misogyny vs misogamy

misogyny misogamy


  • 1) Hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women.
  • 2) Hatred or mistrust of women.
  • 3) Hatred of women. Contrast misandry.
  • 4) hatred of women
  • 5) Hatred of women.


  • 1) Hatred of or opposition to marriage
  • 2) Hatred of marriage.
  • 3) hatred of marriage


  • 1) Just nihilistic violence and a shocking casual misogyny.
  • 2) This in an industry with a deserved reputation for rampant, entrenched misogyny.
  • 3) The violence and casual misogyny are shocking; the swearing is constant.
  • 4) It's not casual misogyny but real hatred.
  • 5) Not so, she hit back, blasting his casual misogyny.
  • 6) There's a satire in here but it's hidden under layers of misogyny and vapid violence.
  • 7) To call it misogyny is to put your lack of thinking and writing skills on display.
  • 8) To say as Howard has that Timbaland and Simmons are part not part of the hip hop culture that traffics in misogyny is like saying that John Gotti was not a part of the mafia culture that trafficked in heroin.
  • 9) I keep seeing people throw around the term misogyny with respect to Hillary, but I've seen no one define how the treatment of Hillary is at all different from the crap EVERY candidate for President has to deal with?
  • 10) Hey, the term misogyny is not gender or sex-specific, and many straight men dislike women.
  • 11) He examines six areas of Shakespeare's works (what he calls misogyny, effemiphobia, machismo, elitism and mobocracy, racialism and intelligent design), proposing that cases from each, "admittedly without conclusive proof ... may be the result of his personal convictions and experiences," as well as (in addition to) the cultural zeitgeist of his time.
  • 12) Interestingly, a counter-taboo has emerged as, for the US liberal, it has become inextricable from the abhorrence through which that conservative misogyny is itself judged as morally obscene.
  • 13) And just so you know, misogyny is greatly disdained here.
  • 14) The catastrophe of misogyny is foremost the loss of our collective sense of humanity - our ability to see ourselves reflected in each other.
  • 15) ‘There is nothing amusing about snobbery, racism, bigotry, misogyny and xenophobia.’
  • 16) ‘The old comics are on their last legs because foreigner-fearing, homophobic bigotry and misogyny are no longer as acceptable as they once were.’
  • 17) ‘People can't choose their skin colour, or their sex or their sexual orientation, which is why racism and misogyny are so repellent.’
  • 18) ‘It is a travesty that there is still misogyny and sexism in the labor movement.’
  • 19) ‘Evidence for this more sober assessment is hate, racism, and misogyny on the Web.’
  • 20) ‘The way she tackled misogyny, sexism, homophobia, grief, and God in her work is really inspiring.’
  • 21) ‘This is symptomatic of another link I've noticed with homophobia - that between homophobia and misogyny.’
  • 22) ‘When pressed for a reason why, she stammered over her words, not realizing that she might be taken to task for her own misogyny.’
  • 23) ‘This is the man who has been accused of misogyny.’
  • 24) ‘His beautifully enunciated vowels and curmudgeonly misogyny were so accurately rendered that he took over the stage whenever he appeared.’
  • 25) ‘I've seen no misogyny from him or the people around him.’
  • 26) ‘Once you've got over all the rampant misogyny and gratuitous, comic-book violence, it's an entertaining night in.’
  • 27) ‘She defined herself as an engaged cinematographer fighting misogyny and role stereotypes.’
  • 28) ‘There is plenty of misogyny in hip-hop, and in our culture in general in fact.’
  • 29) ‘In the past I have accused him both of misogyny and a hateful fundamentalism, but I was wrong on both counts.’
  • 30) ‘Twice he has been confronted by people who have tried to take him to task for perceived misogyny.’
  • 31) ‘The misogyny of early works is a symptom of his own immaturity and the sexual repression of the age.’
  • 32) ‘Was the film a brilliant attack on misogyny, or was it simply misogyny?’
  • 33) ‘The photos aren't being misogynist and voyeuristic: they are making a statement about misogyny and voyeurism.’


  • 1) ‘Why can't you just get over your misogamy and marry Alex?’
  • 2) ‘You never practice misogamy in front of a groom!’
  • 3) ‘The absence of a concluding discussion leaves the reader without a clear perspective on the literary treatment accorded to the themes of misogyny and misogamy from Antiquity to the Middle Ages.’
  • 4) ‘Moll's misogamy provides a powerful alternative to the veneration of marriage and procreation that informs the epithalamic ending.’

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