payed vs paid

payed paid


  • 1) archaic Simple past tense and past participle of pay.
  • 2) Anoldspellingofpaid.


  • 1) Preterit and past participle of pay.
  • 2) marked by the reception of pay
  • 3) involving gainful employment in something often done as a hobby
  • 4) Simple past tense and past participle of pay.


  • 1) You should always have your own bank account and ensure your salary is paid into it.
  • 2) But leaked messages between members of their committee show they are concerned about pay.
  • 3) We must pay great attention because when you arrive after three defeats you are very dangerous.
  • 4) The number of people getting paid is staggering.
  • 5) Too much money is wasted paying over the top for products.
  • 6) You may not have to resort to selling or setting up a company to pay less tax.
  • 7) Would all those who rent their home pay for all work to be done?
  • 8) But we've got enough meat on the bone to make a sensible profit and pay a good return.
  • 9) If you can tie up your money for a while, fixed-term accounts tend to pay more.
  • 10) On a preliminary issue the judge found that the defendants were liable to pay all arrears claimed.
  • 11) Most bonuses are set and paid out in the following four months.
  • 12) The way people are paid is also a factor.
  • 13) The total score determines the pay grade to which a job will be assigned.
  • 14) Why would a consumer pay for something they can get for free somewhere else?
  • 15) Workers were passive and expected their firms to provide undemanding paid employment.
  • 16) The system of paying back loans makes dealing with student debt easy to manage.
  • 17) But what if an employer pays for this insurance by reducing the salaries of its employees?
  • 18) You do not get useful personnel if you do not pay them enough.
  • 19) It seemed like they must have paid a public relations person to come up with this nonsense.
  • 20) Millions of public sector workers face modest pay rises and discontent is likely to grow.
  • 21) They have cashed in her return ticket and paid off the bar bill.
  • 22) Those in purple are more likely to get a pay rise and drive nicer cars.
  • 23) The company froze pay and pushed through compulsory redundancies.
  • 24) And more attention can be paid to character and atmosphere.
  • 25) The growing complexity and sophistication of payment arrangements raises all sorts of questions about pay composition.
  • 26) We then receive calls and pay over the phone.
  • 27) Younger cast members are said to be demanding pay rises for the extra work.
  • 28) Would they not prefer to drip money in as needed rather than pay the full amount now?
  • 29) It urges consumers buying cheap policies to consider whether their insurer could pay any claim made.
  • 30) We consider the ability to set the pay and conditions of staff to be one of the key freedoms of academy status.
  • 31) The hospital trust will also pay part of her 100,000 legal fees.
  • 32) I was a bit shocked to see my two main accounts were paying 0%.
  • 33) The other 30 per cent pay too much to their energy supplier because they're on the right tariff.
  • 34) But now, it looks like the message carried by Harry and Louise might be returning, once again payed for by an insurance industry desperately looking for any way to protect their profits in the face of competition and reform.
  • 35) As I was unable to pay my bill online I just waited for my statement and once again payed with a check, I payed with a check until May when I called to ask them to fix my account once again, and they claimed I had a bad check.
  • 36) PS sexual exploitation of brothel personnel is a far more honest form of abuse, since at least it is payed, meaning the service offered is in genuine demand.
  • 37) He caulked the chasms with philosophic oakum, he 'payed' them with dialectic pitch, he sheathed them with copper and brass by means of audacious dogmatism and insolent quibbles, until the enemy seemed to have been silenced, and the vessel righted so far as to float.
  • 38) I attended American schools and learned the things taught to legal immigrants, so I "payed" that price.
  • 39) Aside from my reluctance to take financial wisdom seriously from someone who uses "payed" instead of "paid", (sank/sunk notwithstanding) you seem to be forgetting the huge number of corporations who _aren't_ listed on the stock exchange, and who don't pay dividends.
  • 40) I love all the guys who claim Blackwaters getting "payed" a lot of money.
  • 41) In our case we payed approximately US$10 each for 15 minutes of total time.


  • 1) Like all apprenticeships, it is a paid job that combines training in the workplace with continuing education.
  • 2) Five million low paid people do not pay any income tax.
  • 3) Another million of the lowest paid are being taken out of income tax.
  • 4) The five million lowest paid don't pay income tax.
  • 5) It is also useful for setting up your own business or finding paid or unpaid work with charities and not-for-profit organisations.
  • 6) I had a vast mortgage and a badly paid, unstable career.
  • 7) She has an awful, badly paid job but won't change it.
  • 8) She is now a paid, full-time manager.
  • 9) It is not uncommon for a growing organization to take its staff (both paid and unpaid) for granted.
  • 10) ‘When a child is ill it should be accepted that fathers will need paid leave to help care for the child.’
  • 11) ‘Please can you suggest some form of genuine paid work at home that my husband or I could do?’
  • 12) ‘The Essex study shows women spend less time on household chores but do more paid work.’
  • 13) ‘Under the agreement the appellant was entitled to paid annual leave but not to sick pay.’
  • 14) ‘We will be advertising soon and it will be one of the best paid nursing jobs in the country.’
  • 15) ‘Fathers are also now legally entitled to take paid time off work around the time of the birth.’
  • 16) ‘The council is working to attract higher paid jobs, but this is not a city for the rich.’
  • 17) ‘Surely a month of fully paid leave would not be too much to expect?’
  • 18) ‘Nobody would argue that paid maternity leave is anything but a good thing.’
  • 19) ‘The purpose of this article is to suggest that paid maternity leave is not a fertility policy.’
  • 20) ‘There wasn't even such a thing as paid annual vacation until the unions negotiated it.’
  • 21) ‘As well as paid surveying work, Smith explored everywhere he could.’
  • 22) ‘Somebody, somewhere - please give Green Fairy an incredibly highly paid writing gig.’
  • 23) ‘The majority, some 66 percent, it said, left for paid employment.’
  • 24) ‘The burden could grow exponentially as the female participation rate in paid employment escalates.’
  • 25) ‘Chronic illness is likely to lead to impaired capacity to participate in paid employment.’
  • 26) ‘Most Germans have as many as six weeks of paid vacation during the year.’
  • 27) ‘We offer a competitive benefits package including medical insurance, paid vacation and holidays.’
  • 28) ‘It was also rumoured that he was the second highest paid artist in the world next to Picasso.’
  • 29) ‘It is run by a small team of paid staff and a large number of volunteers from all over the world.’
  • 30) ‘They appear to be of much more value to the area and its people than the paid officials.’
  • 31) ‘Highly paid civil servants faced six per cent cuts in their wages in three phases.’

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