calves vs calfs

calves calfs


  • 1) Plural form of calf.
  • 2) Plural of calf, calf.
  • 3) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of calve.


  • 1) With a flinch, Patrick feels her cold feet press against his legs, her feet seeking the warmth of his calves.
  • 2) Cramp growing in his calves with his feet jammed against the opposite wall.
  • 3) She'd behaved as if everything was completely normal, as 16 if the two little calves were making a perfectly ordinary social call.
  • 4) Hub gears are low-maintenance, so are perfect for jobbing cyclists, as is the chainguard, which protects your calves from the bike's oiliest bits.
  • 5) We wean our calves from the cows, and the cows forget about their calves within two days.
  • 6) I had a pistol with me at the time but decided not to shoot her because she had twin calves nearby ...
  • 7) Or the aborted calves from the panicked cattle during the attacks.
  • 8) They can produce up to 1.5 calves per 2-year period, though three years between calves is probably more normal.
  • 9) Well, hundreds of animal experiments were done; the mechanical heart was put in calves and sheep over and over and over again.

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