recur vs reoccur

recur reoccur


  • 1) intransitive To happen again.
  • 2) intransitive, computing To recurse.
  • 3) To have recourse (to) someone or something for assistance, support etc.
  • 4) return in thought or speech to something
  • 5) Archaic To have recourse; resort.
  • 6) To happen or occur again or repeatedly.
  • 7) To return in thought or discourse.
  • 8) To return to one's attention or memory.
  • 9) To occur at a stated interval, or according to some regular rule.
  • 10) To resort; to have recourse; to go for help.
  • 11) (Math.) a circulating decimal. See under Decimal.
  • 12) To come back; to return again or repeatedly; to come again to mind.
  • 13) (Math.) an algebraic series in which the coefficients of the several terms can be expressed by means of certain preceding coefficients and constants in one uniform manner.


  • 1) To occur again; to recur.
  • 2) To occur again.


  • 1) The region seems to present a recurring problem to royal couples.
  • 2) That one case might be said to symbolise a recurring theme when it comes to football and corruption.
  • 3) In fact, silver was a recurring theme at the shows.
  • 4) It will surprise nobody that he already has a third book planned, which will explore a recurring theme.
  • 5) She has made fighting injustice a recurring theme since she became PM.
  • 6) This brings us to an unexpected recurring theme at the festival: strong women who form powerful bonds with giant squid monsters from outer space.
  • 7) They recur again and again and come in different shapes and forms.
  • 8) You have recurring thoughts about your death or the death of your infant.
  • 9) The recurring theme in many of these stories is the influence of airlines on aeroplane design.
  • 10) It is a problem which may recur.
  • 11) And he has come up with one recurring theme.
  • 12) Amber also gets disability allowance because she is obese and has recurring problems with her leg.
  • 13) It was a spectacle that seems set to recur time and again over the next eighteen months to two years.
  • 14) This is the reason for suggesting that you initially focus on just two or three typically negative and frequently recurring thoughts.
  • 15) It has been a recurring theme.
  • 16) This is becoming a recurring problem.
  • 17) This, despite my recurring nightmare of sudden and certain death in a hellish frozen gorge.
  • 18) It's like the worst kind of recurring nightmare.
  • 19) This was a recurring theme during the Forum.
  • 20) This is a recurring theme: his regret at being limited to serious roles.
  • 21) And he says he is convinced his best golf is still to come now that he has shaken off his recurring injury problems.
  • 22) There are recurring themes, but few apply across the board.
  • 23) The recurring nightmare for swap managers is that one party will default, leaving the bank with a large unmatched position.
  • 24) It's like a recurring nightmare.
  • 25) That man has caused my family unimaginable pain, suffering and grief and the recurring nightmare of what he did to her.
  • 26) Fortunes made, lost, then made again are a recurring theme.
  • 27) Worse still, they known that the same problems recur again and again, no matter how many times they are "solved.
  • 28) As I listened even longer to this tale of human woe, I heard the name recur with frightening frequency Africa, Africa, Africa!
  • 29) I again recur to the prominent subject of my letter, viz. that woman is denied the first privilege of nature, the power of SELF-DEFENCE.
  • 30) However, when the migraines fail to recur, that is when we may be in for trouble.
  • 31) Surgery can patch up tears, but they are liable to recur, which is why many doctors say they are desperate to find a better way to repair meniscus tissue.
  • 32) The idea that ideas and the odd word recur in political speeches is nothing new.
  • 33) But for him as a student of life all motherhood must be guarded as such -- even if it be guarded in such a fashion that it can never recur, which is our duty to the feeble-minded mother.
  • 34) They make a weighty impression precisely because the same turns of expression recur so continually.
  • 35) ‘In this article I would like to share with readers the themes that recur repeatedly in studies of successful organisations.’
  • 36) ‘Attacks tend to occur in clusters, and symptoms may recur after an apparent period of remission.’
  • 37) ‘As the problem recurs, the cycle repeats with expanded control or regulation.’
  • 38) ‘This yearning for a unifying heroic leader recurred repeatedly.’
  • 39) ‘In severe cases the soreness and pain are extreme and recur repeatedly accompanied by swelling of the joints and even deformity.’
  • 40) ‘Any lesion, even one presumed benign, that repeatedly recurs after proper cryotherapy should be biopsied.’
  • 41) ‘The theme of life lessons recurs throughout these eleven poems, as the reader follows a young girl and boy through childhood.’
  • 42) ‘A number of themes recur in the anti-smoking campaigns.’
  • 43) ‘In May 2003, his condition deteriorated again with all previous symptoms and signs recurring.’
  • 44) ‘However, the principle of the main theme recurring in the same key is usually adhered to.’
  • 45) ‘Studies from primary care show that one year after a first consultation, 40-50% of patients report that their symptoms have persisted or recurred.’
  • 46) ‘Symptoms recurred promptly on discontinuation of therapy.’
  • 47) ‘When her symptoms recurred later that evening, she followed this advice and had her daughter drive her to the emergency department.’
  • 48) ‘When I asked the experts about three to five little changes you can make, several themes recurred.’
  • 49) ‘Many of the symptoms recurred at least monthly in 72 percent of the women.’
  • 50) ‘These are the themes that recur in his poems: absence, invasion, exile, loss.’
  • 51) ‘In other cases, your GP will refer you again if your symptoms recur.’
  • 52) ‘One theme that recurs throughout the weekly course topics is the influence of mothers on fathers and vice versa.’
  • 53) ‘Over the ensuing 2-year period, the tumor recurred in the neck and metastasized to the lungs, skin, and bone.’
  • 54) ‘If the first tablet does not completely relieve the symptoms or if the symptoms recur after a few days, the second tablet can be taken.’
  • 55) ‘And if many thought that Mitchell's remarks about Bruton were an attempt to position himself for a seemingly inevitable leadership contest at that time, the thought has recently recurred in many of those suspicious minds.’
  • 56) ‘The image recurs in my fantasies of that girl half-heartedly attempting to stop what was going to happen.’
  • 57) ‘I don't know what I was thinking writing that but it is an image which recurs in my head.’
  • 58) ‘He knew that he still dreamt, because he would wake up in the night, terrified and soaked in sweat, but the images no longer recurred during the day, confusing him and trapping him into saying or doing things he had not intended.’
  • 59) ‘Nevertheless, he shrugged it off when the disturbing image of an inert Birdie recurred in his mind again.’
  • 60) ‘Obsessions are recurring thoughts or images that cause feelings of disgust.’
  • 61) ‘I had recurring images of her lying dead in front of me and I could not control my despair at times.’
  • 62) ‘With the passing of time and during moments of solitude - so often the significant moments in Wordsworth's inner experience - the dancing flowers recurred in his mind.’
  • 63) ‘Phrases recurred in your mind, do you remember?’
  • 64) ‘Finally yesterday's events recurred in her mind and her heart rate lowered sufficiently.’
  • 65) ‘They constitute a state of mind which is prone to recur.’
  • 66) ‘Or had it to do with the severity of the memories, and how often they recurred?’
  • 67) ‘So much has been said and written about the long-continued epidemic of scarlet fever in Kendal that I recur to the subject with great reluctance; but it is inevitable.’
  • 68) ‘The microscopic study is highly facilitated by the possibility of preparing whole mounts of the fixed and stained transparent membrane without the necessity of recurring to the section method.’
  • 69) ‘These letters are familiar, occasionally intimate, but on the whole quotidian, recurring to her real estate woes and his ne'er-do-well relations.’
  • 70) ‘I am not sure that anyone but the historian of anatomical science is ever likely to recur to them.’
  • 71) ‘If the record of this case shall be preserved in some substantial form, men and women of other generations will recur to it.’
  • 72) ‘I used to recur to Todd Carroll's Skeptic's Dictionary as a source of information, until I started to observe that even the raw data of events is transfigured to serve its ‘skeptical’ purposes.’
  • 73) ‘While certainly Pheoby's telling will be her own, she will have no choice but to recur to certain words, certain phrasings, and certain passages of Janie's story in order to tell the story itself.’
  • 74) ‘Indeed, many other things were different then too, including the fact that in Sophocles' day people were paid to attend the theater, a point I shall indirectly recur to later.’
  • 75) ‘He did not therefore recur to his difficulties on the score of morals.’
  • 76) ‘I usually recur to books at the public library or information from websites.’


  • 1) The mis-selling of mortgage endowment policies, hopefully, will not reoccur.
  • 2) Now there's a slight worry that the recent ankle problem could reoccur.
  • 3) These infections can reoccur, especially if there is hard wax in the canal.
  • 4) He may need another operation some day as the condition can reoccur.
  • 5) The tumour was removed, but she was told the cancer could reoccur.
  • 6) Why does the sphere, for example, reoccur across all scales, from bubbles to planets?
  • 7) They cannot afford for it to reoccur.
  • 8) Most dangerously, the procedure meant there was a very high chance the cancer would reoccur.
  • 9) However, wetting can reoccur when it is stopped, so a behavioural approach using a bedwetting alarm is more effective.
  • 10) "We used to treat 100 women (with chemotherapy) to benefit two or three," Kotwall said, adding that for patients to qualify for the new approach, they have to show low or medium risk that the cancer will reoccur, which is determined through genetic testing on the tumor.
  • 11) But the factors that created those past windfalls may not reoccur, meaning the fund managers may not match their previous returns as more money chases fewer opportunities.
  • 12) Use only numbers 1-9, and never use a number more than once per run a number may reoccur in the same row, in a separate run.
  • 13) It was an unacceptable failure and one that cannot be allowed to reoccur.
  • 14) ‘If people have radiotherapy or surgery, they can't have the same treatment if the cancer reoccurs.’
  • 15) ‘The really annoying thing is that this ludicrous situation has been occurring and reoccurring now for a number of years.’
  • 16) ‘Outpatients need to be watched like a hawk, because once you stop treatment, it can reoccur.’
  • 17) ‘It has threatened to boot England out of the tournament if the violence reoccurs.’
  • 18) ‘In 1996 he underwent surgery on an ankle and although he returned briefly at the start of the following year the injury reoccurred and he sat out nearly seven months.’
  • 19) ‘The nightmare reoccurred, and once again its cause was out of his control.’
  • 20) ‘The same themes - love, hope, faith, loneliness, isolation, home - occur and reoccur throughout his films, in different combinations.’
  • 21) ‘They usually occur once but occasionally reoccur when there is an increase in dosage.’
  • 22) ‘If the cyst reoccurs, it can be repeatedly drained if it continues to be symptomatic.’
  • 23) ‘We are faced with a dilemma that reoccurs throughout the film for the central characters in which personal feelings are weighed against need to succeed politically - are they prepared to sacrifice everything for love?’
  • 24) ‘That reoccurs throughout, does it?’
  • 25) ‘If bleeding reoccurs, pinch your nose, bend down to prevent the blood from going down into your throat, and apply some ice cubes over the nose.’
  • 26) ‘Luckily, last week she was able to save her new carpet but if the problem reoccurs when she is at work then the ground floor of her house will be destroyed again.’
  • 27) ‘Most chiropractors will also recommend particular exercises to do at home, and may also give tips for preventing the problem from reoccurring, such as adjustments to working environment or sports activities.’
  • 28) ‘As a result the government will have to keep a close eye on the situation to prevent the same problems from reoccurring.’
  • 29) ‘It does this specifically by a sentence coming up on the screen after the close of the action, saying that it took another 140 years before the epochal changes reoccurred, in the French Revolution.’
  • 30) ‘The hospital record notes that Mitchell suffered from visua and aural hallucinations that have reoccurred from time to time.’
  • 31) ‘It was profound in the sense that it dealt with issues of timeless importance - struggle and solidarity - which often reoccur throughout history.’
  • 32) ‘Varicose veins may also reoccur in other veins.’
  • 33) ‘Themes such as shelter and companionship reoccur.’

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