lifes vs lives

lifes lives


  • 1) obsolete Plural form of life.


  • 1) Plural form of life.
  • 2) pl. of Life.
  • 3) Plural of life.
  • 4) An obsolete genitive of life.
  • 5) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of live.


  • 1) As well as portraits, artists are painting landscapes, still lifes and even abstracts.
  • 2) Here are still lifes that turn the ordinary into something rare and strange.
  • 3) Perhaps it's no surprise that still-lifes and landscape are favoured.
  • 4) A juxtaposition of still lifes by the two artists impresses this.
  • 5) She continued her art as a hobby, mostly painting still lifes.
  • 6) This exhibition features many beautiful still lifes.
  • 7) There are no still lifes, no nature paintings.
  • 8) This exhibition features many of his beautiful still lifes.
  • 9) His ideas resinate with me and have helped me find peace in lifes ups and downs.
  • 10) As far as the trials for these low lifes is concerned, it is about time.
  • 11) Perfect because they are all cooked and dumped in lifes dustbin.
  • 12) The effectiveness of neodarwinism as explanation (and it has been very effective) suggests there is no need to invoke teleological efficient causes to explain lifes diversity and adaptiveness.
  • 13) The wise also call lifes round with all its difficulties a forest.
  • 14) This leads him to a confrontation with a bunch of violent low-lifes, which is then interrupted by a young girl in costume wielding a sword.
  • 15) For centuries, artists painted religious figures, whether saints or gods and goddesses, then still lifes -- arguably with religious aspects present -- moving into landscapes and portraits of ...
  • 16) Sadly people buy (CASH) into it and just end up wasting a period of our lifes (never to be regained)
  • 17) If one of these people who is not for reform on health care loses ther lifes savings due to an illness (because they reached there max coverage, or the insurance carriers drop their coverage), I'm sure they would change there mind.
  • 18) For centuries, artists painted religious figures, whether saints or gods and goddesses, then still lifes -- arguably with religious aspects present -- moving into landscapes and portraits of the high and low born, before the crosscurrents of popular culture opened the more psychological frontiers, with Surrealism, Symbolism and Abstract Expressionism taking the forefront.


  • 1) They are lived in by decent people who just want to get on with their lives.
  • 2) Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives fighting for our country and for our freedom.
  • 3) This fum fubtradled from 43.202 leaves 10.651; which remain - der added to 8.917 (the value juft found of the three joint lives) gives 19.568, the va* lue of the longeft of the three lives*
  • 4) _the story of Savitri is read_, a story in which the wife lives only for the husband, while he, as he rudely tells her -- after all her devotion -- _lives only for his parents_!
  • 5) And now I can actually see a plausible interpretation that Santorum mistakenly starts to say the word lives before he says people's, so he then self-corrects, adding people's before he repeats lives again.
  • 6) The species is unknown, but her name lives on: it was Psittace, from which scientists derive Psittaciformes, the scientific order to which parrots, which include the lovebirds, cockatiels, and cockatoos, belong.
  • 7) While I did not have the pleasure of knowing Marine Sergeant Bradley J.Harper, I hope in some small part the character I have created in his name lives up to the high standards I know he set for himself as an American, a member of the Virginia Beach Police Department, and as a United States Marine.
  • 8) 'No, you can't put it aside while the man with the title lives, not even if you're running off in earnest, under a dozen Welsh names.
  • 9) Though the Romans have long since abandoned the practice, the name lives on in Jerusalem and other cities home to Israel's 700,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews, about 9 percent of the national population.

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