feet vs feat

feet feat


  • 1) obsolete fact; performance; feat
  • 2) Plural form of foot.
  • 3) obsolete Fact; performance.
  • 4) An obsolete form of feat.
  • 5) Plural of foot.
  • 6) See foot.


  • 1) A relatively rare or difficult accomplishment.
  • 2) Obsolete A specialized skill; a knack.
  • 3) An act or accomplishment of great courage, skill, or imagination; an achievement.
  • 4) An act; a deed; an exploit.
  • 5) A striking act of strength, skill, or cunning; a trick.
  • 6) a notable achievement
  • 7) A deed; especially, a noteworthy or extraordinary act or performance; an exploit: as, feats of arms; feats of horsemanship or of dexterity.
  • 8) Synonyms Deed, Feat, Exploit, Achievement. These words are arranged in the order of strength; deed, however, may have a much more elevated character than feat, and even surpass exploit. A deed may, on the other hand, be base or ignoble. It is, therefore, often accompanied by an adjective of quality. A feat is generally an act of remarkable skill or strength: as, the feats of a juggler, a ventriloquist, an athlete. An exploit is especially an act of boldness or bravery, with various degrees of mental power in working it out. An achievement is the result of large ability in planning, and diligence and boldness in executing. Feat, exploit, and achievement differ from act, action, and deed in that the first three always, and the last three only sometimes, represent something great.
  • 9) archaic dexterous in movements or service; skilful; neat; pretty
  • 10) Neat; trim.
  • 11) Adroit; dexterous.
  • 12) Archaic Dexterous in movements or service; skillful; neat; nice; pretty.
  • 13) To make neat.
  • 14) Neat; skilful; ingenious; deft; clever.
  • 15) To form; fashion; set an example to.
  • 16) Large: as, a pretty feat parcel (a rather large quantity).
  • 17) Tomakeneat.
  • 18) obsolete To form; to fashion.


  • 1) He wore a pendant with the five-pointed star and lightning bolt of Xaphista, and leapt to his feet when Damin entered the tent.
  • 2) The King leapt to his feet with a relieved smile at the sight of him.
  • 3) She turned to find Tamylan by the fire, warming her hands and swaying on her feet.
  • 4) The testimony is that this is a distance of five feet at the most.
  • 5) _The Alexander column, standing before the Winter Palace at St. Petersburg, is a monolith eighty feet high; with the pedestal measuring one hundred and fifty feet_.
  • 6) The calculation from the Valdez base should, however, be taken into consideration in making this barometric determination, and the mean of the two results, twenty thousand six hundred and ninety-six feet, or, roundly, _twenty thousand seven hundred feet_, is offered as the contribution of this expedition toward determining the true altitude of the mountain.
  • 7) If Mr. Lincoln was six feet four inches high usually, _at Bloomington he was seven feet_, and inspired at that.
  • 8) This tree is now eighty feet high, and throws an area 300 feet*
  • 9) _What is the best remedy for tender feet, for sweaty feet, and for smelling feet_?
  • 10) Wrapped around the tight seating bowl is 660 feet of 3 ½-feet tall video ribbon board.
  • 11) In a rail-road at a place called Mauch Chunk in Pennsylvania, the sleepers were placed four feet apart; but at the Quincy rail-road in Massachusetts, the interval between the sleepers is eight feet**.
  • 12) [Parameter (Mandatory = $true, Position = 0, valueFromPipeline = $true)] "$feet feet equals $ ($feet*. 31) meters"


  • 1) No mean feat but she was helping out a bit!
  • 2) But they must repeat the feat at Spurs to prove they are the real deal again.
  • 3) That is no mean feat.
  • 4) That was 24 years ago but now the Bees are pushing to repeat that feat.
  • 5) It sounded like a feat of endurance for the audience - let alone a man who turned 89 this month.
  • 6) They certainly had no right to repeat the feat the next season.
  • 7) What is it with comics and unlikely feats of endurance?
  • 8) This seems to me an impressive feat.
  • 9) Making it to the top of the pile is no mean feat.
  • 10) Each woman spurred the other on to more daring feats.
  • 11) Such a wonderful feat of endurance deserved more coverage.
  • 12) An impressive feat when few people will admit to being fans.
  • 13) Last night he explained why they were now embarking on this new feat of endurance.
  • 14) Was the flute on top of a full rock sound an impressive feat of musical engineering when you began?
  • 15) That is what happens when you make just the one big signing and do not appear keen to repeat the feat.
  • 16) Can he repeat the feat when the teams meet again at the Etihad?
  • 17) It's no mean feat keeping a massive entertainment show fresh and current with high ratings.
  • 18) The flow is consistent, an impressive feat in itself.
  • 19) It's no mean feat because it was one of the best platform games of last year.
  • 20) Despite not quite making it, their journey was an astonishing feat of endurance.
  • 21) It is a brilliant feat of nerve and humour, demanding and getting extreme imaginative leaps from the audience.
  • 22) It's almost as difficult a feat to bring the other leading characters to life and make us care about them.
  • 23) This was a brilliant feat.
  • 24) So can City repeat that feat?
  • 25) It's a difficult feat, that.
  • 26) He's maintained himself, which is a difficult feat in this business.
  • 27) This feat is all the more remarkable when you learn that the book was published in 1917!
  • 28) Just how Mahler's music accomplishes this feat is another question that Mr. Lebrecht's book explores, along with the details of Mahler's life and the author's own deep, personal engagement with the composer's music.
  • 29) Either feat is astounding utilizing any weapon but these guys (I can't even remember their names) did it with "tools" like most of us have or can buy.
  • 30) Biologically speaking, the feat is the bacterial equivalent of removing lungs and coaxing the disembodied tissue to breathe.
  • 31) The main (delicious!) tool her team uses to help accomplish this important feat is through The Gratitude Cookie ™.
  • 32) The main (delicious!) tool her team uses to help accomplish this important feat is through The Gratitude Cookie (tm).
  • 33) But his greatest feat is arguably his ability to reinvent himself, to endure.
  • 34) ‘Highlanders have used it through the ages to help them perform great feats of strength while staving off hunger and thirst.’
  • 35) ‘When we are done with our grievances, we shall challenge each other to feats of strength.’
  • 36) ‘These would be feats never previously achieved and one could be excused for thinking of them as over-ambitious.’
  • 37) ‘It was here that he first steeled himself with self-imposed feats of daring and courage that marked his whole life.’
  • 38) ‘I don't need to be reminded that there are forces out there which can readily achieve these feats.’
  • 39) ‘Locals have achieved great feats despite rather than because of the state of the district's sports grounds.’
  • 40) ‘We'd become world renowned for our feats of dramatic skill and aerobic fitness.’
  • 41) ‘All of the aforementioned feats have been achieved by other Scottish clubs in the past.’
  • 42) ‘All these feats will be achieved unsupported by teams bringing in supplies or aid.’
  • 43) ‘The feat represents his strength in overcoming the bullying he endured as a child.’
  • 44) ‘He thought this place was old, too old to have the mechanics to be able to achieve feats like this.’
  • 45) ‘He grew up to be a hero, a savior, able to achieve feats that no ordinary man could do.’
  • 46) ‘Both these feats were achieved at the expense of workers and the socially disadvantaged.’
  • 47) ‘We have a show for you like no other, featuring death defying acts of bravery and tremendous feats of skill.’
  • 48) ‘It is hard to imagine what other feats she could have achieved had her career not ended so suddenly.’
  • 49) ‘I don't need two seemingly impossible feats to accomplish in less than a year.’
  • 50) ‘In his lifetime, he performed many miraculous feats and showed the path of truth to his followers.’
  • 51) ‘We often think of heroes as people who accomplish extraordinary feats which earn them fame.’
  • 52) ‘To reach a lot of the more impressive feats of engineering there's walking to be done.’
  • 53) ‘His portraits are incredible feats of mastery and the hardest of his constant commissions.’

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