets.
  • 8) ‘‘It must raise serious questions as to whether the ministry, currently at least, can be regarded credibly as a waste consignor,’ they concluded.’
  • 9) ‘Only the consignor and the auction house know the reserve.’
  • 10) ‘We talked to a couple of consignors and, with their approval, we're going to move them into a tent area with temporary stalls for the sale.’
  • 11) ‘The expectations of the consignors have adjusted to the market over the last year, and the buyers have just jumped right in.’
  • 12) ‘This is an extremely positive action on the part of the sales company and our consignors in an effort to accommodate buyers.’

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