spilled vs spilt

spilled spilt


  • 1) Simple past tense and past participle of spill.


  • 1) A preterit and past participle of spill.
  • 2) That has been spilt.
  • 3) chiefly UK Simple past tense and past participle of spill.


  • 1) The record companies are once again crying over spilt milk.
  • 2) The thrills and spills are almost as important as the end result.
  • 3) Why do people spill their life stories over the internet?
  • 4) He might stall his car at the lights or spill pasta sauce on his shirt.
  • 5) She had recently taken a bad spill on the terrace.
  • 6) Or accidentally spilt red wine on your brand new cream carpet?
  • 7) The good news is that the pupils will probably spill the beans.
  • 8) But we must not let the disappointment spill into next season.
  • 9) Too much bad blood has been spilled.
  • 10) There is no official record of how many spills are caused each year by bad weather.
  • 11) And the bad feeling between them spilled over again the next day.
  • 12) People have spilt an enormous quantity of ink trying to identify this figure.
  • 13) At her beckon he left them and joined her outside in the flickering spill of candle light.
  • 14) The pub also has a cricket team who play down the road and spill out on to the green afterwards.
  • 15) Many are low, creeping and useful for softening path edges or spilling over raised planting areas.
  • 16) Draws burst open, their contents spilling onto the floor.
  • 17) There were twists and turns, thrills and spills.
  • 18) MORE than 60 gallons of radioactive liquid has spilled from a nuclear submarine into a river.
  • 19) Unlike other high-profile cases, the oil spill litigation is not being tried before a jury.
  • 20) As the crowd spill into the street, there isn't a smile to be seen.
  • 21) Shock, horror, man spills liquid!
  • 22) But it will cause embarrassment for the company as it tries to restore its reputation following the recent US oil spill.


  • 1) Stumbling towards her in my haste, I kicked my way through the tables and spilt tea on my hand and sleeve.
  • 2) But he knew the voice was lying, blinded by prejudice and the blood of his family which had been so freely spilt.
  • 3) Stained-glass panels atop each window spilt colors onto the polished pink marble of the foyer floor.
  • 4) US$4-5bn depending on the number barrels spilt, which is being disputed.
  • 5) B.ad Pitt and Angelina Jolie 'spilt' claims are B. S say friends
  • 6) The typical establishment, with “the floor filled with peanut shells and spilt beer; the air saturated with tobacco smoke,” was correctly described by moral reformers as a gateway to sexual misbehavior.
  • 7) Attending to them each month makes the piles manageable and allows the books to live where they are best cared for – away from spilt drinks, cat hair, dust, the direct sun and so forth … and where you can find them!
  • 8) I meander through the crowd, stepping over spilt noodles as I go.
  • 9) You step inside—take in the heavy smell of beer and spilt liquor.
  • 10) We have seen above that in the first part of verse 34, Moses writes that all food on which water has been spilt becomes unclean.
  • 11) Like their real life counterparts, our characters are not so keen on having their blood spilt.
  • 12) Tempting aromas fill the air: roasted spices, the unmistakable scent of barbecued pork and the partnering smell of a spilt beer.
  • 13) In the second part of verse 34, it is stated that also liquid on which water has been spilt becomes unclean.

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