Common mistakes in English - category Punctuation

no comma before indirect question Enumerations with dashes: 1.2.- Missing hyphen: face first (face-first) She turned 25 year (years) old. Comma after by default at the beginning of a sentence. No comma before 'which' Missing space after closing quote out of the way (out-of-the-way) etc. out of place (out-of-place) etc. state of the art (state-of-the-art) for heaven's sake Loose punctuation mark Missing comma after weekday Missing comma between day of month and year Comma after a month Missing comma 'first come first serve' Comma in 'Me myself and I' Comma after 'for god's sake Comma after 'Oh my god' Comma after 'go for it' Comma in 'act 2 scene 5' redundant punctuation Happy Birthday (,) Peter Great(,) that is ... Great(,) please ... I(,) for one(,) think Comma in 'oh oh' comma between 'then' and 'when' Hyphen, n-dash and m-dash Missing hyphens in compounds Missing hyphens in '5 year old' Commas after conjunctive/linking adverbs in front of a new sentence. Missing comma before 'and, or, nor, yet, so, but' (incomplete) space in 'o´clock' abbreviations with spaces in between (e. g.) Wrong space/comma in numbers Missing space between numeric value and unit (e.g., 25 km) 'i.e.' without a comma 'e.g.' without a comma French's => French people extraneous apostrophes before 'are' Comma before 'so/but/and MD + PRP + VB' Comma before 'so/but/and please' comma between independent clauses comma between independent clauses comma before tag question mismatched verbs and tag question operators Unnecessary comma: 'Bob(,) and I' Missing punctuation after an interjection Missing comma after introductory phrase Missing vocative comma Missing comma after pronoun Missing question mark i.e. e.g. missing period after last letter in abbreviations Great (,) thanks missing comma after modal verb The older the more we ... comma before 'thanks' Comma after 'nowadays Comma in 'very very good' if we can't we ... comma before/after 'huh?'
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