platinum vs white gold

platinum white gold


  • 1) The metallic chemical element with atomic number 78 and symbol Pt.
  • 2) music A single or album that has achieved platinum sales, i.e. over 1 million or 2 million.
  • 3) A whitish grey colour, like that of the metal.
  • 4) A silver-white metallic element occurring in alluvial deposits in sperrylite and nickel ores, usually mixed with other metals such as iridium, osmium, or nickel. It is ductile and malleable, does not oxidize in air, and is used as a catalyst and in electrical components, jewelry, dentistry, and electroplating. Atomic number 78; atomic weight 195.08; melting point 1,768.2°C; boiling point 3,825°C; specific gravity 21.45 (20°C); valence 2, 3, 4. cross-reference: Periodic Table.
  • 5) A medium to light gray.
  • 6) (Chem.) a soft, dull black powder, consisting of finely divided metallic platinum obtained by reduction and precipitation from its solutions. It absorbs oxygen to a high degree, and is employed as an oxidizer.
  • 7) (Chem.) the group of metallic elements which in their chemical and physical properties resemble platinum. These consist of the light platinum group, viz., rhodium, ruthenium, and palladium, whose specific gravities are about 12; and the heavy platinum group, viz., osmium, iridium, and platinum, whose specific gravities are over 21.
  • 8) (Chem.) metallic platinum in a gray, porous, spongy form, obtained by reducing the double chloride of platinum and ammonium. It absorbs oxygen, hydrogen, and certain other gases, to a high degree, and is employed as an agent in oxidizing.
  • 9) (Elec.) a kind of incandescent lamp of which the luminous medium is platinum. See under Incandescent.
  • 10) (Chem.) A metallic element of atomic number 78, one of the noble metals, classed with silver and gold as a precious metal, occurring native or alloyed with other metals and also as the platinum arsenide (sperrylite). It is a heavy tin-white metal which is ductile and malleable, but very infusible (melting point 1772° C), and characterized by its resistance to strong chemical reagents. It is used for crucibles in laboratory operations, as a catalyst, in jewelry, for stills for sulphuric acid, rarely for coin, and in the form of foil and wire for many purposes. Specific gravity 21.5. Atomic weight 195.1. Symbol Pt. Formerly called platina.
  • 11) a heavy precious metallic element; grey-white and resistant to corroding; occurs in some nickel and copper ores and is also found native in some deposits
  • 12) Chemical symbol, Pt; atomic weight, 194.9. An important metal, introduced into Europe about the middle of the eighteenth century from South America.
  • 13) Of a musical recording that has sold over one million copies (for singles), or two million (for albums).
  • 14) Of a whitish grey colour, like that of the metal.


  • 1) A precious metal alloy consisting of gold and a platinum group metal such as platinum or palladium or other white metal such as nickel.
  • 2) An alloy of gold and nickel, sometimes also containing palladium or zinc, having a pale platinumlike color.
  • 3) a pale alloy of gold usually with platinum or nickel or palladium


  • 1) They have focused on gold and platinum mining.
  • 2) The platinum hair certainly helps you to stand out.
  • 3) We think this will largely depend on where the platinum price goes.
  • 4) She also showed off her platinum blonde hair after recently getting rid of her long brunette waves.
  • 5) It is also rich in platinum and gold.
  • 6) This partly explains why the platinum price is going through the roof.
  • 7) Going from brunette to platinum blonde requires strong bleach.
  • 8) Aquarius platinum has appointed the first woman to its board.
  • 9) Bankers have said finding a buyer for the platinum mines would be difficult given their high costs and history of bad industrial relations.
  • 10) Her hair is a perfect, unimpeachable sheet of pure platinum blonde.
  • 11) The flight of hot money from cooling metal is heading for safe havens such as gold and platinum as well as crude oil.
  • 12) But all eyes were on her and her new platinum blonde hairstyle, right.
  • 13) Workers at platinum and gold mines complain that their unions no longer represent them and do not drive a hard enough bargain in negotiations.
  • 14) If you have bright red lips and platinum hair, your grey cashmere jumper and jeans will suddenly seem the business.
  • 15) platinum miners offered London little lustre.
  • 16) The album has gone platinum in the UK.
  • 17) Anglo American has been conducting a review of its platinum business for months after deciding that some of its mines are too expensive to run.
  • 18) There was yet more bad news for Aquarius platinum shareholders.
  • 19) The 17-year-old's platinum hair and rock chick style was cool and cute.
  • 20) He ended up with' a wild taste of freedom' and platinum hair.
  • 21) This tongue-in-cheek electro pop anthem has already gone platinum in the US.
  • 22) They used the term platinum in one of his legs following an assassination attempt.
  • 23) Get the most popular stories and breaking news directly in your Twitter feed Bros of the World, Rejoice: Bud platinum Packs Extra 1% of Alcohol The word platinum connotes luxury, influence, perks, the lifestyle of a jetsetter.
  • 24) We want to reserve it for what we call our platinum providers, and so its reserved for the best that are out there, so that we can deliver that high quality service.
  • 25) But also it just comes down to the efficiency in our sales process and selling more individuals what we call our platinum package of our workshops versus the single package.
  • 26) The export of lunar aluminum could could be used to manufacture lightsails that could give us access to asteroid resources that are high in platinum content
  • 27) Also platinum is needed for fuel cells which can be a component of future energy systems.
  • 28) It also come in platinum, white gold and yellow gold.
  • 29) ‘Fuel cells contain expensive precious metals like platinum and palladium, they have not been proven to work in extreme weather conditions and the nation's gas stations would need to be reconfigured.’
  • 30) ‘This is often a precious metal, although platinum is the metal which is widely used for most catalytic converters.’
  • 31) ‘His fund is more than 85% invested in gold-mining shares, with the rest in companies that dig for other precious metals such as platinum and silver.’
  • 32) ‘Ruthenium is a precious metal, like platinum.’
  • 33) ‘This contrasts with other precious and semi-precious metals, such as silver and platinum, where industrial demand governs prices.’
  • 34) ‘But since it was divested of most of its assets, it now concentrates on mining rare metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium in Africa and other regions.’
  • 35) ‘Frank Nuovo of Los Angeles creates cell phones in high-voltage colored plastics and precious metals like platinum.’
  • 36) ‘The precious metal platinum is well known to be an excellent catalyst in a number of chemical reactions.’
  • 37) ‘Jewellery made of platinum, iridium and palladium gleamed majestically, now and then emitting flashes of brilliant light from the studded diamonds.’
  • 38) ‘The monolith is coated first with oxides, then a layer of metals such as platinum, rhodium, and palladium is added.’
  • 39) ‘The belly of the monster was covered in gold, silver, platinum, and precious gems.’
  • 40) ‘Oromia is also rich in gold, silver, platinum, marble, uranium, nickel, natural gas, and other mineral resources.’
  • 41) ‘It has been further discovered that photosynthetic membranes can be transformed with metals other than platinum such as osmium and ruthenium.’
  • 42) ‘The raw material used for terracotta jewellery is porous type of lean clay, and that is where it becomes different from metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and copper.’
  • 43) ‘The fuel cell electrodes contain platinum as the catalyst.’
  • 44) ‘But a BBC World Service correspondent who visited the area says thousands of illegal miners are extracting material containing cobalt, copper, platinum and uranium.’
  • 45) ‘Today, bracelets are worn by both men and women in a variety of materials such as traditional precious metals like gold silver and platinum.’
  • 46) ‘Owing to its high melting point, manufacturing platinum jewellery is also an art.’
  • 47) ‘Over 90 percent pure, platinum is hypoallergenic to most people.’
  • 48) ‘At the recently held semi-finals of the Miss India contests, she was adorned in an ornate diamond choker and later a platinum diamond drop necklace.’
  • 49) ‘I was immersed in her from such an early age that when I look back on my growing up all I can see is a cyclone of platinum wigs, hoe-downs and heartache.’
  • 50) ‘Warhol in his platinum wig posed as Christ, although his nickname at the times was Drella, a compound of Cinderella and Dracula.’
  • 51) ‘Aziza and Adrian laughed at their cheap platinum wigs and horrible guitar skills.’
  • 52) ‘A sigh escaped from his lips just as he was pushing back his long silvery platinum bangs.’
  • 53) ‘Only 1.6 percent of all artists have ten or more gold singles and only 0.4 percent of all artists have 10 or more platinum singles.’
  • 54) ‘She picked up platinum awards representing sales of more than a million for each of her four Harry Potter books.’
  • 55) ‘Jewellers have been able to bring about a ‘fusion of eastern and western design elements’, so that the platinum collection can be worn for all occasions.’
  • 56) ‘In 1994, this beer was awarded a platinum medal at the World Beer Championships, making it one of only two Canadian beers to ever receive this prestigious award.’
  • 57) ‘Keith Urban today joined an elite group of Australian artists to be awarded a platinum album in the US, when Golden Road was certified for sales of one million copies.’
  • 58) ‘Vikram Khurana of the Cafe Coffee Day spread aroma with ‘Coorg Sunset’, his signature coffee, and won the platinum trophy.’
  • 59) ‘The history of the institution has been prominently displayed at the entrance near the huge pandal, which has been erected for the platinum jubilee celebrations.’
  • 60) ‘Behind the platinum hair extensions and big breasts was a very cunning brain.’
  • 61) ‘Carole-Anne then took over with a make up demonstration, while the usually talkative Susan Rodgers quietly rested with a platinum detox treatment.’
  • 62) ‘Abbey has also launched a platinum option that charges the same rates but allows those earning more than #25,000 a year to borrow up to #50,000 on the card.’
  • 63) ‘The after-school club, which was started three years ago, is now aiming to recycle 50 tonnes of paper, which will make it eligible for the platinum award.’
  • 64) ‘All three versions are included in the platinum edition, at $79.95.’
  • 65) ‘The squads of lads were being co-ordinated by a Brit in a pinstripe suit, in his hand a mobile phone, round his neck a platinum access-all-areas World Cup pass.’
  • 66) ‘It now sports a black base with an angular platinum flip-top.’
  • 67) ‘At the ball on Friday night, the lucky winners of the platinum CD plaque were Gerry and Susan O'Grady of Riverstown.’
  • 68) ‘It is also the owner of an international platinum award for 2002.’

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