bolder vs boulder

bolder boulder


  • 1) comparative form of bold: more bold


  • 1) geology A particle greater than 256 mm in diameter, following the Wentworth scale
  • 2) A large piece of stone that can theoretically be moved if enough force is applied.
  • 3) A large rounded mass of rock lying on the surface of the ground or embedded in the soil.
  • 4) Same as bowlder.
  • 5) a town in north central Colorado; Rocky Mountains resort center and university town
  • 6) A loose rock, or one which has been torn from its native bed and transported to some distance.
  • 7) To engage in bouldering
  • 8) To wear smooth, as an emery-wheel, by abrading with small flint pebbles. Also spelled bowlder.


  • 1) He is big and bold at his fences and that will get him far.
  • 2) It's the perfect base for bold colour.
  • 3) Big plans and bold choices should work out brilliantly now that ruling planet Mars is in your sign.
  • 4) It was a bold move.
  • 5) A drink or dinner if you're feeling bold.
  • 6) Yet see how she pulls offthe bright, bold make-up colours shown here with such freshness.
  • 7) With the lightest of touches, he layers luxurious fabrics, bold colours and pattern on pattern.
  • 8) A photographic survey spanning the career of the pioneering American known for his bold use of colour and his vivid and mysteriously poetic images.
  • 9) The bold and bright interior design, which has been heavily inspired by pop art, has given the house its biggest transformation yet.
  • 10) Real ministry requires imaginative and bold leadership.
  • 11) He is bold and clear about his beliefs.
  • 12) Yet some investors may hope for bolder moves.
  • 13) The appetite for bigger and bolder bets grew larger.
  • 14) We need to look at bold colours.
  • 15) Opening a restaurant that goes against the grain of current fashions is a bold move.
  • 16) You are also ready to take a bold step into a new working world.
  • 17) You will feel bolder and luckier in all you do.
  • 18) Simple blocks of colour such as these look bold and dramatic.
  • 19) Bold designs really suit her as she is so slim up top.
  • 20) Many engineers were worried about this bold feature.
  • 21) So when high street banks suddenly stopped lending to companies last autumn it quickly became clear that bold action was required.
  • 22) Dress up for the office party in sequins and suits or go casual in bold brights for a festive drink with friends.
  • 23) The lines are confident and bold; the animals are vital and alive.
  • 24) We are backing bold stripes, metallic leathers and bold colourful prints.
  • 25) The new man was bold, ambitious and confident.
  • 26) We commend the current government and its predecessor for taking the bold and courageous step to seek to build a new national network.
  • 27) His initial step was one of simple, bold imaginative engagement.
  • 28) A bold, daring piece of storytelling.
  • 29) As sitcom premises go, it is bold and daring - but not that funny.
  • 30) This bill would also just amp up the black market for fake IDs and increase criminal activity as desperate drug addicts tenaciously engage in bolder actions to satisfy their uncontrolled and irresistible cravings.
  • 31) The philosopher expressed a very reasonable wish, that the disciple of Plato might have reposed amidst the groves of the academy; 139 while the soldier exclaimed, in bolder accents, that the ashes of Julian should have been mingled with those of Caesar, in the field of Mars, and among the ancient monuments of Roman virtue.
  • 32) And of course they got bolder and bolder, which is their way.
  • 33) In fact, Logsdon added, the new, so-called bolder plan makes only minor changes to the earlier plans.
  • 34) Repubs have done nothing to be part of the process, so all this talk about being "bolder" now is a bunch of CRAP!!!!
  • 35) Those who find themselves more exposed to Pimco than they are comfortable with could consider making Total Return their core bond holding while adding other funds — such as "bolder" ones that invest in high-yield and foreign bonds or, with income-tax rates potentially set to rise, tax-free municipal bonds, says Russel Kinnel, Morningstar's director of fund research.
  • 36) Only a few months after replacing their "bolder" (some would say "burnt") varieties of brewed coffee with the more "mild" (some would say "dunkin donuts-esque") Pike Place Roast, Starbucks has announced that due to popular demand, they'll be brewing some of the old stuff too.
  • 37) Matt Lewis reports that National Review thinks the pledge is "bolder" than Newt's Contract with America, while Erick Erickson trashes the plan with typical subtlety and understatement:


  • 1) The granite is reduced to heaps of reddish rounded boulders.
  • 2) The barricade of giant ice boulders reared up ahead of us.
  • 3) No one could work out who seemed to be made out of two huge boulders.
  • 4) The floor was bare earth with the larger and looser boulders removed.
  • 5) Huge boulders of molten lava sprang out of its summit and crashed to the ground.
  • 6) The escape route then passed through large boulders and up a steep hillside.
  • 7) Much of the climb is over small and large boulders.
  • 8) It shall be a very large boulder.
  • 9) Huge boulders sat on the brink of wells of shadow in which creatures with hot breath were spawned.
  • 10) It just got unbalanced by a big boulder called Iraq.
  • 11) So he put his cloth on a huge boulder by the men's bathing section and waded in.
  • 12) As we came to the bottom of the dip, we found the body of the bear behind a big boulder.
  • 13) ‘The organisation said the most numerous relics were rock carvings found on boulders and outcrops.’
  • 14) ‘The trail narrowed, weaving round giant boulders and overhangs of smooth rock.’
  • 15) ‘The reverie was broken as if someone hurled a boulder into a smooth flowing stream.’
  • 16) ‘At 10m the reef of boulders and rock gave way to a soft silt seabed covered in large patches of eelgrass.’
  • 17) ‘Position rocks or boulders around the posts, as well, to create added interest.’
  • 18) ‘She hid behind a rock and quietly slunk around the pond, seeking refuge behind rocks and boulders.’
  • 19) ‘The hard bedrock prevented deep sockets being excavated, so the stones were supported by boulders.’
  • 20) ‘The walls and sea floor consist of stark boulders and rough seams of rock uncolonised by sedentary species.’
  • 21) ‘The boys ascended a steep slope of pink rock to hide behind a boulder and watch.’
  • 22) ‘The pool itself is strewn with huge granite boulders that jut out of the water like ancient statues.’
  • 23) ‘Launching the craft from the base of a steep bank of boulders we push onto a serene section of river in bright morning sunshine.’
  • 24) ‘Raised beds are often contained by large well fitted boulders or split granite.’
  • 25) ‘Immense seascapes give way to more intimate, detailed pictures such as boulders on the beach at Lonbain.’
  • 26) ‘The rescue efforts were also hampered by huge boulders, broken tree trunks and thick mud.’
  • 27) ‘I slowly made my way up a surface of unstable icy boulders, but higher up a slick of snow made the footing a little more secure.’
  • 28) ‘A natural row of boulders formed a sort of perimeter to the city though I noticed no evidence of any actual wall.’
  • 29) ‘If we had skidded here we'd have had a long fall before crashing into the sharp boulders below.’
  • 30) ‘Fortified by some lunch we clambered up a final range of large boulders and emerged onto the windswept summit.’
  • 31) ‘We went to the edge of one of the large boulders on either side of the falls and peered down.’
  • 32) ‘The trees, caves and boulders have a mystical atmosphere, with signposts few and far between.’

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